Point Reyes Trail Running Camp

Point Reyes Trail Running Camp
Event on 2016-10-26 14:00:00
DATES:  October 26 - October 30 Description With over 150 miles of trails to explore in Point Reyes National Seashore, you’ll experience so much more at this trail running camp. Enjoy the camaraderie of other runners while spending a week running on wind swept beaches, hiking to cliffs overlooking crashing ocean waves, careening through deep misty pine and red wood forests, and ascending mountainous inclines leading to epic views. Use your senses to breathe in the salty air next to a campfire on the beach at night. Indulge your taste buds with family style meals made in our kitchen from local fare. Embrace the local culture of the food and farm heritage with our included custom-built food and farm tour. Run wild with native elk herds on sweeping ocean cliffs. We will not be in a hurry when out on runs. Much of this running will be slow and leisurely up hillsides and along cliffs with built-in talks and teaching sessions. The primary focus of this camp is to explore the freedom that running in such a beautiful destination brings while developing skill sets to make you a better and more efficient runner. Details COST ,395 + fees Total pricing per person. 0 deposit guarantees your spot. Total balance due by August 1, 2016. Includes all meals made from the best local ingredients, swag, ground transportation, cabin bunkhouse lodging, food and farm tour along with running though breath taking landscapes and informational sessions from experienced athletes. Posted trip prices do not include flights, alcohol, tips, visas (if applicable) or personal purchases. ADVENTURE LEVEL / WHO SHOULD ATTEND Beginner / Intermediate - While this camp is geared towards beginner to intermediate runners, anyone that has a love for adventure and trail running would benefit from attending this event. Attendees should be able to run between 5 -10 miles a day on various grades. Most trails will be on single track with good, but dynamic footing and on the beach. Runners will have many opportunities to engage in informal discussions related to trail/mountain running. HOW FAR ARE THE RUNS Mileage may be combined into only one run per day or be broken up into two depending on the dynamics of the camp. Attendees will have the option of taking days off, or reducing mileage on runs. Those so inclined will also have the option to push themselves at a faster pace at some point during runs; however, this certainly will not be the focus of any run. GROUP SIZE AND GUIDES Participation is limited to 15 athletes so that individualized attention can be given to those attending and coaches/mentors remain easily accessible.  There will be two coaches out on every run, so if any of the participants want to go shorter (or longer) then they will have the option without being left on their own. TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS You'll need to arrive at Oakland Airport by 2:00 pm on the first day and depart no earlier than 2:00 pm on the final day. Suggestions and guidance will be provided once the group is set! TRAIL RUNNING TOPICS Trail Running Techniques and Form Uphill and Downhill Running Creating Training Plans Trail Running Gear Nutrition Injury Prevention through Strength Training Developing Trail Speed Basic First Aid for the Trail Stretching and Foam Rolling Mental Aspects of Running WEATHER Experience the clearest days around Point Reyes in the fall. While there may be an occasional storm blow in, expect average highs in the high 60s and average lows in the low 50s. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please read all trip and itinerary details, along with the FAQs, Cancellation Policy and Release from Liability. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Itinerary DAY 1:  WEDNESDAY – OCTOBER 26, 2016 12 - 2 pm         Registration and check in at Oakland Airport 2 pm                 Transfer from Oakland Airport to Point Reyes 4 pm                 Introduction of staff, camp participants and discussion of the week’s activities 6 pm                 Dinner – family style local cuisine 7 – 9 pm           Run – night run on the beach DAY 2:  THURSDAY – OCTOBER 27, 2016 7 am                 Run through the red woods forests – develop trail speed 9 am                 Breakfast – family style local cuisine 10 am – 4 pm  Free Time – optional activities* 12 pm               Lunch – grab and go 4 pm                 Pre, during and post running and race nutrition talk 5 pm                 Run Point Reyes Hill (highest point in the park) – trail first aid 7 pm                 Dinner – bonfire beach cookout DAY 3:  FRIDAY – OCTOBER 28, 2016 7 am                 Run seaside cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean – uphill and downhill running technique 9 am                 Breakfast – picnic overlooking Pacific Ocean cliffs 10 am – 4 pm  Food and farm tour** 12 pm               Lunch – grab and go 4 pm                 Training – taper talk 5 pm                 Dynamic stretching and foam rolling 7 pm                 Dinner – family style local cuisine DAY 4:  SATURDAY – OCTOBER 29, 2016 7 am                 Workout on the beach – run specific strength training 9 am                 Breakfast – family style local cuisine 10 am – 4 pm  Free Time – optional activities* 12 pm               Lunch – graph and go 4 pm                 Running gear talk 5 pm                 Run with native elk herd – enjoyment of running / going training 6:30 pm            Special event 7 pm                 Dinner – family style local cuisine DAY 5:  SUNDAY – OCTOBER 30, 2016 7 am                 Run – fun run / 5k race 9 am                 Breakfast – Family style local cuisine 10 am               Final Q&A / Awards / Closing remarks / Camp officially ends 12 pm              Transfer to Oakland Airport Note: This is a tentative schedule. We will explore experiences and opportunities as they arise to make the camp experience even more enjoyable and fulfilling. *Some optional activities in the area include, but are not limited to, sea kayaking, whale watching, wine vineyards, mountain biking, additional food and farm tours, horseback riding, running and hiking, wildlife viewing and more. Some activities may have additional costs associated with them and are not included in the price of the camp.. **Food and Farm Tour is included in the trip price.

at Point Reyes Station, California, United States

Point Reyes Station, United StatesPoint Reyes Station, California, United Statesалександр лобановский

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