5 Day Refreshing Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Spain

strong>5 Day Refreshing Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Spain
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5 DAY YOGA RETREAT IN ANDALUSIA Unwind and recharge your energy. Relax in a beautiful location in the heart of Andalusia. 5 days full of inspiration with daily yoga sessions, special meditations, excursions, a cooking workshop, breathtaking hikes and visits to the beach and the surrounding mountains. We will show you how yoga and meditation can help you to improve your life. By escaping for a few days from your busy life, you can make room for new insights and personal growth. Take time to reflect on what’s really important to you in your life. Is This Retreat Something For You? Our yoga retreats are designed for both beginners and those who already have experience with yoga and /or meditation. Yoga and meditation experience is not required. This yoga vacation is for anyone who wants to relax and feel stronger, more energetic and want to feel more focused. It’s for anyone who wants to relax in nature and who wants to explore what is really important in his or her life. We deliberately choose to work with small groups. We have a maximum of 12 participants per retreat. Yoga & Meditation in Nature We will do when posible our yoga and meditation sessions outside. The old farm has beautiful tropical gardens with enough shade from the old palm trees. We will take you to the mountains and to the beach to do our yoga sessions. Outdoor sessions add a different dimension to your practice and pare yoga down to its original link with nature. Yoga means ‘union,’ and when it’s practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt. Many aspects of yoga are in fact about being in the moment and at one with nature or the universe. That’s why so many asanas reflect animals and nature. By putting your body into the shape of a tree or a dog, by exploring the graceful wings of a bird or the fluidity of the Sun Salute, by breathing with the same cyclical sense as the tides or with an ocean sound, you evoke a sense of harmony, timelessness, and connection to the universe. Outdoors offers another level to focus on—the smell of nature, such as the ocean, pine, grass. When you start to smell the outdoors, it’s as if nature wants us to be present and breathe deeply. Additional activities & workshops In addition to the yoga and meditation sessions, you can also participate in a number of other activities. Participation is always voluntary. The following workshops and activities are included in the price. Beach Yoga We go to a beautiful beach for a yoga and meditation session. The perfect natural surroundings make an ideal location for an early morning yoga practice. What better way to get the ultimate mind, body experience than by performing yoga on the beach? Imagine listening to the sound of waves, smelling saltwater and feeling the gentle touch of sand. No music is necessary because nature provides it own unique sounds, allowing one to relax while practicing asanas. Cooking workshop Together with our Spanish cook Alejandro, we have compiled a cooking workshop. You will learn to make the most delicious fruit and fruitpatés. You will learn about herbs and how to make your own milk, chocolate and jam. Alejandro is an expert in the field of vegetarian and vegan cuisine and while share his passion about healthy eating with you. Walking meditation - silent walk In the area you can do amazing hikes. We are surrounded by this beautiful landscape of mountains with views over a lake and the ocean. For anyone who would like to experience an breathtaking hike in complete tranquility we organize a special walking meditation. A walking meditation is a form of meditation in action. In walking meditation we use the experience of walking as our focus. We become mindful of our experience while walking, and try to keep our awareness involved with the experience of walking. A walking meditation is an excellent way of developing our ability to take awareness into our ordinary lives. During the walk you will experience everything around you very intense. The colors, sounds, the sun and the wind. It is a very pleasant and special experience. During the our walk we will stop under these thousand year old olive tress and do a special yoga session. Other activities In addition to the activities mentioned, there's plenty of room for doing nothing or to read a good book in one of the hammocks in the beautiful tropical gardens. From the farm you can do several hikes in the area, or you can visit one of the famous whitewashed villages , go to the beach, visit Malaga or plan an activity like kayaking or horse riding. More on the surroundings you will find under 'the finca and the environment'. Example