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Reflective Life Ministries Founder Carla McDougal Unveils New Website with Exciting Features and Resources

(PRWEB) November 11, 2014

Carla McDougal’s organization, Reflective Life Ministries, has provided the means for many women around the world to study the Bible and promote their own ministries or those of their pastor husbands. Carla has taken trips to Central America to teach groups of women who want to be more involved in ministry, and her book My Prayer Chair, published through Next Century Publishing, has become a best-seller and has even been translated into Spanish. Now, Carla has launched a new website that ties together many of her teachings and provides resources for study for people in locations around the world.

The new website, located at http://www.reflectivelifeministries.org/, is completely redesigned to be extremely user-friendly. One of the greatest features is the “Espanol” button that allows viewers to read Spanish translations of parts of the site. This feature ties in to Carla’s book My Prayer Chair which has been translated into Spanish as Mi Sillon de Oracion. Now, Carla’s website reflects this outreach to two different language groups with its Spanish translation feature.

Carla says, “I am excited to present our new website to the world, and I hope that those who visit us will find plenty of great material to inspire them to study God’s word more closely.”

The website also features blog content, information on retreat packages, speaking topics, marriage conference details and a full suite of products to assist in individual’s walk with the Lord. For more information about Carla’s ministry, see http://www.reflectivelifeministries.org/.

About Carla McDougal:

Carla McDougal is the award-winning author of My Prayer Chair, now available in Spanish as Mi Sillon de Oracion. She is also the founder of Reflective Life ministries and regularly appears as a speaker at conferences and seminars and hosts a number of retreats designed to help women deepen their understanding of Scripture and their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Carla McDougal, author of My Prayer Chair, is also the founder of Reflective Life Ministries, an organization dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with people around the world. Now, Carla’s new website is being launched featuring many exciting features and resources for study. Reflective Life Ministries Founder Carla McDougal Unveils New Website with Exciting Features and Resources другие и

Author Frank DeStefano Unveils “The Dark Legend of the Foreigner”

Hicksville, NY (PRWEB) August 13, 2014

Author Frank DeStefano blends cinematic elements from action-adventure films with classic science fiction themes in his epic new novel, “The Dark Legend of the Foreigner” (published by LifeRich Publishing).

In 17th-century Japan, amidst death, war, and turmoil, a powerful wizard made a prophecy that a time of great darkness was just beginning. An evil force was coming, he said, and he was powerless to stop it.

The war continued, and a group of mighty warriors was killed by a ruthless couple whose unborn child would become the Master, the evil force. The wizard was aware of the child’s destiny and mustered all his power to put the boy in a curse-induced sleep.

Now, 400 years later, the Master has awakened. Armed with the power of invincibility and a key to another dimension, the Master prepares to wreak havoc and destruction on New York, determined to find the five scrolls of terror that will let him unleash his ultimate power. Can the invincible warrior be stopped?

The Dark Legend of the Foreigner

By Frank DeStefano

Softcover | 5 x 5 in | 146 pages | ISBN 9781489701572

E-Book | ISBN 9781489701589

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author:

Frank DeStefano grew up on Long Island, New York, and spent his early years watching all types of action films, especially science fiction. These films, particularly the 1996 blockbuster “Independence Day,” would go on to inspire his first novel, “The Dark Legend of the Foreigner.”

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Author Frank DeStefano Unveils “The Dark Legend of the Foreigner” что можно