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DAY GAME Special: BERLIN: 3 day Total ‘Impact’ Training

DAY GAME Special: BERLIN: 3 day Total ‘Impact’ Training
Event on 2019-04-19 12:00:00
P I C K U P  –  |  –  D A T I N G  –  |  –  S O C I A L3 SECOND RULE – Masters of 'the Game' 3 Second Rule’s 3-DAY 'DAY GAME' Special BOOTCAMP is The Most Comprehensive, Informative and Practical Approach to Obtaining the Most Current Social Arts Knowledge and Skills in One Course FAST. and NEW – Spread Your Payments up to 6 months! Introduction, The Greatest Program the Pickup & Dating World has ever seen.  This exclusive, Not 2 day Bootcamp, but 3-day TOTAL IMPACT PROGRAM will teach a select few men the step-by-step theory, tactics and strategies the World’s Best Pick Up Artists are using today. The content that will allow you to, at will, APPROACH, ATTRACT AND KEEP Beautiful Women. Featuring #3SR Pro Coaches, the ONLY Professionally trained and Accredited Pickup/Dating Coaches in the Industry, you will be part of a Limited group of Students during the day both learning Theory and Interactive Practise Sessions to prepare you 100% for a Live Life Changing experience. Then part of the Infield ‘Entourage’ in the evening going LIVE into Bars, Lounge Bars and Social Gatherings to practise the skills taught in the day in Finding, Meeting and Attracting Women you desire. With full access to the mind of a professional Pickup and Social Artist, how to think, behave, and handle situations in the day, evening and even business to leverage your surroundings for maximum Social Value Impact (SVI). "Discovery was the FASTEST appointed Master Pickup Artist in the WORLD. He has a way of simplifying the most complex of Pickup Models. And ever since taking over the training of all Pickup Coaches in 2009, the industry standards in Coaching are unparalleled. You might just learn something and change your life at the same time.” – Lovedrop, Co-Author of ‘Mystery Method’, ‘Revelation’ and ‘the Pickup Artist’. The Pro #3SR Training Team will Share the secrets to bringing the Powerful ‘OSCA Attraction Model’ alive to have an immediate effect on your infield Pickup, Dating and Social efforts. Learn and hear too from some of the Junior Pickup Coaches who only a few years ago were in exactly the same position as YOU and how THEY grew their skills so quickly. This is a Proven Impact SYSTEM Guaranteeing Rapid results from any starting point. Which when followed, will shave years off the learning time for the Ultimate Success with Beautiful Women and Social Settings. Want to Know How to…. Approach Beautiful Women and What to Say? be Sociable When you are Not Naturally Sociable? Keep a Conversation Alive – and not run out of things to say? Demonstrate your Value (share cool things about you) without Bragging? Tell your Story and truly Captivate any Audience? Have cool Responses to everyday Questions? Get Her to Chase You? Create a Super Fast Emotional Connection? Create Sexual Tension needed before Sex? YES? …… Then THIS IS FOR YOU! LEARN How To: Find, Meet and  ATTRACT  The Girl You Want!  A blend of Pickup Artistry & Conversational Wizardry as pioneered by Mystery& Social Leveraging, as pioneered by Discovery.  