Train The Trainer 2 Days Memory Certification Program

Train The Trainer 2 Days Memory Certification Program
Event on 2016-03-19 09:00:00
Maximize Your Memory Certification Program
Train The Trainer - Memory Practitioner Class

This Maximizing Memory for Practitioners program is developed for those who want to not only increase their brain power at Maximum Level but also enhance it to help others.

You will get a world-class Certified Program form Ron White, USA Memory Champion (2009-2010). Ronnie White will show you how to conduct classes using his memory-expert techniques to improve your memory, and a great number of tools you have never seen before in any seminar!

Like Ron White who has helped millions of people around the world, this program helps you to help others to maximize their brain potential to 25% more, and boost up memory storage to over 300%. You will have mental files to store a number of digits, faces, names, and details like never before! You can also help those who have a hard time memorizing things like the details on important meetings, the client’s details, the critical work process, etc.

Understand how to teach the different levels of memory training
Understand the sequence in which memory much be taught
Be able to explain the different methods for memorizing numbers and why each is important
Discover how to teach a group to memorize more than 1 item or word at a time
Learn how to manage a group to memorize names at the pace you set

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