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Weak Scale Supersymmetry

Weak Scale Supersymmetry

Supersymmetric models of particle physics predict new superpartner matter states for each particle in the Standard Model. These superpartners will have wide ranging implications, from cosmology to observations at high energy accelerators, such as CERN’s LHC. In this 2006 text, the authors develop the basic concepts of supersymmetry and show how it can be incorporated into a theoretical framework for describing unified theories of elementary particles. They develop the technical tools of supersymmetry using four-component spinor notation familiar to high energy experimentalists and phenomenologists. The text takes the reader from an abstract formalism to a straightforward recipe for writing supersymmetric gauge theories of particle physics, and ultimately to the calculations necessary for practical applications at colliders and in cosmology. This is a comprehensive, practical and accessible introduction to supersymmetry for experimental and phenomenological particle physicists and graduate students. Exercises and worked examples that clarify the material are interspersed throughout.

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Sold by Wordery Particle & High-Energy Physics $ 44.99Weak Scale Supersymmetry: Paperback: Cambridge University Press: 9780521290319: 20 Oct 2011: A comprehensive, practical and accessible 2006 introduction to supersymmetry for particle physicists and graduate students.блендер какой

Weak eurozone data underline fragile recovery

Weak eurozone data underline fragile recovery
Disappointing eurozone numbers released on Friday demonstrate the fragility of the region's recovery despite a cocktail of cheap oil, a weaker euro and mass bond-buying by the European Central Bank.
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America's Economic Incentives of the Iran Accord
Perhaps the United States is trying to improve its own economic status in the global economy rivaling China and their developing markets. Currently, the United States is a nation that relies more on imported goods rather than providing exports, leaving …
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The Yuan Isn't Ready to Be a Global Reserve Currency
The sentiment in Beijing seems to be that since China's economy is now the world's second-largest, the yuan should assume a similar prominence in global trade. Yet history suggests that countries don't automatically assume reserve-currency status just …
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