Health 5 Ways the Ocean Will Boost Your Brain Power

Health 5 Ways the Ocean Will Boost Your Brain Power
For as long I can remember I've had a dream of living on the beach. I am pretty sure it was the very first dream I ever created for myself. At the ripe age of five following my first trip to Hawaii I solidified the need for a beach life. As I got older ...

Boost your brainpower and do something different this February
I was astounded by the speed at which people rushed past, avoiding eye contact, looking miserable and unsmiling. Again, my volunteering had no direct relevance to my work. But it prompted me to reflect on how we can all improve the first impressions we ...
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Three apps to boost your brain power
Puzzles are ideal for improving observation skills, concentration and vocabulary. As exams approach, you might get bored of sitting and revising a subject over a long stretch of time. Here are some apps that can help you freshen up your mind while ...
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