North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Classes

North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Classes
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North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Classes 

"Voted as one of the Best Concealed Carry Handgun Classes in Western NC!"

Our Concealed Carry Classes are held each month!

Cost: .00 plus online registration fee of .67 = (.67)

Cost At-the-Door: 0.00 (Includes Registration Fee)

*Participants must pre-register or contact TAP3X to register at-the-door!

This is a one (1) day class held on Saturday's (each month)

*(See Class Dates When Registering)

08:00 - 08:30 Student Arrivals & Firearms Safety Checks

08:30 am to 6:00 pm - Classroom & Gun Range

Offered in Western North Carolina (Hendersonville, NC

or at a reserved location near you!)

(TAP3X Classroom Location)

Opportunity House - 1411 Asheville Highway  Hendersonville, NC 28791

(Range Locations)

Gun Range Details & Information Released in Class

The Shooting Range Times and Locations will follow the classroom instruction!

This course includes Classroom & Range Instruction in: NC State Firearms Laws, NC Concealed Carry Laws, Use of Force, Use of Deadly Force, Reciprocity Agreements w/other States, How to Carry Concealed, Concealed Carry Restrictions, Concealed Carry Methods and Accessories, Firearms Safety, Handgun Familiarization, Marksmanship Skills, Range Safety and Gun Range (Live Fire Shooting) Instruction with your handguns and much more. A written test and live fire range qualifications are required for each participant.

* Participants must provide their own; Handgun, Holster(s) or Carrying Bag, 50 Rounds Ammunition (minimum) for their Handgun, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection and Range Fees. If you do not own a handgun, please tell us when you register!

(TAP3X can provide a handgun to your gun range use for a nominal charge of per gun. Call for details!)

* Targets will be on sale at the Gun Range for .00 - .50 (per target).

* Students will need for Gun Range Admission (cash only).

* Our course will meet or exceed the training requirements for "North Carolina Handgun Permit, Multi-State Concealed Carry" or Pistol Permits requirements for all other states.

* Participants will required to take a NCJA Written Exam and must attain a minimum score of 75% to pass.

* Participants will also be required to qualify on a live fire gun range with their handgun (or a handgun provided by TAP3X). Each participant will be required to pass the live fire handgun qualification with a minimum score (as outlined in our classroom and range instructions).

* Please Note -

All class participants must bring the following;

* Note-taking materials (Pen & Paper, Highlighter)

* Handgun (Semi-Auto Pistol or Revolver -  Any Caliber)

* Holster or Carrying Bag

* 50 Rounds Ammunition (minimum) for your handgun

* Hearing Protection (Also available at TAP3X / Range)

* Eye Protection (Also available at TAP3X / Range)

* Additional Range Fees May Apply ( Cash Only)

* Additional Charge for Targets - (.00 - 1.50 Each)

*TAP3X can provide a Rental Handgun to use for ( Per Gun Cash Only) - Call to Reserve!

*Rental Gun requires 50 Rounds Ammunition (9mm or .38 Caliber) - Call for cost details!

* Please Note - TAP3X will provide:

* Hourly Breaks and a 30 minute Lunch Break

* Classroom and Range Instruction 

* NCJA Concealed Carry Handgun Training (Red Book)

* NC Concealed Carry Course Certificate Awarded

* Assistance and advice given for filling out paperwork for NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit.
Contact us for class details or any questions you might have!

* Reserve your attendance for one of our North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Classes today!* Once you have registered online for your event, email us for confirmation of attendance and your date of attendance.
Please also include your contact information (name, phone number and email address).
Thank You!!!

Call or email Dan Meadows @

Tel: 828-553-5006

Email me at:

*Save money and register online! (Cost At-The-Door = 0.00 Includes Registration Fees)

*Please Note: Prices are subject to change without notice, so register early!

Our TAP3X Refund or Class Change Policy

Payments for all scheduled training classes, events or private lessons that are conducted by Dan Meadows and / or the Staff of the TAP3X Group of Companies are subject to this TAP3X Refund Policy.  Registration for any and all training classes, events or private lessons indicates that the student’s are in agreement with the terms of this TAP3X Refund Policy.


Cancellations, Changes and No-Shows

If a scheduled class, event or private lesson is cancelled by the TAP3X Group of Companies, all registered students will either receive a full refund, provided by TAP3X Group of Companies, or they may elect to reschedule themselves for another class date of their choosing. Students can request a change of date (attendance) up to 3 days in advance of the scheduled class, event or private lesson without penalty or additional fees being applied. If a student cancels a TAP3X class, event or private lesson more than 3 days in advance of the scheduled class, event or private lesson, the student will receive up to a 50% credit, or an equivalent credit to the class fee already paid, and applied towards a different TAP3X class, event or private lesson given on another date. If a student cancels within 72 hours of a scheduled TAP3X class, event or private lesson, or should they fail to appear for the class, event or private lesson, the student forfeits the paid tuition in full.  No refunds shall be given.


Student’s Removal from a TAP3X Class, Event or Private Lessons

If a student is removed from a class, event or private lesson due to repeated safety violations, intoxication, and / or any other disruptive behavior, the student will forfeit the paid tuition in full and no refund shall be given.

Signed, Dan Meadows, CEO TAP3X Group of Companies

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