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Breakthrough Music Business Summit Charlotte

Breakthrough Music Business Summit Charlotte
Event on 2018-06-27 18:30:00
This is just a pre-registration ticket. When the 20 tickets become available pre-registers will be notified 72 hours before the general public. The Breakthrough Music Summit is for any artist that wants to have ultimate breakthrough in their career.This career & life changing event with former A&R Director, music industry success coach, and music business strategist will not only be a roadmap to further your career but in one night you will be able to break through the limiting beliefs and habits that have caused roadblocks in you achieving ultimate success in the music industry that you desire and deserve.This event is only available to the 20 artists that want to have breakthrough in their career. This won't be another boring conference or lecture. This is going to be a hands on meeting with the premier music business success and strategist coach Matthew Rix! Matthew Rix inteoduction video on the Breakthrough Summit https://youtu.be/RTy54RzkWq0Matthew Rix has spent 20 years in the music industry in various job titles including being a senior A&R director, an A&R consultant, and regional promotions coordinator and for the past few years Matthew is the "go to" guy for artists. He's been called on to assist artist in the studio that are dealing with creative blocks (songwriting, artistic direction), negotiated record deals and his music business audio series "Mattrix Minute" had over 8.4 million sales and streams in 2014 alone from 38 different nations. Matthew's purpose with this event is taking your career from good to outstanding.This is not* Artist showcase* A&R audition*A mixerThis is for artists that want to find out how to take their career to the next level, whichever area that might be and receive the tools to achieve it.Each attendee will receive the following:*Entry into The Breakthrough Music Summit*Free copy of the soon to be released "7 Tips for unprecedented success" by Matthew Rix*One song submission to be featured on a special Mattrix Mixtape event compilation (And you get paid for every sale and stream on this compilation)*A private coach that will do follow up with you and help you with your compilation success.If you're ready for breakthrough then this summit is for you!