Specialist Training Camps are capped Infield,to ensure you get very close attention and have an opportunity. to both work on your personal sticking points and…… Receive a FREE Personal 1on1 Action Planning session. with Goals created for you to follow for the 3 months after the Bootcamp.   – All Infield students benefit from a 1on1 Skype Coaching call within 1-month post program. ***EARLYBIRD & SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE*** SEE 'TICKETS' for Offersand for the first time ever – SPREAD YOUR PAYMENTS!….over 3 or 6 months – ASK! 3 days 'interactive' Workshop Training: (Fri, Sat & Sun) + 2 nights LIVE Infield Training & Coaching* (Fri & Sat) (VIP only) + FREE 90 Day PERSONAL Game Plan (VIP only) (0)+ FREE Skype Coach Follow up Call (VIP only) (0)**SEE BELOW FOR any SPECIAL OFFERS / Earlybirds   @@@Dont forget: STUDENTS get 50% off the full price (email with Student Proof for a 'discount code')  *****ASK ABOUT SPREADING YOUR PAYMENTS***** Example from the 3 days: Day 1 – Understanding and Building Attraction Overview of your Game Experience to date (Program led by the needs of the group) Sticking Points (discussed prior to arrival) (ALL sticking points addressed throughout the weekend both as a group and 1on1) Overview of Attraction Theory  'No Fail Opening' – a Discovery creation NEW: OSCA – the SuperFast Attraction model Practical Delivery – How to make what YOU say – Sound Great! Learn what Your Bad Habits are that prevent you getting anywhere with Hot Women Routines and Gambits Prep for the evening +LIVE INFIELD GAMING AND COACHING* Day 2 – Challenging, Connecting & Closing Infield review – Personal Action Planning A Practical Guide to Understanding Mystery's M3 Attraction Model Qualifying & Challenging Intro to Kino – with simple Kino Gambits to use immediately Creating an Attractive Identity Practical Role Play and Practice Closing – Numbers, Same Night Lays and Dates +LIVE INFIELD GAMING AND COACHING* Day 3 – Personal Action Planning – Plan your Work and Work the Plan. The final day focusses on preparing You to not only keep getting great results with women, but know exactly HOW to continue to grow your new found skills to Approach & Attract long after the Bootcamp is over.Full Infield Students receive a 1on1 session on Day 3 with a Pro Coach or Master Trainer to review their progress, personal Goals and receive a full 'Personalised 90 Day Game Plan' Contact iZak or Discovery:3SR Program Manager, now for more info,a relaxed chat and we are sure to find a Program / Training Package to fit your budget and time  FAQs Q. Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?A. Min 18yrs for 'Seminar Only' and 21yrs for 'Live Infield' training Q. What can/can't I bring to the event?A:DO Bring smart/casual clothes to go out in each Evening.DO Bring a Notepad and PenDON'T bring recording Equipment (Audio or Visual) (cell/mobile phones will be checked periodically – if you are suspected of recording without permission, you will be asked to immediately leave the program). Q. Can I pay in Bitcoin?A. Yes, we always have deals for fans of Crypto Currency Q. My Budget is tight – can you help?A. Yes, you can spread your payments over 3-6 monthsJust email and ask about options, our team will be happy to help. Q. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?A: Program Manager:  info@3secondrule.co.ukMaster Trainer: Discovery@3SecondRule.co.uk