Day 9:00: Tea / Juice and Fruit 9:30 t / m 11:00 Yoga & Meditation Session 11:30 -12: 30 Extensive Lunch 12:30 -17: 00 Free time, Tour or Special workshop 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Yoga and Meditation Session 19:30: Dinner This is a sample schedule and may still change. Participation in activities is voluntary. Please read some stories of other participants: Liliane, 33 years Amstelveen What did I enjoy those wonderful retreat days! I feel it in every fiber of my body and heart. It has brought me so much. The environment, the people, the yoga, the atmosphere, the food … It’s like a dream! I will always cherish the experience. And it is reflected in my daily life back home. The retreat with Ilse-Marie is one of my best decisions ever. You receive everything what’s promised, but it’s worth so much more! Ilse-Marie is a special and compassionate woman. She has a lot of joy, wisdom and knowledge that she shares with love. The personal approach makes it really unique. Ilse-Marie feels what everyone needs. She is also part of the group while she still has this natural leadership. She has this gift to create an atmosphere in which totally different people feel at home straight away and connect. We did the amazing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises when possible outdoors in the beautiful tropical gardens, on the beach abd in the mountains. The environment is so magical with such abreathtaking views taht you experience a contant feeling of happiness. The food is so delicious, full of flavor and pure. I want to return again !! Keywan, 43 years For me it was the first time I have experienced such a retreat in this form and capacity. I can only say that I was very pleased. The group was amazing right from the start. Ilse and her husband have this wonderful ability to put you at ease instantly. From Ilse, you get nothing but positive energy. The most important thing I’ve learned is what really matters this life: Letting go and being in the now. Ilse shows this through themed yoga & meditation sessions, beautiful workshops and excursions and a very special silent walk. You become aware of what you do have instead of what you don’t have “Count your blessing.” I will recommend everyone to experience this amazing retreat. Ilse will give you amazing new insights in a nice and casual way. I am very happy that I was able to experience all this as my first experience of retreat. I liked it so much that I have gone twice to their Viva La Vida Retreat. Hester G, 50 years old I really had some wonderful days with Ilse-Marie. What a passionate yoga teacher! She is a wonderful hostess who pampers her guests and knows what they need. She inspired us all with plenty of suggestions for a life without stress. Thanks !! Susanne D, 29 from The Hague I really loved the accommodation! The buildings of the old cortijo have a lot of atmosphere and give you an intimate feeling. The tropical gardens I liked a lot, because there were nice places everywhere to relax in the shade or in the sun. And the views are really fantastic. The program was well balanced. You have the freedom to relax and do your own things whike there was enough time with the group as well. During the yoga sessions I liked it that it was quiet and that there was a lot of repetition so that you can learn the poses properly. Ilse has a nice voice to listen to. The yoga session on the beach was also superb. I found the food very tasty and nice to see Alejandro cook with so much passion. Tasty fresh vegetables and creative meals. An D, 36 uit Antwerpen Yoga in nature, what a lovely experience! Ilse is a very good teacher with a lot of passion and love for yoga. She can also easily adjust exercises for beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners. Each yoga session lasts an hour and a half which is a big plus because there’s plenty of time for relaxation. I have become quite a yoga fan by Ilse and started to do yoga daily. Jeannie, 67 uit Maastricht Ilse-Marie has a very pleasant and relaxed way of teaching. She has this calmness or peacefulness around her, while on the main time she is so passionate while teaching. She explains things clear and knows a lot to tell about the background of yoga. I often have pain in my back and neck and she has helped me with some practical exercises to reduce the pain. The yoga sessions outside with the sounds of nature were an unforgettable experience. I’m following yoga classes for several years, but learned a lot of valuable new things. I really like the way Ilse-Marie teaches yoga and I will definitely come back. Nurhayati K., Singapore Yoga with Ilse was such a refreshing experience! She was very fluent in all the languages needed to conduct the class and was able to instruct different people according to their abilities in a