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7th American Forensic Conference: R&D and Novel Technologies (CSE) AS

7th American Forensic Conference: R&D and Novel Technologies (CSE) AS
Event on 2018-10-31 08:00:00
7th American Forensic Conference: R&D and Novel Technologies About conference Conference Series LLC Ltd invites all the professors, researchers, scientific communities, doctors, therapists, pathologists, chemists, delegates, students, business professionals and executives across the world to attend the7th American Forensic Research Conference during Oct 31 –Nov 1,2018 Chicago, USA. Forensic science applies science principles, techniques, and methods to the investigation of crime. A lesser known definition of the adjective forensic is anything argumentative or debatable. At first, this definition of forensic may seem to have no connection with the more popular crime-solving definition—but it does. Legal truth is sought through the use of the adversarial system (rather than the scientific method), and decisions are made only after each side has been given an equal opportunity to argue all the issues at hand. When one of the issues being argued is a scientific analysis (using the scientific method) of an item of evidence, the debate that ensues over the science involved could be called forensic science. Conference Series LLC Ltd organizes 1000+ Conferences Every Year across USA, Europe & Asia with support from 1000 more scientific societies and Publishes 700+ Open access journals which contain over 30000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members. Around 20 Forensic science Universities are present in USA and 50 universities all over the world. According to US market analysis by 2017 the market value of forensic products, forensics and services will be approximately 17.2 billion USD are spending on forensic products & services and 2.3 billion USD on DNA testing and 1.6 dollar USD on Biometrics and 3.1 billion USD on other forensic products. Why to attend American forensic 2018?? 7th American Forensic Research Conference provides a great platform for forensic professors, researchers, doctors, pathologists, chemists, lab technicians, students, contributors, business professionals, and industrialists to exchange ideas, communicate, discuss and explore your research work and innovations in the respective fields. Many scientists, professors, doctors, researchers, and world’s renowned experts will participate in this two day  conference. This conference is focusing on all the major fields of Forensic Science and Research. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques, tactics, and the newest updates in Forensic Science and Research fields are hallmarks of this conference. Target Audience Forensic researchers Professors Doctors Forensic Scientists Microbiologists Pathologists Chemists Forensic lab technicians Academic Scientists Research faculties Clinicians Young Researchers Students Biotechnology Companies Government and Public Laboratories Reference Laboratories and Institutes Pharmaceutical Companies Hospitals and Diagnostics Centers Conference highlights Forensic Chemistry Digital Forensics Computational Forensics Forensic Accounting Forensic Anthropology Forensic DNA Analysis Forensic Engineering Forensic Geology and Geophysics Forensic Pathology Forensic Psychology and Forensic Psychiatry Forensic Toxicology Forensic Nursing Wildlife Forensic Science Forensic Serology Forensic fingerprinting Forensic botany Forensic photography Forensic Mycology  Forensic Radiology Others  Sessions/Tracks Track 1: Forensic Chemistry Capillary electrophoresis in forensic chemistry Applications of icp-ms in chemical analysis of forensic evidence Laboratory automation in forensics Case studies of drug profiling Applications of desi-ms in forensic analysis Volta metric analysis of "substance of abuse   Track 2: Digital Forensics Digital forensic technologies Digital evidence protection models Digital forensic field guides Digital forensic readiness management system Digital forensic investigations- Case reports Digital image forgery detection Forensic Document Examination Track 3: Computational Forensics Cyber Forensics Computational fluid dynamic modeling Computational objectivity and visual evidence Counter forensics Computer forensic workflow management Eye color predictive test Image processing techniques Superimposition and reconstruction in forensics Forensic facial approximation Track 4: Forensic Accounting Regulations in forensic accounting Statistical techniques for forensic accounting Code of ethics and comparison of standards Corporate fraud and forensic accounting Analysis of healthcare fraud Computerized accounting information system (cais) Forensic Science Policies Track 5: Forensic Anthropology Forensic anthropology in disaster victim identification Novel application of anthropometry Virtual anthropology Forensic anthropology case reports Advancements in anthropometric measurements Track 6: Forensic DNA Analysis DNA Analysis Techniques Evaluation of forensic DNA profiling methods Forensic analysis using portable analyzers ABO typing and star testing for forensic DNA analysis Novel methods of purification of crime scene DNA analysis DNA crime science Forensic Bioinformatics Track 7: Forensic Engineering Accident reconstruction Chemical engineering investigation analysis Fingerprint silicone engineering Damage assessments for engineering structures Human factors assessment in structural failures Bridge damage evaluations Fingerprint detection Track 8: Forensic Geology and Geophysics Forensic archaeology Applications of geophysics to criminal investigations Quaternary proxies for analysis of soils and