at TBA
1234 to Be Announced
Charlotte, United StatesTBA

9th International Summit on Clinical Microbiology (CSE) AS

9th International Summit on Clinical Microbiology (CSE) AS
Event on 2018-10-08 08:00:00
9th International Summit on Clinical Microbiology   About Conference After the success of Clinical Microbiology 2012, Clinical Microbiology 2013 and with the tremendous response of Clinical Microbiology 2014 and Clinical Microbiology 2015 and Clinical Microbiology 2016 and Clinical Microbiology 2017 in October ,Conference Series LLC LTD  is glad to announce 9th International conference on Clinical Microbiology during October 08-09, 2018 at Zurich, Switzerland. Conference Series LLC LTD Organises 300 International Conferences Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 500+ Open access journals which contains over 50000 eminent personalities, 50,000 reputed scientists as editorial board members and 5 million readers. This meeting will focus in particular on the most current research related to the laboratory diagnosis of human and animal infections and the role of the laboratory in both the management of infectious diseases and the elucidation of the epidemiology of infections, the latest developments in clinical microbiology and immunology, providing the current state of knowledge in the field, as well as balanced, thought-provoking perspectives on controversial issues. Why to attend? Best platform to develop new partnership & collaborations. Best location to speed up your route into every territory in the World. 89% our conference attendees are the Key contact in their labs purchasing decisions. Our exhibitor booths were visited 4-5 times by 80% of the attendees during the conference. Past exhibitor’s feedback reveals ample of enquiries perceived from the conference attendees. Network development with both Academia and Business. Target Audience: We invite experts in the field of clinical microbiology including bacteriologist, virologist, molecular microbiologist, infection and quality control clinicians, exercise physicians, yoga practitioners, veterinary microbiologist and delegates from industries focusing on microbiology, molecular genomics and industrialist involved in biomedical research as well. Tracks/sessions Microbiology-2018 ardently encourages patrons, benefactors, pioneers, and exhibitors from across the world to convene you all to attend and register for the “9th Clinical Microbiology Conference (Clinical Microbiology 2018) which is going to be venerated from October 08-09, 2018 at Zurich, Switzerland. The organizing committee is endowing for a rather stimulating and illuminative conference programs subsuming Plenary Lectures, Symposia, Workshops on a myriad of topics, Poster Presentations and an assortment of programs for participants from over the globe. We invite you to accompany us at the 9th Clinical Microbiology-2018, where you are assured to have a substantially worthwhile experience with ecumenical scholars. All the representatives of Clinical Microbiology-2018 organizing committee look forward to meet you at the congregation at Paris, France. Microbial Pathogenesis: Microbial pathogens embody microorganism, viruses, fungi, and parasites and along account for a major proportion of acute and chronic human diseases. Additionally to understanding the mechanisms by that varied pathogens cause human un wellness, analysis in microbic pathological process additionally addresses mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance and also the development of latest antimicrobial agents and vaccines. It covers biology, host-pathogen interaction and medicine associated with infectious agents, as well as microorganism, fungi, viruses and protozoa. microbic pathological process is committed to the study of the genomic, molecular and cellular bases of clinical infectious diseases Nosocomial Infections: Nosocomial Infection comprises infection which is struck from the hospital surroundings, staff, in-patients/out-patients, cleaners and other healthcare centers. These infections can be contracted in any of the health-care departments like- the Hospital environment or the Nursing Home, Rehabilitation Centers or other Clinical settings. Nosocomial Infections are relayed to the pre-disposed in such environments by an innumerable ways. Various Health care personnel can spread different infections via contaminated equipment, Soiled/unclean/non-disinfected bed linens and other clothes, blankets, pillows, or air droplets. These infections can spread either from outside of the hospital, from in-patient, staff that may be infected, or carriers, unknown sources. In most of the pathogenic microorganisms originate from the patient's own skin flora, also called as opportunistic microbes; after any surgical process or those procedures that compromises skin as the primary protective barrier. Albeit, the patient contracts the infection privy from their skin, the infection are considered to be nosocomial since it emanates in the hospital.    Epidemiology:  The analysis of the molecular and cellular viscera constituting the immune system, subsuming their function and interaction, is the pivotal science of immunology. Autoimmune diseases are an expansive spectrum of analogous diseases in which the immune system produces an erroneous retroaction against privy cells, tissues and/or organs, ensuing inflammation and damage. There are furthermore 80 different autoimmune diseases ranging from commonly prevalent to very discreet diseases. Cell-based immunotherapies are validated to be competent for some cancers. Immune effector cells for instance, Macrophages, Lymphocytes, Natural Killer cells (NK Cell), Dendritic cells, Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (CTL) etc., work collectively to shield the body against cancer by directing the encounter on deviant antigens expressed superficially on the tumor owing to mutation. Allergies and sensitivities have augmented exorbitantly in the recent interim — Acute, Chronic and Subclinical Allergies have been intensified so radically that estimates are that over 60 million Americans have various allergies and few more millions suffer from sensitivities.As implied by the U.S Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the Respiratory syncytial infection (RSV) is the primary reason for bronchiolitis &/or pneumonia in the children under one in the United States. Each year 75,000 to 125,000 kids on an average are hospitalized because of RSV diseases.   Infection Control Infection control is the forestalling/prevention of nosocomial infections. It is a part of the framework of the health care. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology are pertinent to the public health practice, interpolated in a particular health-care distribution system. Anti-infective agents, like for instance antibiotics – essentially antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiprotozoal are readily accessible to annihilate infections. Infection control comprises elements relevant to the transmission of infections; either in the hospitals or other healthcare centers including prevention via hand hygiene, cleaning or disinfection or sanitization, vaccines or surveillance and probe of infections in a health-care domain and management. Sterilization kills all microorganisms- live or dominant. Sterilizers are categorized in heat, steam and liquid categories. Disinfection is wiping / killing of the live micro-organisms at room temperatures. Ultraviolet light (UV Light) is also used to sterilize the rooms of infected/ pre-disposed patients after discharge. The essential factor is that disinfection is less effective than sterilization because disinfection does not harm bacterial spores or dominant bacteria. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is few protective gears to be worn for protection against hazards of sterilizations or while using equipment. The primitive hazards in any given healthcare comprises of blood, saliva, other body fluids or aerosols that carry infectious agents like Hepatitis C, HIV, and other blood borne or fluid pathogen. PPE helps preventing contact with a potentially infectious agent by framing a physical barrier between the potential infectious agent and the healthcare professional. The Global Infectious Disease industry is envisaged to reach .8 billion by 2017, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 6% from 2010.    Parasitic Diseases Study of the interaction of the parasite and their hosts is Parasitology. Medical parasitology has it’s congruence with the pathogenic parasites affecting humans, the diseases, clinical pathology and the response of the human’s immune system against these pathogenic Microorganism. It also deals with the different approaches of the infection and diagnosis, treatment, prevention & control. Additionally medical parasitology also comprises of structural based Drug Development, Epidemiological Studies and zoonosis. An interdisciplinary field, inveigled by Biochemistry, Immunology, Microbiology, and other applied life sciences. Parasites inhabit the host of a remarkably high immuno-potent immune system. Vector-borne infections are transferred via bite of an infected arthropod, for instance mosquitoes, ticks, bugs, sandflies and blackflies. Resistant parasitic worms developed resistance against other infectious agents although the mechanisms of resistance in protozoan parasites are not yet acknowledged. About 50% of known positive malarial cases are caused by P. vivax. Prevailing advancements in state-of-the-art diagnostic tools has ascertained new facets for colossal enhancements in parasitic detection. Control and dissolution of human parasitic diseases require innovative outlooks, notably in the fields of diagnostics, modeling, investigation, interpretation, scrutiny and public health response. The Global Animal Healthcare industry was venerated at US ,861.2 million in 2013 and is envisaged to grow at a CAGR of about 7.1% to achieve an anticipated US ,929.1 million by 2019.Related   Viral Infections Viral  infections are quite prevalent, most typically seen are the common cold, hepatitis, influenza, measles, rabies, Dengue,  diarrhea, AIDS , polio, smallpox, cold sores and genital herpes, Study of various ways through which viruses affect individuals are specified as viral pathogenesis. The purview of the disease/ infection caused by the virus is its virulence. When a virus invades into the host, the immune system starts producing specific/ impromptu antibodies that binds to the virus thereby neutralizing its virulence or kills them. Presence of such antibodies in blood serum detects if a host has ever been exposed to any given virus in the past. This is possible only with the help of specific tests such as ELISA. Vaccinations protect against diseases, by augmenting the production of antibodies. Monoclonal antibodies, are profoundly specific to a single virus, are typically used for detection in fluorescence microscopy. Additionally, viruses being used as gene vectors in the gene therapy of genetic diseases are also gaining momentum; similarly in phage therapy, use of the bacteriophages to encounter bacterial infections and diseases was effectual. The recent approach of genetically engineered viruses in nanobiotechnology is seen as the novel approach to combat various diseases at the genetic level. Due to the rampant HCV infection and high insistence for such enhanced and effectual treatments, numerous estimates envisage the global industry for HCV treatment costs billion annually, this decade.    Bacterial diseases Bacterial diseases constitutes infections whose essential causative organism is bacteria. In  bacterial pathogens is the  bacteria infects and causes a disease in the host whose cell it invaded in. However, not all bacteria are pathogenic and they have the ability to cause a disease. Bacteria also resides in host without harming it in a symbiotic relation and also helps in building a response against the invading foreign opportunistic bacteria from harming the host. Bacteria primarily produce two types of toxins called the Exotoxins and the Endotoxins. These toxins are soluble can be transported by both blood and lymph and causes cytotoxicity at remote tissue sites. Bacteria also infect skin, causing skin infections like Impetigo, Erysipelas and Cellulitis among numerous others. Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs) are mainly caused by Escherichia coli;  Typhoid fever by Salmonella typhi. Bacterial infections are generally treated by antibiotics, which are further categorized as Bactericidal – Antibiotics that kill bacteria and Bacteriostatic – Antibiotics which prevent bacterial growth and hindering their metabolism. Profoundly extensive use of such antibiotics contributes to the swift advancement of the antibiotic resistance in the pathogenic bacterial populations.  Antimicrobial Agents Antimicrobial agents kill and/or inhibit the growth of microorganisms and are arranged under antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic depending on their antagonistic character. Antibacterial agents treat bacterial infections and hence are specified as antibacterial, agents that treat viruses are specified as antivirals and agents that are used against fungi and parasites are specified as antifungals and antiparasitics respectively. The toxicity of these agents especially antibacterial agents against humans and analogous animals are quite low. Antimicrobial pesticides benefits the economy by the controlled growth of microbes due to disinfection, reduction of growth thereby protecting various industrial processes, surfaces and water from contamination and spoilage caused by these micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, algae. Antibacterial antibiotics are categorized as broad-spectrum and/or narrow- spectrum depending on the scope of bacterial infection.     Antimicrobials and Chemotherapy Antimicrobial therapy implements the clinical use of antimicrobial agents in treating communicable disease. The positive conclusion of this antimicrobial medical care depends on many factors like website of infection, host defense mechanisms and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic activity of the medication agent. A disinfectant activity depends on the microorganism growth and microorganism division. Findings relied upon varied laboratory studies is employed to eliminate microorganism infection from a bunch. because the activity of medication agent depends on its concentration, in vitro characterization of medication activity usually involves the MIC – minimum restrictive concentration and MBC that is that the minimum disinfectant concentration of medication agent. Antimicrobial agents that treat microorganism infections area unit given as medication therapy, equally for plant life, microorganism and protozoan infections area unit they're given as antifungal, antiviral and medication therapy. infective Variation poses a profound challenge in planning a vaccinum.    Disease Diagnosis and Prevention Identification of a specific infectious agent for a precise infection or a disease is done in clinical presentation like for instance, in gastrointestinal disease and in bacterial skin infections. Diagnosis is done by consultation of patient’s medical history, physical examination and the diagnostic tests. Diagnostic microbiology laboratory plays a crucial role in diagnosis; however the conclusive analysis of the resulting causative agents is concluded only by experts. Isolating of microbiological culture is the primitive approach for isolation of the causative organism in the laboratory which is then closely followed by the biochemical tests and then advanced serological assays and the final step is the polymerase reactions. In drug resistance the microbial cell mechanically ceases the uptake of a drug, while some resist drugs eventually by formation of the Biofilm by annexing itself to the surfaces of medical device like catheters and prostheses. Regular intake of natural probiotics provide positive health benefits by improving gastrointestinal health by increasing the number of bacteria or by inhibiting pathogens.Related   Dynamics and consequences of antimicrobial resistance Antimicrobial resistance is an indispensable causatum which leads to millions of fatalities annaually. Infections now, are slowly getting untreatable, primarily because of the antimicrobial resistance. All microbes slowly are developing resistance against their microbial agents; like for instance fungi developed antifungal resistance, viruses started attenuating antiviral resistance and protozoa have developed antiprotozoal resistance. Bacterial antibiotic resistance confers a paramount threat of infection non-prevention in multitudes. Antibiotics should solitarily be used only/ if it is indispensable and precisely only when prescribed by a licensed health professional. To prevent or lower the factor of antimicrobial resistance, awareness for using Narrow-spectrum antibiotics should be taught. Antibiotic resistance is quite problematic and various policymakers and pharma industries help in tackllng resistance by supporting various innovative and novel approaches.    Microbial Biochemistry Microbial biochemistry comprises of biochemical reactions in microbial growth, various modes and mechanisms/ processes of pathogenesis required in causing infection/ diseases in the host. It involves the study of microbial growth, microbial cell structure, microbial metabolism, primary and advanced functions and the interactions of biological macromolecules, like carbohydrates, proteins, Fatty Acids and Lipids and nucleic acids; which cater the skeletal aspect and basis of functions affiliated with life. Biochemical study of microbes is crucial in the processes of their action. Post genomic analyses, maintenance of mechanisms, & functional replication, integrating plasmid functions, conjugation systems and regulatory network are the key factors that play a vital role in metabolism of microbes. When monomers are co-linked to synthesize a polymer, dehydration occurs often resulting in assembly of different macromolecules in a much larger complexes.    Infectious diseases Infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microbes which spread either directly or indirectly from one person to another. These can be classified as either bacterial, viral, zoonotic, parasitic or fungal infection depending on causative agents. Most of infections are not lethal and organism is annihilated after the symptoms wane. The process requires immune mechanisms to kill the source of the pathogen. Specific acquired immunity antagonistic to the infectious diseases are mediated by either antibodies or by T lymphocytes. The immune response causes high fever, inflammation, and also has the probability to be devastating to a microbe. Phylodynamic models help in locating the epidemic and pandemic origins. The agile rate of evolution and growth in viruses allows molecular clocks to envisage the genetic sequences, thereby providing the precise rate of evolution of the virus.     Health Science Health science comprises applied sciences biomedicine, healthcare. Diagnostics methods like primordial physical examination, past medical history and current medical imaging cover the rudiments of first diagnosis of the illness which follow expedited laboratory diagnosis of patient for any serological infectious agents. Health care is provided through a myriad of fields like dentistry, pharmacy, and medicine; also involving treatment and prevention of illnesses. As the resistance of drugs is proving to be herculean challenge, alternative medicine is a boon  in a holistic approach.     Host Pathogen Interactions Host microorganism interaction takes place between a microorganism and a number. associate degree symptomless infection is that the one during which microorganism resides in host while not inflicting any harm; Microbes are often each hosts and pathogens and also the studies of microorganism pathologic process results in the identification of molecular variations between a morbific and a non-pathogenic bug. Microbial Virulence depends on host factors, like pathogenicity of associate degree avirulent bug in disorder host and conjointly the missing of the pathogenicity of virulent pathogens in immune hosts. The live of virulence is that the ability of a bug to cause illness in any animal, centralized to the Koch’s postulates.    Medical Microbiology The study of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various infectious diseases is termed as Medical microbiology. Medical microbiology is the application of all non-pathogenic microbes for improving health and in prevention of epidemics, outbreak of various diseases. Microorganisms commonly causing infections are bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses and also a viral infectious protein called as a prion. Detailed identification techniques used in laboratories are typically microbial culture followed by microscopy, Electron microscopy and biochemical tests and then genotyping. Medical microbiologists recommend treatment based on the report of a strain of microbe and the prevalent antibiotic resistances, precise site and source of infection, the probable toxicity of drugs and drug allergies. Drug resistance comprises chemically inactivating of a drug or a cell ceasing the uptake of a drug.  Please contact the event manager Marilyn (marilyn.b.turner@nyeventslist.com ) below for:- Multiple participant discounts- Price quotations or visa invitation letters- Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc)- Event sponsorshipsNO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONSService fees included in this listing.—————————————————————–This event is brought to you by:Conference Series – NewYorkEventsListhttp://www.NyEventsList.comhttp://www.BostonEventsList.comhttp://www.SFBayEventsList.com—————————————————————–MYL180428CEV

