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Finanical Literacy Workshop

Finanical Literacy Workshop
Event on 2019-02-21 18:30:00
OUR MISSION IS: 1 MILLION FINANCIALLY EDUCATED FAMILIES BY 2020 WE BELIEVE IN FINANCIAL EDUCATION!!! Your future is not in the hands of your employer, your union, or your government. It is neither in the hands of your bank nor your broker. THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS. BE EDUCATED. BE YOUR OWN MONEY MANAGER. (You will learn. How to) MAKE MONEY. SAVE MONEY. ACCUMULATE MONEY. PROTECT MONEY. KNOWING LESS CAN COST MORE. UNDERSTAND HOW MONEY WORKS. MAKE MONEY WORK FOR YOU. HAVE A FINANCIAL GOAL AND PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. CUT DOWN YOUR EXPENSES. REDUCE YOUR DEBT AND LIABILITY. INCREASE YOUR CASH FLOW. EMBRACE CHANGE AND EXPECT TO SUCCEED. YOU WONT BE FREE UNTIL YOU ARE FINANCIALLY FREE. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF. – Is money controlling you or do you control money? – If you receive a lump sum of money would you know what to do with it? – Do you have 401k accounts but do not understand how to read your statements? – Do you have any money saved in Tax Free accounts? – Do you feel prepared for retirement? Knowledge is power. We are determinded to provide 1 million people throughout North America with a financial education that can help empower them and have a better future. WE ARE PROVIDING FREE WORKSHOPS AND TRAININGS. FINANCIAL WORKSHOPS Increasing cash flow Debt management Building a strong financial foundation Proper protection Building wealth Asset accumulation Retirement planning Wealth preservation INSURANCE. INVESTMENT. HEALTH. EDUCATION

at World Finanical Group
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Jacksonville, United StatesWorld Finanical Group