Relaxercise training – Carlsbad California

Relaxercise training - Carlsbad California
Event on 2018-07-07 09:00:00
Do you want to give your life even more purpose and go home with new tools and knowledge on HOW to stay relaxed?  This training will be given outdoors and will cover theory and coaching related to stress. We will practise different exercises that can eliminate and prevent stress symptoms. You will learn a variety of techniques ranging from Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, progressive relaxation, breathing and visualization meditations to bring body and mind back in balance. During this training you will learn how to become physically and mentally balanced and how to recognize and eliminate stress symptoms. You will receive a pdf handout as well as a web log in to access your personal webpage with course material existing out of video material, mp3's, photos and text. Relaxercise is a training that is spread out over 2 days of your choice, both of 4 hours each session. -no yoga experience required-

at Carlsbad
7201 Carlsbad Boulevard
Carlsbad, United StatesCarlsbad

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