way that didn’t disrupt the flow of the class. I am rather new at yoga, despite dabbling with it throughout university. Ilse was able to foresee potential problems I may face and gave very clear instructions on how to manage any potential obstacles in my practice. She made yoga so accessible to someone so stiff! It was also very nice that she led us through various asanas that I might not have tried on my own. The class progressed at a comfortable pace and before I knew it, I was attempting a shoulder stand! Many yoga classes in Singapore are rather large and you don’t get feedback on your own alignment. I really appreciate Ilse’s patience and her attention to each student. Thank you Ilse! I wish I could take more yoga lessons with you! LOCATION CORTIJO PULGARIN BAJO During our retreat we stay in a restored nineteenth-century Andalusian Cortijo (farm). The finca was formerly used as an olive oil mill, powered by a watermill. The location also has a wonderful museum space. The finca is located in Alta Axarquía and has more than 600.000m2. land full of fruit and olive trees. Location & Rooms This unique location includes four different buildings. It has a big old country house with several rooms, two additional houses + the old mill. You can choose if you would like to share a double room or whether you book a single room. The rooms are decorated in traditional Andalusian style; cozy and completely in the atmosphere of this beautiful old farmhouse. The Area And Activities This beautiful finca is situated just 45km from Malaga City and 35km from the beach (Torre del Mar). This area is known for the wonderful mild climate. The setting is magnificent. It lies between the mountains near the beautiful lake Viñuela where you can do all kinds of water sports such as kayaking, sailing and SUP. There are several walks nearby. You can also climb the surrounding mountains: Los Tajos de Doña Ana, El Gomer, El Fraile, Bermejo or La Atalaya. Or visit the healing water in the nearby Vilo. The Cortijo where we stay lies between several beautiful white Andalusian villages: Alfarnate, Riogordo (El Paso, Holy Week), Periana and Frigiliana. This retreat includes: 5 days of inspiration. 4 nights in a single or twin room ( with shared or private bathroom). 4 yoga & meditation session in the morning. 2 yoga sessions in the afternoon. 2 special meditation workshops. Excursion to the beach: beach yoga Excursion in the mountains 1 healthy welcome cocktail. 4 times light breakfast with fresh juice, fruit and tea. 5 x extensive lunch/brunch 4 x delicious vegetarian dinner buffet. Unlimited water, tea and fruit. Free participation in cooking workshop by our great Spanish cook. Optional Massage( one hour 35 euros) Additional excursions in the area (hiking, museums, sports activities). Additional beauty treatments. Complete body cleansing (1 hour, from 75 euros). Excluded Transport Airport - Finca (we can arrange this for you, 30 euro single trip). Flight to and from Malaga. A travel insurance or cancelation insurance. Personal expenses. Additional information Please bring comfortable (sports) clothes. Yoga mats, meditation cushions and yoga blankets are provided. Check-in is from 10:0, check out 17:00 Transfer to and from Malaga airport we can arrange for you to. But if you are planning on doing somne trips on your own you can best rent a car. www.rentalcars.com You can book your flights with KLM, Transavia, Ryanair and Vueling. If you want, we help you books. Other arrangements can also be booked via us. The swimming pool is open from May till Sep. When you make a booking you agree with our Terms & Conditions VIVA LA VIDA FOOD Our professional Spanish cook Alejandro is specialized in the vegetarian and vegan cuisine. We can cater for special diets as well like a gluten-free diet. We use ecologiscal products from local farms in the area. What Can This Yoga Retreat Bring You? You get more energy nad will feel completely recharged. You'll feel that you want to pick up things. You feel happier, more balanced, stronge. Your body will feel more flexible and balanced. You'll reduce back, shoulder, neck pain. You improve your body and learn to live healthier. You will notice that your concentration is better, you feel more focused. You will improved your brain function. Just 20 minutes of yoga will improve cognitive function, boosting focus and working memory. You learn to live more in the moment and to enjoy the little things. You improve your breathing which will improve your energy level. You'll be able to relax more and sleep better. You will be able to deal better with stress and you feel calmer. You work on your selfconfidence. You get a better view of what is really important in your life, in your personal life mission Bewaren Bewaren

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