at Zürich
8 Wiesenstrasse
Zürich, SwitzerlandZürich

Cal/OSHA Summit 2017: Leading-Edge Strategies for Exceptional Safety Management and Compliance in California (BLR)

Cal/OSHA Summit 2017: Leading-Edge Strategies for Exceptional Safety Management and Compliance in California (BLR)
Event on 2017-10-10 07:00:00

Cal/OSHA Summit 2017: Leading-Edge Strategies for Exceptional Safety Management and Compliance in California
October 10-11, 2017 | Westin South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa

CONFERENCE SNAPSHOT: Cal/OSHA Summit 2017 is a leading state-specific event for California employers and safety professionals to get cutting-edge developments on new regulations, compliance strategies, and management tactics.

Employers take notice: 2017 is shaping up to be a year of major concerns for California-based safety professionals. For example, Cal/OSHA’s regulatory focus includes:
The development of the hospital workplace violence standard, which will likely lead to standards coming to additional workplaces in time
Ongoing emphasis on heat illness and prevention
Increased spotlight on communicable illnesses
The development of standards that closely follow fed/OSHA’s recent revision to the recordkeeping rules and increased penalties
And more

The Cal/OSHA Summit 2017 will help employers navigate these new changes and prepare for what's coming down the pipeline. Attendees will:
Access proven strategies to avoid the most common mistakes of Cal/OSHA’s most violated standard on injury and illness prevention
Ace Cal/OSHA inspections by learning tips for a successful walk-through
Uncover proven tactics to protect California workers from heat stress and illness, according to Cal/OSHA's strict requirements
Discover safety incentives that other California companies have successfully implemented to drive low-risk behavior
Hear motivating and informative talks on post-accident drug testing and injury reporting, HazCom labeling practices, and workplace violence prevention
Get hands-on with a workshop to help you optimize your return-to-work process
Identify high-impact strategies to get buy-in on your safety culture program, from management and staff alike

Who should attend? Safety and EHS managers, directors, consultants, and employers with California or multi-state safety compliance obligations.

2017 Speakers

Thomas E. (TED) Boyce, Ph.D.Thomas E. (TED) Boyce, Ph.D.
Founder & President
Center for Behavioral Safety, LLC
Thomas E. (TED) Boyce, Ph.D. is the only applied psychologist, formally-trained professional musician and recording artist, author, keynote speaker, university professor, Fortune 100 business consultant in the world. Dr. Boyce pioneered the application of behavioral science in the mining industry and has been providing cost-effective safety and culture change training to the U.S. mining, manufacturing, and construction industries for over 22 years. He was recently placed on a list of the Top 10 Culture Change Experts you should pay attention to. Also, included on that list is enduring educator, author, and speaker, the late Stephen Covey.

Dr. Boyce is a full member of the American Psychological Association, Association of Psychological Science, and the Association for Behavior Analysis International. He is also active with local and regional Chapters of ASSE. In 2016 TED released his 3rd cd of original rock music entitled simply TED & the StartUp and a live CD featuring just bass guitar, drums, and vocals was just released in March. Of the power duo, it has been asked, “how did they do that?” Dr. Boyce and his band play in the CA rock club circuit and are available for corporate events. Learn more at www.thomaseboyce.com and tedandthestartup.com

Karen Capasso, Esq.Karen Capasso, Esq.
Smith Law Offices, LLP
Karen Capasso is a partner with Smith Law Offices, LLP – a trial and litigation law firm that specializes in labor and employment, regulatory, healthcare and business litigation – in Riverside, California. Her current practice is focused on public entity law and labor and employment litigation. She has represented some of the largest employers in the Southern California region and, prior to joining Smith Law Offices, LLP, she handled employment law and construction defect litigation cases for major businesses.

