Donations to the Red Cross will help families in need

Donations to the Red Cross will help families in need
“The giving season,” “the most wonderful time of the year” or simply “the holidays.” These are all phrases used to describe the time between Halloween and New Year's when our thoughts turn to caring, sharing and celebrating with those near and dear to us.
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MIT's New Blockchain Project Enigma Wants To Let You Share Your Data On Your Terms
A new Massachusetts Institute of Technology project could soon bring much greater flexibility to cloud data sharing—potentially helping companies analyze consumer data without giving employees access to individual customers' personal information or ...
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Happy St. Knick: The new passing, giving version of Carmelo Anthony
But for now, Anthony seems to have bought into one of the core principles of Phil Jackson's triangle offense -- sharing the ball. "My mindset will always be help me, help you," he says. "If you're doing your job on the basketball court and you're being ...
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