Leading SAFe – �®�证引导大规模�•�捷框架

Leading SAFe - �®�证引导大规模�•�捷框架
Event on 2015-03-19 09:30:00

The Course: Leading Scaled Agile Framework (Chinese introduction below)

Leading Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a two-day course for executives, managers and change agents responsible for leading an Agile/Lean transformation at scale within
their organisation. It delivers the skills and knowledge that enterprise leaders need to deliver better software faster using Agile at scale. It is the only Agile certification for management at the enterprise level.

By the end of the course, you will have

the skills and knowledge to:

  • ›  Get your product to market faster

  • ›  Improve software quality

  • ›  Manage changing priorities

  • ›  Align your organisation around a common vision

  • ›  Increase productivity and reduce waste

  • ›  Build employee engagement and motivation. 

  • Course Content

The course delivers training proven to work in more than 80 multinationals world wide and combines lecture, hands-on activities and real world examples to demonstrate how you can apply the SAFe principles to your own situation.

Leading SAFe has eight modules covering:

  • ›  The Scaled Agile Framework and its underlying principles of Lean thinking and product development flow

  • ›  Agile development in the enterprise context

  • ›  SAFe ScrumXP, Agile release trains, Agile portfolio

    management and Agile architecture

  • ›  Leadership skills for a successful enterprise transformation.

    The course includes the SAFe Agilist certification exam. Passing the exam gives you access to an international community of Agilists, a listing in the Scaled Agile directory and Scaled Agile content and branding material.

The trainers:

Jacob Creech, SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)

Jacob is a skilled facilitator and coach who inspires organisations
to transform the way they work. Jacob has worked with large multinationals and to help them align their business goals and deliver more business value, more quickly, with Agile/Lean practices. He is China CEO of Boost Agile and is based in the Shanghai office.

Jim Wang, 中�-�助�•™, CSP、CSM、CSPO、MBA、资深�•�捷及Scrum培�®�师、�•™练、组织顾�-®

Boost Agile

Boost Agile is a specialised Scaled Agile consultancy with offices in Shanghai and Wellington. It is the market leader in helping multinationals and Fortune 500 companies deliver higher quality software faster using Agile. Boost Agile has partnered with Scaled Agile Inc, a world-leading authority on large-scale software development, and is the first company in China delivering Scaled Agile training.


Boost Agile: 021 5386-2913, email: info@boostagile.com 


Boost Agile offices, D701, 700 Huangpi South Road, Xintiandi, Shanghai


Regular price is 30USD/7000RMB. Early bird and group discounts are available. Contact us for details.



引导大规模�•�捷框架是专�-�为负责引导组织进行大规模 �•�捷/精益变革的主�®�人�'�、经理与变革推动者�®�立的为 �-�两天的课程。该课程提供企业领导所需的关于大规模 �•�捷框架的技能�'�知识,从而�®©公司以更快的速度交付 更优质的软件。这是企业主�®�人�'�在大规模�•�捷框架领 域所能获得的�"�一�®�证。

这�-�课程学习后,您将掌握以 下知识�'�技能: 
  • ›  加快发布产�"�的速度

  • ›  提高软件质量

  • ›  �®�理不�-�变化的需求优先级

  • ›  帮助组织内部统一共同的愿�™�

  • ›  提高�"�产率、减少浪费

  • ›  提高�'�工参与度、建立激励机制


    该课程所培�®�的内�®�已在80多�®�跨国公司得以验证成功,�®� 结合�®�座,�®�践与现�®�范例等多种形式,能�®©您根据自身情 况有机运�"�大规模�•�捷框架的原则。

    引导大规模�•�捷框架培�®�共有八个模块,包含 了下述内�®�: 

  • ›  大规模�•�捷框架与其隐含的精益思想�'�产�"�开发流程 原则

  • ›  在大企业坏境下进行�•�捷开发

  • ›  大规模�•�捷Scrum与极�™�编程,�•�捷发布火车,�•�捷项

 目组合�®�理与�•�捷架构 成功转型企业所需的领导技能 
这�-�课程包含大规模�•�捷�®�证考试。顺利通过考试�®©您进入 国�™��•�捷社交圈,并列入大规模�•�捷�®�证名册与�®�传材�-™。 



刘�™� (Jacob Creech),大规模�•�捷�®�证培�®�师

刘�™�是经验丰富的项目促进者与�•�捷�•™练,曾与�®�多企业合 作,启发他们转变工作�-�式。刘�™�的�•�捷与精益�®�践经验能 帮助跨国公司内部统一共同目标,以更快的速度交付更多的 �•�业价值。他现任勃�-��•�捷中国CEO,常�©�在上海。

Jim Wang, 中�-�助�•™, CSP、CSM、CSPO、MBA、资深�•�捷及Scrum培�®�师、�•™练、组织顾�-®


勃�-��•�捷是一�®�专�-�从事大规模�•�捷框架�'�询与培�®�公司, 在中国上海与�-�西兰惠灵顿都�®�有办公�®�。勃�-��•�捷是亚太 市场领导者,帮助跨国公司与世�•�500强企业运�"��•�捷�-�法以 更快的速度开发更高质量的软件。勃�-��•�捷是在大规模软件 开发领域处于国�™�领先地位的美国公司——Scaled Agile的 中国合作伙伴。




Boost Agile: 021 5386-2913, email: info@boostagile.com


at Boost Agile
D701, 700 Huangpi South Road
Shanghai, ChinaBoost Agileкомпьютеры магазин

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