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DAY GAME Special: BERLIN: 3 day Total ‘Impact’ Training

DAY GAME Special: BERLIN: 3 day Total ‘Impact’ Training
Event on 2019-04-19 12:00:00
P I C K U P  –  |  –  D A T I N G  –  |  –  S O C I A L3 SECOND RULE – Masters of 'the Game' 3 Second Rule’s 3-DAY 'DAY GAME' Special BOOTCAMP is The Most Comprehensive, Informative and Practical Approach to Obtaining the Most Current Social Arts Knowledge and Skills in One Course FAST. and NEW – Spread Your Payments up to 6 months! Introduction, The Greatest Program the Pickup & Dating World has ever seen.  This exclusive, Not 2 day Bootcamp, but 3-day TOTAL IMPACT PROGRAM will teach a select few men the step-by-step theory, tactics and strategies the World’s Best Pick Up Artists are using today. The content that will allow you to, at will, APPROACH, ATTRACT AND KEEP Beautiful Women. Featuring #3SR Pro Coaches, the ONLY Professionally trained and Accredited Pickup/Dating Coaches in the Industry, you will be part of a Limited group of Students during the day both learning Theory and Interactive Practise Sessions to prepare you 100% for a Live Life Changing experience. Then part of the Infield ‘Entourage’ in the evening going LIVE into Bars, Lounge Bars and Social Gatherings to practise the skills taught in the day in Finding, Meeting and Attracting Women you desire. With full access to the mind of a professional Pickup and Social Artist, how to think, behave, and handle situations in the day, evening and even business to leverage your surroundings for maximum Social Value Impact (SVI). "Discovery was the FASTEST appointed Master Pickup Artist in the WORLD. He has a way of simplifying the most complex of Pickup Models. And ever since taking over the training of all Pickup Coaches in 2009, the industry standards in Coaching are unparalleled. You might just learn something and change your life at the same time.” – Lovedrop, Co-Author of ‘Mystery Method’, ‘Revelation’ and ‘the Pickup Artist’. The Pro #3SR Training Team will Share the secrets to bringing the Powerful ‘OSCA Attraction Model’ alive to have an immediate effect on your infield Pickup, Dating and Social efforts. Learn and hear too from some of the Junior Pickup Coaches who only a few years ago were in exactly the same position as YOU and how THEY grew their skills so quickly. This is a Proven Impact SYSTEM Guaranteeing Rapid results from any starting point. Which when followed, will shave years off the learning time for the Ultimate Success with Beautiful Women and Social Settings. Want to Know How to…. Approach Beautiful Women and What to Say? be Sociable When you are Not Naturally Sociable? Keep a Conversation Alive – and not run out of things to say? Demonstrate your Value (share cool things about you) without Bragging? Tell your Story and truly Captivate any Audience? Have cool Responses to everyday Questions? Get Her to Chase You? Create a Super Fast Emotional Connection? Create Sexual Tension needed before Sex? YES? …… Then THIS IS FOR YOU! LEARN How To: Find, Meet and  ATTRACT  The Girl You Want!  A blend of Pickup Artistry & Conversational Wizardry as pioneered by Mystery& Social Leveraging, as pioneered by Discovery.  Specialist Training Camps are capped Infield,to ensure you get very close attention and have an opportunity. to both work on your personal sticking points and…… Receive a FREE Personal 1on1 Action Planning session. with Goals created for you to follow for the 3 months after the Bootcamp.   – All Infield students benefit from a 1on1 Skype Coaching call within 1-month post program. ***EARLYBIRD & SPECIAL OFFERS AVAILABLE*** SEE 'TICKETS' for Offersand for the first time ever – SPREAD YOUR PAYMENTS!….over 3 or 6 months – ASK! 3 days 'interactive' Workshop Training: (Fri, Sat & Sun) + 2 nights LIVE Infield Training & Coaching* (Fri & Sat) (VIP only) + FREE 90 Day PERSONAL Game Plan (VIP only) (0)+ FREE Skype Coach Follow up Call (VIP only) (0)**SEE BELOW FOR any SPECIAL OFFERS / Earlybirds   @@@Dont forget: STUDENTS get 50% off the full price (email with Student Proof for a 'discount code')  *****ASK ABOUT SPREADING YOUR PAYMENTS***** Example from the 3 days: Day 1 – Understanding and Building Attraction Overview of your Game Experience to date (Program led by the needs of the group) Sticking Points (discussed prior to arrival) (ALL sticking points addressed throughout the weekend both as a group and 1on1) Overview of Attraction Theory  'No Fail Opening' – a Discovery creation NEW: OSCA – the SuperFast Attraction model Practical Delivery – How to make what YOU say – Sound Great! Learn what Your Bad Habits are that prevent you getting anywhere with Hot Women Routines and Gambits Prep for the evening +LIVE INFIELD GAMING AND COACHING* Day 2 – Challenging, Connecting & Closing Infield review – Personal Action Planning A Practical Guide to Understanding Mystery's M3 Attraction Model Qualifying & Challenging Intro to Kino – with simple Kino Gambits to use immediately Creating an Attractive Identity Practical Role Play and Practice Closing – Numbers, Same Night Lays and Dates +LIVE INFIELD GAMING AND COACHING* Day 3 – Personal Action Planning – Plan your Work and Work the Plan. The final day focusses on preparing You to not only keep getting great results with women, but know exactly HOW to continue to grow your new found skills to Approach & Attract long after the Bootcamp is over.Full Infield Students receive a 1on1 session on Day 3 with a Pro Coach or Master Trainer to review their progress, personal Goals and receive a full 'Personalised 90 Day Game Plan' Contact iZak or Discovery:3SR Program Manager, now for more info,a relaxed chat and we are sure to find a Program / Training Package to fit your budget and time  FAQs Q. Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?A. Min 18yrs for 'Seminar Only' and 21yrs for 'Live Infield' training Q. What can/can't I bring to the event?A:DO Bring smart/casual clothes to go out in each Evening.DO Bring a Notepad and PenDON'T bring recording Equipment (Audio or Visual) (cell/mobile phones will be checked periodically – if you are suspected of recording without permission, you will be asked to immediately leave the program). Q. Can I pay in Bitcoin?A. Yes, we always have deals for fans of Crypto Currency Q. My Budget is tight – can you help?A. Yes, you can spread your payments over 3-6 monthsJust email and ask about options, our team will be happy to help. Q. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?A: Program Manager:  info@3secondrule.co.ukMaster Trainer: Discovery@3SecondRule.co.uk

at Hilton Berlin
30 Mohrenstraße
Berlin, GermanyHilton Berlin

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