The Inside Story of David Bowie's Stunning New Album, 'Blackstar'

The Inside Story of David Bowie's Stunning New Album, 'Blackstar'
Then, last January, Bowie called McCaslin's entire group to the downtown studio Magic Shop to begin work on his 25th album, ☆ (pronounced Blackstar), which is due out on January 8th, Bowie's 69th birthday. "It did surprise me," says Guiliana of being ...

Upshot creates shared photo albums among friends and deletes it a week later
The makers of Togethera understand it's a grueling task, so they have created an app that does the sharing for you. Just released on iOS today, Upshot uses an 'Autoshare' option that collects all the pictures and videos taken during an event and them ...
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David Bowie Is Chart Starman As 'Blackstar' Confirmed Top Album
The sad passing of David Bowie is continuing to have an effect on the charts, with Blackstar just confirmed as the best- selling album in the U.K. this week – and about to give the star his first Number 1 album on the U.S. Billboard chart. In Bowie's ...
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