AHS Fall Play, Testing Testing

AHS Fall Play, Testing Testing
Event on 2017-01-11 18:00:00
Testing,Testing By Alan Haehnel Directed by Logan Carter Cast List: Emily Brinks Rhys Cox Mason duBoef Lilly Easterling Layla Goldberg Austin Mickles Annie O'Keefe Sophia Perry Ansley Totten Ronay Andorra Totten Ronay Pascale Wojcik This two act dramedy expresses the scorn of standardized testing. We follow two different characters through their test experiences. Mindy has always been a good student with good grades, but will her classmates cause her to fail a crucial exam? Will she be able to focus with all the distraction around her? On the other hand Scott is a high school senior all set to move on with his life, but if he doesn’t pass this test he doesn’t graduate, but he didn’t STUDY. Hows he going to pass now? Join our cast of twelve students on this whirlwind experience. The Fall Play Production class has been working on this production since September and created the set, light design, sound, and costuming. The audience will receive insight into what it's like for students during standardized tests. “Testing, Testing” is a family friendly comedic take on what testing is like for students. Laugh with us, laugh at us, and have as much fun as we do. Aspen Black Box Theater January 11th-13th at 6pm $ tudents: .00 Adult$ : .00 Tickets also available at the door. Doors open 10 minutes prior to showtime.

at Aspen High School Black Box Theater
235 High School Road
Aspen, United StatesAspen High School Black Box Theaterкупить блендер

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