Eric ConnEric J. Conn, Esq.
Conn Maciel Carey LLP
Eric J. Conn is a founding partner of Conn Maciel Carey and Chair of the firm’s national OSHA Workplace Safety Practice Group. His practice focuses exclusively on issues involving occupational safety and health law.

Mr. Conn develops safety and health regulatory strategies for his clients across all industries with a particular emphasis in, advising and representing clients in relation to inspections, investigations and enforcement actions involving the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and State OSH Programs, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB), the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and state and local regulators.

In addition to his vast experience with federal OSHA matters, Mr. Conn also regularly represents California companies in Cal/OSHA matters, such as incident and programmed inspections and enforcement actions involving lockout/tagout, machine guarding, heat illness, electrical and conveyor safety, as well as IIPP rules.

Mr. Conn counsels clients through catastrophic industrial, construction, and manufacturing workplace accidents, including explosions and chemical releases. He also helps clients develop auditing and safety programs while providing workplace safety training and compliance counseling for employers.

Prior to founding Conn Maciel Carey, Mr. Conn was Head of an OSHA practice group that was honored as the “Occupational Health & Safety Law Firm of the Year” by Corporate INTL Magazine in its 2014 Global Awards. In 2013 and 2014, he was named a "Rising Star" by Washington, DC SuperLawyers, and was selected as a SuperLawyer for inclusion in the Washington Post's Top Rated Lawyers list in Washington, DC in 2015 – 2017.

Mr. Conn is a prolific writer on all topics OSHA related. He edits the award-winning OSHA Defense Report blog, and authored the chapter "OSHA Inspections" in the Occupational Safety and Health Law Handbook, 2nd ed. (Government Institutes, 2008), and the chapter "Defending Clients Against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Increasingly Severe Enforcement Practices" in Complying with the Occupational Safety and Health Act: Leading Lawyers on Navigating OSHA Investigations and Developing Successful Compliance Strategies (Aspatore, Inside the Minds, 2012).

Mr. Conn is also a popular speaker on OSHA and related legal issues, and is often quoted as a leader in the field. He curates the OSHA Defense Report Group on LinkedIn and can be found on twitter as @OSHA_Guy.

Joshua HendersonJoshua Henderson, Esq.
Partner & National Vice Chair, Labor & Employee Relations Group
Seyfarth Shaw
Joshua Henderson is a Partner in the Labor & Employment Department of Seyfarth Shaw LLP, and the national Vice Chair of the Firm’s Labor & Employee Relations Group. He represents management in various industries in a broad range of labor and employment litigation and counseling.

Mr. Henderson has a broad-based workplace safety and health practice, including advice, counsel, and training on various OSHA regulations, and has defended employers in litigation before the Cal/OSHA Appeals Board, the OSHRC (OSHA), the Washington Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals (WISHA), and others. Mr. Henderson also is a trusted advisor and representative for management in traditional labor matters. His labor relations practice includes NLRB and federal litigation, collective bargaining, labor arbitrations, strikes and other concerted activity, and secondary boycotts. The balance of his practice consists of other complex employment litigation matters, including wage and hour class actions, EEOC systemic litigation, and the defense of retaliation, discrimination, and sexual harassment claims.

A prolific legal writer, Mr. Henderson’s work on cutting-edge labor and employment issues and legal developments has been published extensively. His most recent articles cover Cal/OSHA’s expansion of the definition of “repeat” citations, and the adoption of a workplace violence standard for health care employers in California.

Lisa PrinceLisa Prince
Walter & Prince LLP
As a partner with Walter & Prince LLP, Lisa Prince works with employers, safety directors, risk managers, and human resources administrators on the development of effective, preventive safety programs that answer regulatory mandates. Her litigation practice is now focused on representing employers in defense of OSHA citations, serious and willful misconduct and worker’s compensation discrimination claims.
Ms. Prince is a member of the Labor and Employment Sections of the American, California State and Sonoma County Bar Associations, the American Society of Safety Engineers, and the Safety and Health Council of the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC). The firm’s latest edition of the Workplace Safety chapter of the Continuing Legal Education of the Bar publication “Advising California Employers and Employees” was published in 2015.

Christopher Romero, Esq.Christopher Romero, Esq.
Associate Attorney
Smith Law Offices, LLP
Christopher Romero is an associate attorney with Smith Law Offices, LLP – a trial and litigation law firm that specializes in labor and employment, regulatory, healthcare and business litigation – in Riverside, California. His practice is focused on public entity and civil defense litigation. He has also successfully defended numerous individual and business clients involved in construction defect litigation and personal injury claims.

Joshua Schultz, Esq.Joshua Schultz, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Law Offices of Adele L. Abrams, P.C.
Joshua Schultz is the Managing Attorney at the Law Office of Adele L. Abrams P.C. in Denver, Colorado. The Law Office of Adele L. Abrams is an 8-attorney firm that represents employers in MSHA and OSHA defense, compliance, and training nationwide. Mr. Schultz is accredited by the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals as a Mine Safety Professional and is a safety professional who regularly speaks on safety and health issues in California and elsewhere throughout the United States. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law and the University of Maryland, College Park School of Journalism. Before joining the Law Office of Adele Abrams in September 2008, he clerked with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Office of the Attorney General.

Andrew SomnerAndrew Sommer, Esq.
Conn Maciel Carey LLP
Andrew Sommer is a partner with Conn Maciel Carey’s Workplace Safety and Employment practice groups. He defends employers in a wide range of labor and employment matters, with a particular emphasis on Cal/OSHA enforcement actions and employment litigation. Mr. Sommer represents employers in inspections, investigations and enforcement actions involving Cal/OSHA, and advises on issues related to workplace safety.

Jeffrey TanenbaumJeffrey Tanenbaum, Esq.
Nixon Peabody, LLP
Jeff Tanenbaum is a member of Nixon Peabody’s Labor and Employment practice and chairs the firm’s Occupational Health & Safety (OSHA) practice. He represents employers in a wide range of employment and labor law matters.
Mr. Tanenbaum’s practice has special focus on OSHA compliance and litigation, including but not limited to Cal/OSHA and Fed/OSHA matters. This involves developing state of the art safety procedures, training, safety and health audits, appeals of citations, obtaining variances and representing employers in the rulemaking process. He has litigated well over a thousand OSHA citations.

2017 Agenda
Tuesday, October 10 | Main Conference

Registration & Breakfast
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
Welcome Remarks
8:00 a.m. – 8:05 a.m.