sediments Geochemical and isotopic tracers Advanced techniques for soil forensic examinations Applications of paleontology for investigations Seismology and nuclear tests Track 9: Forensic Pathology Forensic autopsy- case studies Implications in forensic pathology Forensic veterinary pathology mRNA analysis of death investigations Advancements in forensic pathology Track 10: Forensic Psychology and Forensic Psychiatry Criminological studies Clinical Psychology Personality disorders Risk assessment and case studies Ethical issues in forensic psychology Latest amendments to forensic psychology-law Behavioural forensic science Sexual Violence Track 11: Forensic Toxicology Method development for the analysis of cannabinoids Drug facilitated sexual assault Clinical Toxicology Challenges in forensic toxicology Track 12:  Forensic Nursing Nurse Coroners or Death Investigators Forensic Psychiatric Nurses Forensic Nurse Investigators Forensic Gerontology Specialists Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialists Track 13: Wild life Forensic Science Wildlife forensic methods and applications Animal crime investigation-case studies Wildlife Poisoning Advanced wildlife forensic techniques Analytical method developments Advanced sampling and storage techniques Track 14: Forensic Serology Presumptive Tests Confirmatory Tests DNA analysis Bloodstain pattern analysis Track 15: Forensic Fingerprinting Analysis of Collected Prints Comparison of Prints Evaluation of Comparison Verification of the Evaluation Track 16: Forensic Botany Forensic palynology Forensic Plant Biotechnology Forensic botany as part of judgment Forensic Bioinformatics Track 17:Forensic Photography Crime scene evidence Preliminary scene survey Documentation Digital photography Analysis of historic photographs Image analysis Track 18: Forensic Mycology   Postmortem interval Psychotropic and toxic substances Mold growth in buildings Soil profiles Trace evidence Track 19: Forensic Radiology Track 20: Others Market Analysis Importance & Scope: Forensic Research plays an important role in the investigation of serious crimes. The purpose is to stimulate discussion of new ideas and/or find new perspectives on traditional methods related to Forensic Science and techniques. Forensic Research & Forensic Chemistry conference will provide a comprehensive view of the latest developments and innovations relating to forensics and laws around the world. Forensic Research 2018 would serve as an enlightening source for multidisciplinary area that monitors and encompasses law, investigation for network hacking, cyber-crimes, DNA Fingerprinting & Profiling, Forensic Sex assessment, digital data recovery and data reconstruction. Why Chicago? Chicago is the third largest and most populous city in the United States, with a population of nearly 3.0 million people. It is also the most populous city in both the state of Illinois and the Midwestern United States and considered one of the most important business centers in the world. The metropolitan area of Chicago often referred to as Chicago-land, has often been called a global architecture capital. Positioned along Lake Michigan, the city is an international hub for technology, commerce, industry, finance, telecommunications, and transportation. Chicago has the third-largest gross metropolitan product in the U.S about 0 billion according to 2015 estimates. The city has one of the world's largest and most diversified economies with no single industry employing more than 15% of the workforce. In 2016, Chicago hosted a record 55.0 million domestic and international visitors, making it one of the most visited cities in the United States. There are many colleges and universities in the Chicago area; of which the University of Chicago, the Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Chicago are classified as highest research doctoral universities. Major Forensic Research societies around the Globe The Forensic Science Society (FSSoc) International Society for Forensic Genetics ­– ISFG Forensic Geosciences Group The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc. The Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society Cornell Forensics Society Major Forensic Research Associations & Societies in USA Association of Digital Forensics Security and Law (ADFSL) WA High Technology Crime Investigation Association American association of Forensic Odontology Scientific Fire Analysis International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners International Community Corrections Association American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics (ASLME) American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (ASQDE) American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) American Society of Trace Evidence Examiners (ASTEE) International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) Society of Forensic Toxicologists (SOFT) Society for Wildlife Forensic Science (SWFS) OCM for American Forensic Series Conferences Organizing Committee Yoshiaki Omura Professor New York medical College, USA Please contact the event manager Marilyn (marilyn.b.turner@nyeventslist.com ) below for:- Multiple participant discounts- Price quotations or visa invitation letters- Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc)- Event sponsorshipsNO REFUNDS ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONSService fees included in this listing.—————————————————————–This event is brought to you by:Conference Series – NewYorkEventsListhttp://www.NyEventsList.comhttp://www.BostonEventsList.comhttp://www.SFBayEventsList.com—————————————————————–MYL180519CEV MYL180626UPA

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