at Hilton Berlin
30 Mohrenstraße
Berlin, GermanyHilton Berlin

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose Workshop with special guests – Enjoy A Day of Self Discovery ‘Empower Yourself & Others to Be Do & Have everything your heart desires’. Hosted by Author & Angel Medium Kelly Sayers. www.kellysayers.com

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose Workshop with special guests – Enjoy A Day of Self Discovery ‘Empower Yourself & Others to Be Do & Have everything your heart desires’. Hosted by Author & Angel Medium Kelly Sayers. www.kellysayers.com
Event on 2016-09-04 10:00:00
DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE WITH KELLY SAYERS AND SPECIAL GUESTS Enjoy a Self Discovery Network WORKSHOP  Discover Your Life's Purpose and Become the Best YOU can BE!   Join us at this inspirational workshop Discovering Your Life’s Purpose, it is our mission to bring together inspirational authors, coaches, leaders,  to inspire educate and support YOU in discovering more of WHO you are, develop your greatness and guide you to reaching your full potential in every area of your life. You can Be Do and Have everything your heart desires. This event will transform your life forever.  This workshop will be facilitated by Kelly Sayers giving you the tools and priniciples how to awaken Your spiritual abundance to Be do and Have everything your heart desires. Kelly will be offering mediumship, healing, many special coaching tools known as the 5Ps Attraction process to help you understand the spiritual laws for manifesting. This step-by-step process will be the secret ingredients for turning challenges into opportunities, breaking free from limiting beliefs and activating the universal law of attraction to guide you to create the life you deserve.                                                                                                                    A DAY OF SELF DISCOVERY   When: SUNDAY 2nd OCTOBER 2016 10.00am-4.00pm Perth ZOO Labouchere Road South Perth Presented by: KELLY SAYERS Inspirational Author, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, CEO & Archangel Medium   RESERVE YOUR SEAT 0410 328 302 OR EMAIL     Kelly Sayers is an Inspirational Author, Spiritual Life Coach and Angel Intuitive. Kelly has awakened her own natural spiritual gifts for divine communication, healing and purposeful manifestation. She has written many coaching programs known as the ‘5Ps Attraction Process’, Meditations with the Angels CD’s Series, The Prosperity Journal and discovered the “Spiritual Life Coaching 5Ps Certification Training Program”, that has inspired coaches to realize their full potential and make powerful changes to both their personal and professional life. She has recently published in USA with Balboa Press/Division of HayHouse her new book “Discovering Your Life’s Purpose with the 5Ps to Prosperity’ which was inspired by more than 20 years of self discovery. Kelly is the CEO of the BetterLife Bookstore and Self Discovery TV (Interviews with Inspiration Authors), a new innovative approach to personal and professional development through online virtual education known as the Self Discovery Network & Magazine. Inspired to coach people worldwide, such as Professional Women in Business, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Inspirational Authors, Coaches, Teachers and People who desire to discover their life’s purpose and make their highest contribution to the world.       Be Inspired to Transform Your Life forever:    * Develop unlimited thinking and intuition with the 5Ps Attraction Process. * Learn how to Discover more of WHO you are & follow your passion * Create a Clear Vision and Purpose that Inspires You * How to Discover Your Divine Life’s Purpose * Transform Your Beliefs   * Enjoy Your Life!  CREATING A SPIRITUAL BUSINESS…. FOR COACHES CONSULTANTS AUTHORS SMALL BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS EITHER YOU ARE BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL DESIRING TO BECOME MORE SPIRITUAL OR A SPRITUAL WOMAN DESIRING TO CREATE A SUCCESS PROFITABLE BUSINESS THIS WORKSHOP WILL BRING YOU THE TOOLS AND SOLUTIONS TO CREATE BALANCE OF BOTH.    INSPIRATIONAL AUTHORS    “Discovering Your Life’s Purpose”         This will be a truly incredible opportunity and experience that will completely transform your life forever!   RESERVE YOUR SEAT        PHONE AND RESERVE YOUR SEAT – 0410 328 302 Or Email kelly@betterlifebookstore.com.au       BetterLife Bookstore “Inspirational products that transform your life”   For further information about Kelly Sayers Spiritual Life Coach – Visit www.betterlifebookstore.com.au  BetterLife Bookstore 2000-2013 © Copyright all rights reserved worldwide • Phone: 1300 797 275 0410 328 302

at Perth Zoo
20 Labouchere Rd
Perth, AustraliaPerth Zooлобановский александр

SoMo Presents: The Fallin’ Up Tour with special guest Jordan Bratton and Kirko Bangz

SoMo Presents: The Fallin’ Up Tour with special guest Jordan Bratton and Kirko Bangz
Event on 2015-09-22 19:00:00

All Ages | Doors 7pm
VIP CREW PASS – Limited to 5 per show. Package includes: 1 VIP Crew Pass, Private Meet and Greet with SoMo, Get a behind the scene look at show prep, Meet the band and crew, Watch sound check, Get a private tour of the green room, Watch the show from a VIP area, 1 exclusive tour poster, 1 VIP laminate, Watch the end of SoMo's soundcheck.
MEET AND GREET PACKAGE – Limited to 100 per show. Package includes 1 general admission ticket to the show, 1 priority early entry pass, 1 Meet and Greet with SoMo (Includes professional photo, and 1 photo using your camera), 1 exclusive tour poster, 1 VIP Laminate, Watch the end of SoMo's sound check.
EARLY ENTRY PACKAGE – Limited to 50 per show. Package includes 1 general admission ticket, 1 early entry pass, 1 exclusive tour poster, 1 VIP laminate, Watch the end of SoMo's soundcheck.