California Compliance 360: The Latest Updates Impacting Safety Management and Training
8:05 a.m. – 9:35 a.m.
Presented by: Jeffrey Tanenbaum, Esq., Nixon Peabody LLP
What impact with the Trump Administration have on federal workplace safety and health-based initiatives and enforcement priorities, and what are the top safety compliance priorities for the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, the Appeals Board, and the Standards Board here in California? You’ll get answers to these questions and more. Cal/OSHA 2017 kicks off with critical updates on new court rulings, policy initiatives, regulatory enforcement, and training requirements under federal OSHA and Cal/OSHA.
Networking and Refreshments Break
9:35 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.
Injury and Illness Prevention Plans in California: How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of Cal/OSHA’s Most Violated Standard
9:50 a.m. – 10:50 a.m.
Presented by: Lisa Prince, Esq., Walter & Prince LLP
California law requires employers to maintain written—and effective—illness and injury prevention plans (IIPP) for general industry. But, while having an IIPP is mandatory, the state’s IIPP general industry standard is the most violated one here in California. Why is that? And, what can you do to ensure that your organization develops and maintains a comprehensive and effective IIPP that complies with the California Department of Industrial Relations’ (DIR) General Industry Safety Order 3203? Also, what additional IIPP requirements may apply under DIR’s Construction Industry Safety Order 1509?
This session will address:
The compliance checklist for ensuring you meet applicable IIPP general industry requirements under state law
Strategies for demonstrating management’s commitment to safety and your IIPP
What your IIPP communication strategy should include
Tips for ensuring that employees comply with safe and healthful work practices that don’t violate Cal/OSHA rules and standards
Strategies for maintaining hazard assessment surveys and follow-up inspections
The written system for covering accident investigation protocols
Abatement procedure requirements to include in your IIPP
When employee and supervisor training on the IIPP should occur
IIPP recordkeeping essentials
Additional IIPP requirements for employers in the construction industry

Acing Cal/OSHA Inspections: Prepare for and Successfully Manage a Visit from Cal/OSHA
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Presented by: Eric Conn, Esq., Conn Maciel Carey LLP
Cal/OSHA inspections are almost always unannounced, and the less prepared you are for an inspector’s knock at the door, the more risk you have of citations and costly penalties. There are a variety of reasons for a Cal/OSHA inspection—an employee’s complaint about an unsafe work practice or an accident report noting a serious injury, illness, or death, for instance. Cal/OSHA inspections may also occur as the result of targeted inspections in certain high hazard industries, which include several types of manufacturers, as well as businesses involved in farming, building and framing, nursing and residential care, retail, and transportation. However, given the broad authority Cal/OSHA has to conduct inspections, the fact is that every workplace could be vulnerable to an inspection and resulting citations.
This session will teach you what to do in advance of and during a Cal/OSHA inspection to minimize the risks of high-cost citations.
You’ll learn:
Employers’ goals for managing a Cal/OSHA inspection
Recent Cal/OSHA and OSHA inspection focus areas that could apply to your organization
Pointers for identifying and preparing for site-specific and unexpected Cal/OSHA inspections
Steps to take before inspections begin
What should go into your OSHA inspection preparation checklist, including how to address:
roles and responsibilities
step-by-step approaches for each phase of the inspection
data and information that should be at hand
Employers’, employees’, and Cal/OSHA’s rights during inspections
Stages of Cal/OSHA inspections, and how to manage the many “moving parts” of the inspection process, including:
the opening conference
the walkaround inspection
document and information requests
supervisor and non-supervisor employee interviews
the closing conference
Your options, considerations, and strategies if citations are received

Lunch (Provided)
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
The Latest Top Cal/OSHA Violations and Trends in Cal/OSHA Enforcement
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Presented by: Andrew Sommer, Esq., Conn Maciel Carey LLP
California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health is perhaps the most aggressive and enforcement heavy approved state OSH program in the nation. In the past year, DOSH has found 93 percent of the businesses that were inspected out of compliance and issued citations amounting to over 2,700 violations. Some of the most commonly cited violations involve California’s unique regulatory requirements such as the Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Heat Illness Prevention Plan and Reporting standards. In the coming year, employers can expect an uptick in Cal/OSHA violations characterized as “Repeat,” and given the state’s recent amendments to its repeat violation standards, they’ll need to conform to federal OSHA's policy. In addition, employers are likely to face increased civil penalty amounts across the board. Due to pressure from federal OSHA to mimic its new penalty structure directed by Congress last year, penalties could increase up to 6,750.
This session will address:
The top Cal/OSHA violations and enforcement trends—and how they compare and contrast with federal OSHA
A close look at Cal/OSHA’s new Repeat violation rule
Potential changes to Cal/OSHA’s maximum penalty authority on the horizon
California’s unique standards concerning notices of intent to issue Serious violations (1BY)
Tips for navigating the Cal/OSHA appeals process

Heat Stress and Illness: Tips to Protect California Workers and Comply With Cal/OSHA’s Strict Requirements
2:10 p.m. – 3:10 p.m.
Presented by: Joshua Henderson, Esq., Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Working in the heat can have severe, and potentially deadly, effects on employees. Cal/OSHA’s byzantine outdoor heat illness prevention regulation, found in Title 8, section 3395 of the California Code of Regulations, continues to pose compliance questions for even the most conscientious employers, and remains the focus of Cal/OSHA and its inspectors. To protect their employees and to minimize liability, California employers must understand and abide by their obligations to prevent and minimize the effects of heat-related illness for employees working both outdoors and inside.
This lively session, will cover:
Environmental risk factors that contribute to heat illness
Cal/OSHA’s outdoor heat illness prevention regulations, including the requirements to:
Provide shade and water
Monitor employees for early signs of heat illness
Establish an emergency response
Train employees and managers to spot the signs of heat illness
Cal/OSHA’s efforts to regulate indoor heat stress
Personal protective equipment (PPE) essentials for combatting heat stress at work
Tips for evaluating your existing heat illness prevention plan to ensure ongoing compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations
Best practices for your heat illness training program
Action plans for removing employees from heat stress dangers while maintaining productivity

Networking and Refreshments Break
3:10 p.m. – 3:25 p.m.
Safety Incentives that Work: California Companies that Have Conquered the Incentive/Discipline Maze to Effectively Motivate Safe Behaviors
3:25 p.m. – 4:10 p.m.
Having a zero-injury record can be a big accomplishment. But, when attaining or maintaining zero-injury status becomes a standard that’s engrained into each and every worker, underreporting of minor injuries or near misses is more likely to occur. Cal/OSHA and federal OSHA are concerned about this issue, and, thus, inspectors are on the lookout for safety incentive programs that are flawed in this respect. This session will examine how companies here in California are “getting it right” with how they motivate their workers while complying with the rules governing incentives and disincentives under state and federal law.
You’ll learn:
Examples of compliant safety incentive programs here in California—and the positive results the safety managers at those companies have been able to achieve with them
The role of disciplinary programs in the overall incentive/disincentive process
The costly citations your company could face if Cal/OSHA concludes that your incentives aren’t legal under state law

Multi-State Worksites: Mastering Safety Compliance Across State Lines
4:10 p.m.– 5:10 p.m.
Presented by: Joshua Schultz, Esq., Law Offices of Adele Abrams, P.C.
Many California-based employers have operations in other states, and in the growing era of the “gig economy” it’s quite possible for employers that never thought they would employ workers across state lines to be in a situation where they’re managing employees who are working outside of California. When employees work out of state, which safety and health rules and regulations govern? Questions like this arise all the time, and it’s important to know the compliance essentials for mastering your safety and health-related obligations.
During this session, you’ll learn:
How to tell which workplace safety and health laws govern when you employ out-of-state workers
Examples of how other states’ regulations may differ from Cal/OSHA and federal OSHA—so you know the types of thorny issues you could encounter if you’re not prepared
How the Trump Administration’s policies are impacting safety on a national level and what that means for managing safety here in California and at worksites across state lines
Whether and how some states’ legalization of medical and recreational marijuana factors into drug testing for safety-sensitive positions outside of California

Day 1 Adjourns
5:10 p.m.
Wednesday, October 11 | Main Conference

7:15 am – 8:00 a.m.
Breakfast and Learn: Your Guide to Safety.BLR.com®
7:30 – 7:45 a.m.
Let’s Talk Safety: Your Evolving Responsibilities and Best Practices
8:00 a.m. – 9:10 a.m.
Day 2 of Cal/OSHA 2017 kicks off with a series of power talks designed to brief you on important developments and inspire you with pointers on how to achieve compliance with ease.
Talk #1—Post-Accident Drug Testing, Injury Reporting and Anti-Retaliation Prevention
What’s the latest on OSHA’s rule on post-accident drug testing, and how does the current state of affairs impact workplace safety policies here in California? What can you do to ensure that injury reporting doesn’t breed claims for retaliation under state whistleblowing laws? This talk will power through how California workplaces are affected by OSHA’s post-accident drug testing rule and do’s and don’ts for ensuring that injury reporting doesn’t spark retaliation claims.

