Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
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Course Description:
Social Media Marketing entails leveraging social media and networking channels to build a name and value for a business or brand. It is a subset of Digital Marketing that provides businesses the means to reach out to their current and future clientele and connect with them on a regular basis.

This course on social media marketing techniques @LearnSocial stays true to current social media trends, in which you will explore the usage of channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. for marketing and branding purposes.

Social Media Marketing(SMM) course @LearnSocial gives comprehensive insights into the marketing strategies and how to customize the planning and execution for each social media channel. There is also included a detailed discussion on formulating multi-channel social media strategy which will help you pick the best social media channels on which you can employ your promotion and marketing methods. The course will be rounded up with a comprehensive session on how to measure the success of the strategies and how to measure/calculate the ROI. Additional material such as case studies and projects are also a part of the course to fully equip you in Social Media Marketing.

With this Social Media Marketing course @LearnSocial, you will become a master social media marketing professional with high skill and talent in using social media channels for business and brand marketing.
Course Objectives
Gain a complete understanding on the functionality of Social Media Marketing(SMM)
Master the use of Social Media Channels for Business Marketing
Discover how to reach the Target Audience most effectively
Employ Content Marketing strategies on Social Media channels
Gain expertise on gauging Strategy Success and Methods to improve the Strategy Parameters
Learn to engage your audience into your Brand Activities and Promotions
Set up Ad Accounts on various Social Media Channels and Monitor & Manage them effectively
Manage Negative Reviews and get acquainted with Latest Social Media Trends and Developments
Course Highlights
24 hours of Live Instructor-Led Online Sessions
30 hours of Hands on Project work, Exercises, Assignments, Quizzes and Assessments
Case Studies & Discussions to give the learners hands-on experience with Current Industry Practices
Blend of Practical & Theoretical Approach to give the learners Holistic View of Subject Matter
Post Completion of each session, Practice Tasks will be allotted to track your progress of learning
Easily accessible courseware and related resources on User-Friendly interface
Good quality audio and high resolution of pre-recorded session videos to enhance your experience
Send your Queries/Questions to the Instructor any time and get them resolved
Course Prerequisites
Familiarity with Social Media Channels
Laptop/PC with high quality microphone and webcam
Internet Connection of at-least 1 Mbps
Project & Certification Process:

Towards the end of the batch, you will be designated a real-time project to have a strong understanding of how to conceptualize and implement the real-world application. You will receive constant support and assistance in completing the project assignment.

On successful completion of this assignment, there will be a review process and you will be awarded a certificate with performance based grading. If your project is not approved after the review, then we will be providing you with extra assistance for any queries/doubts and let you reattempt it free of cost.

Course Delivery Method:
All our courses are live instructor led and interactive sessions handled by highly reputed and experienced professionals from industry giants such as Microsoft, Google, IBM etc.
All the classes are conducted through LIVE Video Streaming, where learners can interact with the instructor by speaking, chatting and sharing screen
We use all kind of modern tools and equipment to train you for the course. Instructor trains learners by sharing their screen and through other technology tools.
In addition to this, our instructors will track your learning in a step by step procedure to make you an expert in the field.
Before the start of every session, our instructors recap the previous class session to reinforce the concepts in the minds of learners.
We pay utmost attention to each feedback, reviews and ratings of yours and proactively take the required action on your grievances.
All you need is a PC with a webcam, microphone and a 1 MBPS internet connection to attend the LIVE classes. However, we have seen people attending the classes from a much slower internet.

Discover the Peer Advantage:
Here, @LearnSocial, our objective is not restricted to online learning, but also to offer you with the best course experience
Your journey with our interactive instructor-led online courses will position you among some of the brightest and most qualified group of people
Properly channelized networking within unidirectional individuals like you @Learn Social acts as an advantage when you seek job opportunities in this vast sector of Android application development
The course system @LearnSocial is definitely going to be the learning practice of a lifetime for you
What's in it for me (WIIFM)?
Social Media Marketing is the fastest growing domain of marketing/digital marketing
Many top notch companies use social media marketing strategies for their businesses
There is huge demand for experts in this field, as social media is being seen as a viable marketing channel
From beginner to expert social media marketing specialist in just 4 weeks
The domain of social media marketing is highly creative and fast paced
Social media marketing skill is a great value addition to the resume
Why Social Media Marketing?

The reach and might of social media channels has gone beyond their conventional purpose of just peer networking. These mediums have now become excellent grounds for marketing and promoting brands and services with the ability to capture the attention of the intended audience, and it’s not every day that this happens in the marketing industry.

Social media platforms provide a huge potential client base for businesses and a level playing field where the smartest and the most attention grabbing marketing approached garner lots of views. From a well-established firm to a modest startup venture, social media marketing is for everyone, and what’s more is these companies are looking for smart, innovative and creative minds to lead their social media marketing operations.

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