SoMo—aka Joseph Somers-Morales—will never forget being on stage as a kid. At six-years-old, he sang at a popular club on historic 6th Street in Austin, TX.

“I was way too young to be in a bar,” he laughs.

However, his life took a bit of a detour away from music for quite some time. It certainly loomed in the background, but he had other things on his mind.

“My dad was in a jazz rock band called Duck Soup, and he wasn’t always there,” admits SoMo. “Because of the lifestyle, I just wanted to grow up, be normal, and have a family. My mom really raised my brother and me. I didn’t fight music, but I didn’t necessarily embrace it either. I wanted to do my own thing.”

Throughout high school in Denison, TX, that’s precisely what he did. He played football and hung out with friends, distancing himself from the proverbial “stage” as much as possible. However, in 2009, music called to him in the strangest and most serendipitous way. Receiving a piano from his mom for Christmas, he taught himself how to play by ear and recorded a cover of Chris Brown’s “Crawl”.

Uploading the performance to YouTube, it soon went viral. With his brother John’s encouragement, he teamed up with producer and engineer Cody Tarpley and continued to cut covers periodically over the next year. Prior to the release of Drake’s Take Care in 2011, he recorded a medley of the entire album and dropped it on the album’s release day. That medley would go on to garner over 4 million views, and it started to solidify the SoMo phenomenon.

Throughout 2012, the singer and songwriter began to buckle down and work on his first original music. His efforts in the studio yielded the independent debut mixtape, My Life. A powerful, palpable, and passionate collection, it merged R&B spirit with pop soul, showcasing his dynamic voice and songwriting prowess. Released for free on his birthday September 11, My Life opened up SoMo’s world.

“It was important to stand out,” he goes on. “On My Life, we implemented different styles to show I could write over any type of music. At the same time, it’s a cohesive story about my actual life since I started making music. There are party moments. There’s heartbreak. There’s love. It’s real.”

My Life spawned his first hit “Ride”. Without any radio support and no label at the time, the track began selling 10,000 digital tracks weekly, while its music video directed by Dan Gotti accumulated over 3 million views. It offered a fitting introduction to SoMo with its sexy hook and slick, soaring, and seductive sound.

“It just happened one night,” he remembers. “A girl came over, and I was drinking some red wine. I started playing the piano, and I hit my favorite chord. I wrote the hook right away. I was deeply in love with this girl and the song essentially says, ‘I’m going to ride. I’d die for you. My love is forever’. Of course, there is that sexual element though. It’s fun.”

Simultaneously, SoMo released a cover every single Sunday as part of his “SoMo Sunday” campaign. Speaking directly to his fans, he offered up new music each week, and the series has accrued 50 million-plus views on YouTube.

As “Ride” continued to gain steam, SoMo hit the road for a sold out headline tour. Struck by all of his success, Republic Records reached out and offered him a deal in October 2013. Now, he’s prepping his self-titled major label debut for a 2014 release. For the artist, nothing has changed though.

“That’s why I’m calling the record SoMo,” he reveals. “That name has been with me for so long. In seventh grade, a girl wrote me a note and called me JoSoMo. I thought it was cool so I made an AIM screen name JoSoMo. All of my football teammates and coaches started calling me SoMo on the field. This is who I am.”

Ultimately though, it’s his intimate, infectious, and irresistible music that’s going to make everyone remember that name. “When I sing, I really mean it,” he leaves off. “If I’m singing about a woman in the studio, I sing into the mic like it’s her ear. If I’m singing about something sad or happy, I’ll put myself in that mood. My music is driven by emotion from the inside. My motto is, “If it sounds good, people will listen.”

at Intersection
133 Grandville SW
Grand Rapids, United StatesIntersectionакции