Talk #2—HazCom Labeling Practices in California: How Prop 65 Requirements Differ from Federal OSHA Standards
Given the sheer volume of hazardous chemicals at work, safety managers must ensure that their worksites are up to speed on hazard communication labeling requirements under Proposition 65. But, how do Prop 65 requirements differ from the Globally Harmonized System’s (GHS) hazard communication standard? This talk will clear up confusion on key differences between Prop 65 and the GHS’s hazard communication labeling update requirement for end users.

Talk #3—Workplace Violence Prevention: 5 Tips for Implementing Policies that Work
Workplace violence is a serious threat to every workplace, both here in California and across the country. It is virtually impossible to remove every threat, but there are measured, proactive, and most importantly, effective steps your workplace can take to reduce the risk of workplace violence. This talk will reveal 5 strategies you can immediately implement to make your worksite a safer place to be.

Networking & Refreshments Break
9:10 – 9:30 a.m.

Intensive Workshop
Returning Employees Back to Work Swiftly and Safely: Strategies for Managing Fitness for Duty Assessments and Light-Duty Accommodations under ADA/FEHA
9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Presented by: Karen Capasso, Esq. and Christopher Romero, Esq., Smith Law Offices, LLP
When an employee is injured or suffers an illness as the result of an occupational-related hazard, accident, or some other cause, it’s important for the safety and HR teams to evaluate whether, when, and in what capacity the worker can return to work, whether to full duty or with light-duty restrictions or other accommodations. On the one hand, by returning the worker to duty sooner, you may reduce exposure to workers’ compensation liability in the event that the employee’s condition is due to an industrial injury or occupational exposure to a harmful agent. But, on the other, if an employee returns to work too soon, he or she may be at risk for re-injury. Plus, it’s important to balance your organization’s practical considerations with your legal obligations and rights under California and federal law.
This intensive session is designed to walk you through the return-to-work process here in California, so you’re prepared to deal with potential challenges associated with administering fitness for duty examinations and providing light-duty accommodations.
You’ll learn:
When a fitness for duty examination should be requested
The types of medical records available to employers and what’s off limits
How to tell if a worker is or is not a candidate for returning to work
Your obligations to grant reasonable accommodation under the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act
Legal strategies for managing injured or sick employees’ return-to-work
And more!

The Rules of Safety Engagement: How to Get the Buy-In You Need to Boost Your Safety Culture to a World-Class Level
11:10 a.m. – 12:10 p.m.
Presented by: Thomas E. (Ted) Boyce, Ph.D., Center for Behavioral Safety, LLC
Building and maintaining an exemplary safety culture is no small feat. In fact, organizations face several challenges on the road to success. Cal/OSHA 2017 closes with some cultural “food for thought”—a case study on the types of challenges one California company faced in taking its safety culture from “good” to “great” and, most importantly, how it overcame its challenges to ultimately achieve success.
Conference Closes
12:10 p.m.

Please contact the event manager Marilyn below for the following:
– Discounts for registering 5 or more participants.
– If you company requires a price quotation.
Event Manager Contact: marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.com
You can also contact us if you require a visa invitation letter, after ticket purchase.
We can also provide a certificate of completion for this event if required.

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at The Westin South Coast Plaza
686 Anton Blvd
Costa Mesa, United StatesThe Westin South Coast Plaza

11th World Drug Delivery Summit

11th World Drug Delivery Summit
Event on 2017-10-16 09:00:00
Global Drug Delivery Conference Series
Conference Series has been involved in conducting international drug delivery meetings for ten years, and very enlivened to expand Europe, America and Asia Pacific continents. Previous meetings were held in major cities like Madrid, New Orleans and Dubai, with success the meetings were again scheduled in three continents. International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery to be held during May 29-31, 2017 Osaka, Japan. 10th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems to be held during March 13-15, 2017 London, UK. 11th World Drug Delivery Summit to be held during October 16-18, 2017 New York, USA.
In 2012 GlaxoSmithKline generated 8.1 billion U.S. dollars of prescription drug revenue in Europe. Global prescription drug sales are expected to reach about one trillion U.S. dollars by 2020. There is an increasing growth in sales of biological products in Europe. The global advanced drug delivery market should grow from roughly 8.8 billion in 2015 to nearly 7.3 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%. Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2013, estimates for 2015, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) to 2020 in America. Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a faster CAGR owing to presence of high unmet healthcare needs, research collaborations and increase in drug delivery research funding in emerging economies such as China, India and other economies in the region.
"Examples of the diverse dug delivery topics that will be covered in this comprehensive conference include “Next generation advancements in Drug Delivery Systems.” The meeting will focus on recent advances in drug delivery research in vitro, in vivo and clinical research area all of diseases especially neurodegeneration, cancer, cardio- and cerebrovascular disorders" says Dr. Gjumrakch Aliev, President and CEO of GALLY International Biomedical Research Consulting LLC.
Everyone interested in the future of emerging pharmaceutical techniques majorly in Drug Delivery is encouraged to attend. Connect with our social network pages to get regular industry updates.
About us: ConferenceSeries.com hosts 3000+ Global Events that includes over 1000+ International Conferences, 1000+ Symposiums and 1000+Workshops and preconference workshops on diverse Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Engineering, Science, Technology, Business and Management fields. Over 25 Million visitors flock to our websites to observe the attest developments in these fields.

