G-Walk Activated Motion

G-Walk Activated Motion
Event on 2017-10-21 09:00:00
Don’t spend another day feeling stressed out! Are you an entrepreneur or busy professional? Do you enjoy being outside, but do not go out enough? Do you like the idea of activating your adaptability, confidence and synchronization? Do you like mind expansive conversations? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are invited to join us for the G-Walk! DETAILS What is the G-Walk™?The G-Walk™ is Activated Motion Training for people wanting to de-stress, re-vitalize and have peace of mind. Built as a foundational system for the Human Activation Platform, the team at Brain Training PRO created the G-Walk to adapt to the cold Canadian winters and harness the power that comes with being adept at adapting to various conditions. Who this is ideal for?The G-Walk™ is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs looking to let go of stress by resetting in nature with a great community of people up to great things. What does the G stand for?The G in the G-Walk stands for Gamma. Gamma is an all-adaptive brain wave that is the secret to adaptability in the moment. What makes the G-Walk unique?What makes the G-Walk unique is the combination of language, activated breath and simple motion systems – integrated with customized conversations that make a difference. What can I expect the first time?You can expect to learn breathing sequences grounded in the science of brain waves that will trigger the all-adaptive Gamma brain wave to boost your adaptability. What are the benefits of the G-Walk as an ongoing practice?In today’s society built on efficiency taking the time to slow down and retrain the nervous system for the Rest, Relax and Respond State is a necessary condition for increased focus, productivity and results production. Our members report having clarity, peace of mind and increased energy to get things done.   What is the frequency of meetings?We meet every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:30 am.***Always check for the events on Eventbrite or Facebook!*** What should I bring?Comfy shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. Where do we meet exactly?We meet at the South Side of St. Clair Avenue West -- Beside the Bike Rack / Subway Station -- across the street from Loblaws.We stand by the entrance to the Nordheimer Ravine. Does the G-Walk happen regardless of weather conditions?Yes! To train ourselves for adaptability we go Rain, Shine, Sleet or Snow! What is the participation cost? per G-Walk.You can pay online on the Eventbrite web site or in-person in cash.*Rates subject to change after December 31, 2017

at Nordheimer Ravine
326 Spadina Road
Toronto, CanadaNordheimer Ravine

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