Program Coordinator
Drug Delivery 2017
conferenceseries.com http://drugdelivery.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/2016
E-mail: drugdelivery@pharmaceuticalconferences.org, +1- 1-702-508-5200 EXT: 8046

at Hilton New York JFK Airport‎ Hotel
144-02 135TH AVENUE
Jamaica, United StatesHilton New York JFK Airport‎ Hotel https://topodin.com/seo/post/klyuchevye-momenty-seo-optimizatsii-bloga

Ramsey Google Summit

Ramsey Google Summit
Event on 2016-07-13 07:45:00
Hosted by Ramsey School District       Two-Day Google Summit Ramsey High School 256 E. Main Street – Ramsey, NJ  07446   Wednesday & Thursday, July 13-14, 2016  Check in:  7:45am Day 1 Hours:  8:30am – 3:30pm Day 2 Hours:  8:30am – 12:15pm Join your colleagues for hands-on interactive and engaging Google For Education sessions presented by Google Certified Teachers and Trainers, School Administrators, Migration Specialists and Classroom Teachers. Eduscape is one of only seven Google Certified Training Organizations in the country. The focus of the Google Summit is to educate, enable and show educators the benefits of using Google for Education to help your district meet the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and help students become 21st century learners.   We will offer tracks for Teachers, School Administrators, Librarians and School IT Managers. Each participant will leave the summit with useful ideas and tools that they can implement within their school and/or district.   Includes continental breakfast and buffet lunch Early Bird Rate – 9 by June 1, 2016 Regular Ticket – 9 after June 1, 2016      You can also take advantage of additional training on the Google Admin Console, Crash Course Featuring Google for Education or Two-Day Google Boot Camp    Google Admin Console Training Ramsey High School 256 E. Main Street – Ramsey, NJ  07446   Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Check in: 8:00 am Console Training: 8:30am – 3:30pm (includes light breakfast & lunch)   5    Become familiar with the many features within the Google Admin Console. Work along our expert instructors as they guide you through the features that will empower you to control your domain and devices. This training will focus on features available to super administrators and administrators of GAFE domains.    Crash Course Featuring Google for Education Ramsey High School 256 E. Main Street – Ramsey, NJ  07446    Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Check in: 8:00 am Crash Course: 8:30am – 3:30pm (includes light breakfast & lunch)   9   New to Google? We've got you covered. Spend the day learning Google Drive, Sites, Gmail, and Calendar. This one-day crash course is intended for Google for Education users who want to learn at a quick pace. Get a jump start on learning Google Apps to take advantage of some of the more advanced offerings at the Google Summit. Bring a laptop or Chromebook, log into your Google account, and see where Google can take you.    Two Day Google Boot Camp Ramsey High School 256 E. Main Street – Ramsey, NJ  07446    Monday & Tuesday, July 11-12, 2016 Check in: 8:00 am Boot Camp: 8:30am – 3:30pm both days (includes light breakfast & lunch)   5   Google Boot Camp is a two-day advanced course meant to prepare participants to take the Google Trainer Essentials Exams. Completing these exams is the first step in the process towards becoming a Google Certified Trainer.  Participate in a series of hands-on activities that will review advanced content while working within the different apps.  Create artifacts and collect them in your own Google Site which can be used as a reference tool to revisit what you learned.  Discover test-taking tips and tricks to help you pass the tests and earn your Trainer Essentials Certificate.  Prior to attending Google Boot Camp, it is expected that participants have a working knowledge of the Google Docs Suite (Drive, Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets), Google Sites, Google Calendar and Gmail.  To review the basics of these apps, please visit the training center at:   http://trainerlearningcenter.withgoogle.com/get-trained/    Google Apps for Administrative Offices Ramsey High School 256 E. Main Street – Ramsey, NJ  07446    Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Check in: 8:00 am Boot Camp: 8:30am – 11:30am (includes light breakfast)   5 / pair   Administrators, bring an office staff or personnel member to this 3-hours workshop and see how to harness the power of Google to streamline tasks, increase communication, and maximize productivity.  Learn how to effectively manage time and resources with Google Calendar. See how to simplify email correspondence through the creation of labels and filters. Explore ways to use Sheets and Forms to collect and organize data, and communicate with stakeholders. Leave this hands-on workshop ready to manage your office with a click of a button.    Reminder BYOD (bring your own device) To pay via purchase order you must email a request to darlene@myeduscape.com  Registration Is not confirmed until a valid purchase order is received.   Cancellation Policy: All registrations are final and non-refundable. Registration is, however, transferable. If you cannot make it to the event, please find a colleague to attend in your place.      Click here to visit our Summit Website Follow us on  

at Ramsey High School
266 East Main Street
Ramsey, United StatesRamsey High Schoolкабель ноутбук

Smart Energy Summit: Inspiring Energy Efficiency For The New Economy

Smart Energy Summit: Inspiring Energy Efficiency For The New Economy
Event on 2015-11-05 08:00:00
Date:               Thursday, November 5, 2015 Time:               8:00 am – 1:00 pm                         Morning refreshments and Networking Lunch Included Place:              Royal Botanical Gardens Auditorium                         680 Plains Rd West                         Burlington Hosted by:      Sustainable Hamilton Burlington in partnership with                          Golden Horseshoe Manufacturing Network     Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and to reduce costs? Would you like to learn more about the the upcoming Province of Ontario greenhouse gas cap & trade legislation and how it will affect your business, public sector institution or other organization? Join us on November 5th to hear from leading energy management experts about how your organization can get ready to thrive in the new low-carbon economy.    Details SMART ENERGY MANAGEMENT: WHAT EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS TO KNOW David Arkell, President, 360 Energy As President and CEO of Hamilton-based 360 Energy, David Arkell has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry.  His presentation will be geared to all key decision makers in an organization.  It will focus on critical actions that are required to be successful in managing energy and how this will provide ongoing benefits to your organization.       NEW ONTARIO CAP-AND-TRADE SYSTEM: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE QUÉBEC EXPERIENCE Mustapha Ouyed, B.A.Sc., Eng., Environmental Engineer, Climate Change and Sustainability Advisor,        Golder Associates   Sean Capstick, B.A.Sc.,P.Eng. Principal, Atmospheric Services, Golder Associates  Ontario has announced that it will impose a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system based on the Western Climate Initiative Framework and will link with the existing system in Quebec and California. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has stated that the new regulation will be drafted this fall and will have a significant impact on all fuel and energy users in the province regardless of their GHG reporting status. This new system will create significant opportunities for green programs focusing on energy conservation and green infrastructure. Additionally, Ontario has stated that they will jointly develop off-set programs with Quebec.  These pending changes also pose a few key questions: How will the “cap” be set and lowered over time to meet the provincial 2020 and 2030 greenhouse gas targets? How can all businesses benefit from the opportunities to “trade” reduction credits and the creation of offsets? How will the substantial revenues raised from the sale of emission units be used by the government to promote energy efficiency and other GHG reductions? During this workshop Sean and Mustapha will provide insight on the potential impacts of the system and offer suggestions on how clients can engage the Ministry over the next few months prior to the implementation of this regulation. You will also have the unique opportunity to ask questions on how to prepare for the implementation of this new system in Ontario, and discuss the financial implications to your industry or company, whether you currently report on greenhouse gas emissions or not.   BIOS    As President and CEO of 360 Energy, David Arkell has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry.  Through his organization, his company provides innovative, customized energy management solutions based on world-wide best practices that directs organization down the pathway to excellence.  David is able to guide organizations on how to integrate energy management into their daily operations, striving towards continuous improvement and creating measurable savings for each organization he works with.        Mustapha Ouyed, B.A.Sc., Eng. Environmental Engineer, Climate Change and Sustainability Advisor, Golder Associates Mustapha Ouyed is a professional engineer in Québec with more than 20 years of experience working on environmental projects. He has been actively participating for many years in the discussions and development of the carbon management mechanisms and regulations in Québec and Canada in a variety of roles including as the climate change advisor for Gaz Metro, the natural gas utility in Québec; Chair of the Air Management Sub-Committee of the Canadian Gas Association and Vice-President Air and Climate Change of Réseau Environnement, the largest Québec Environment professional association in Québec. He has also played a major role in the development of the regulatory carbon market training workshop financed by the Québec Ministry of Economy. Mustapha provides regular cap-and-trade training sessions, including workshops offered by the Québec government, and has been working with industry on greenhouse gas issues for over 12 years. From 2012 to 2014, Mustapha delivered more than 20 sessions of the advanced version of the workshop in the province of Québec.   Sean Capstick, B.A.Sc.,P.Eng. Principal, Atmospheric Services, Golder Associates Sean Capstick, P.Eng. is a Principal with over 25 years of environmental compliance experience in  Golder’s GTA Operations Atmospheric Services Group that provide a full suite of GHG, Climate Change Adaptation, Permitting and Environmental Assessment services.  Sean provides specialized expertise on strategic and regulatory advice to clients regarding the development of emission inventories recognized as a leading expert in Air Quality services including the emerging GHG regulatory framework. He is Golder’s Global Climate Change Technical Community Leader. Sean has valuable expertise in GHG emissions management issues including, quantification methods, mitigation measures, measurement techniques and practical implementation of emissions reduction strategies. Sean has worked for clients in a variety of industry sectors such as cement, aggregate processing, chemical processing, electricity generation fertilizer manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, steel manufacturing, landfills, natural resources and properties management. He is sought after by industry, municipalities and legal firms for guidance and practical solutions in regulatory and technical matters related to the environmental permitting process and climate change.  Sean is also currently directing projects with a number of industrial associations to assist them through data analysis and negotiations with the government on the proposed cap and trade regulation.   Keystone Sponsor     Corporate Sponsors                                 Educational Sponsors         Granting Organizations                  Supporting Sponsors                      Event Carbon Offsetting Provided By                   

at Royal Botanical Gardens
680 Plains Rd W
Burlington, CanadaRoyal Botanical Gardensалександр лобановский

Coptic Orphans Founder Nermien Riad Urges Support for Christian Schools, Hospitals, and NGOs in Middle East at In Defense of Christians Summit

(PRWEB) September 24, 2014

Coptic Orphans founder and executive director Nermien Riad, talking ahead of the first summit of In Protection of Christians on Sept. 11, urged participants to “continue Christ’s illustration of healing, educating, and aiding the most susceptible.”


The Sept. 9-11 In Defense of Christians summit convened human legal rights professionals, community officers, reps in general public business office, policy makers, diplomats, and reps from across the Center Eastern Christian diaspora. The function also showcased Christian leaders from the location.


“It was an honor to communicate at the 1st summit of In Defense of Christians, on whose advisory board I provide,” said Riad, who offered at the event’s “Modifying Policy Through Consciousness and Advocacy” panel. “Unity amongst Christians is critically needed right now to confront the threats going through our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East.”


“I was particularly honored to converse at the In Defense of Christians summit with His Grace Bishop Angealos, Common Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom. His statment on spiritual liberty was notably potent.” explained Riad, who started Coptic Orphans, an award-successful Christian advancement organization, in 1988.


“As we rejoice Coptic Orphans’ twenty fifth anniversary this yr, we are heartened by the good alterations in Egypt, but saddened by the terrorism and brutality afflicting Christians in other elements of the Center East,” said Riad.


The adhering to is Riad’s assertion to the IDC push meeting on Sept. nine:


“Beheadings, crucifixions, community stonings. It is unbelievable that in 2014, Christians in the Center East face these primitive atrocities. Faced with such horrors, knowing that we have buddies and loved ones who are suffering, we who live overseas are usually asking ourselves, ‘How can we defend Christians?’ As we find responses, we can begin by hunting at Christ’s period and how He lived. Christ, too, lived in a time of upheaval and war, the place armies marched to conquer. The expectation was that Christ, as the Messiah, would reply in variety. Yet instead, Christ selected to mend, to teach, and to assist the most vulnerable. I would recommend that how Christ lived defines the phrase ‘advocacy,’ a existence lived in response to violence, cruelty and intolerance – a lifestyle that we all attempt to emulate.


“Christians in the Center East carry on Christ’s case in point today in their faculties, hospitals, and non-governmental businesses (NGOs). It is that case in point which I’d like to spotlight, below at the first summit of In Defense of Christians. In this time of outstanding violence and persecution, it would be easy to dismiss the positive affect of Christian educational institutions, hospitals, and NGOs. But think about the region with no them. Think about hundreds of hundreds fewer men and women who’ve never ever experienced a Christian deal with them or their young children for an disease, or have never ever been uncovered to education in a Christian location, or received assist from a Christian NGO. Now rely backwards from this calendar year, even this terrible year of persecution, and imagine how many millions of Christians would have experienced even more had such educational institutions, hospitals, and NGOs by no means existed. It is not too excellent of a leap to conceive of a Center East the place many Christian communities vanished since these kinds of schools, hospitals, and NGOs were not there to motivate tolerance.


“Now let’s look to the foreseeable future. How a lot of much more hundreds of thousands of Christians will have increased protection and better relations with their neighbors if we make certain that these establishments remain steadfast in their mission? Even though in some elements of the Center East, violence prohibits these kinds of an strategy, in other parts, this kind of as Egypt, a window of chance exists that we want to consider edge of. One way to do that is by devoting more sources to these endeavours. Coptic Orphans, for example, is rising the methods for our Valuable Lady Task, which produces one-on-one particular mentoring for over four hundred Muslim and Christian girls in seven sites throughout Egypt. By bringing folks collectively so that they recognize the humanity of a previously faceless, nameless neighbor, the project topples partitions of distrust in communities. Many instances we have heard from Muslim girls, ‘Why do they explain to us you are bad? You’re not negative.’ Or, ‘This is the Egypt I dream of, where we are all with each other.’


“In undertaking this function, we aim to adhere to the wishes of His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, who instructed me that Egypt demands much more grassroots village companies like the Worthwhile Lady Task that nurture tolerance and have faith in. ‘We have forgotten how to really like a single one more,’ he said. I hear His Holiness’ terms, in element, as a phone for Christians to proceed working via our schools, hospitals, and NGOs. I’d like to depart you with this variety of phone to action these days. I post to you that our shared mission is to hold our Christian colleges, hospitals, and NGOs running robust, as a vital, irreplaceable, and optimistic pressure for great. Increasing this sort of initiatives would be wise in today’s hostile landscape, and most importantly, real to how Christ lived in an period not unlike our very own, 1 of violence and upheaval in the Middle East.


“Permit us continue Christ’s case in point of therapeutic, educating, and helping the most susceptible. It will be very good for our Christian communities, very good for our neighbors, and good for the homelands we enjoy.”


The Copts, Egypt’s indigenous Christian group, have a religion stretching back again to the 1st century Ad. They are now a minority creating up 10% of Egypt’s populace. An approximated one.five-2.5 million Copts now dwell in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other international locations.


Coptic Orphans is an award-winning global Christian growth organization that unlocks the God-presented possible of susceptible youngsters in Egypt, and so equips them to crack the cycle of poverty and turn out to be change-makers in their communities. Coptic Orphans operates by way of grassroots associates and volunteer networks to reinforce regional communities for sustainable influence. Considering that 1988, Coptic Orphans has touched the life of over 30,000 kids during Egypt. Headquartered in Washington, DC, Coptic Orphans has expanded to workplaces in Egypt, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. To understand a lot more, check out http://www.copticorphans.org.


“Permit us carry on Christ’s case in point of healing, educating, and helping the most susceptible,” Coptic Orphans founder and govt director Nermien Riad advised the Sept. 9-11, 2014 summit of In Protection of Christians. Coptic Orphans Founder Nermien Riad Urges Help for Christian Educational institutions, Hospitals, and NGOs in Center East at In Defense of Christians Summitноутбуки asus