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Deals Meetup: Find Great Deals * Pitch Your Deals * Network Partner Invest (FREE Real Estate Investing Event)…

Deals Meetup: Find Great Deals * Pitch Your Deals * Network Partner Invest (FREE Real Estate Investing Event)…
Event on 2018-03-07 17:30:00
OMG!!! Deals Meetup just got BIGGER and BETTER than EVER…

Now starting with HAPPY HOUR with FREE Drinks BEFORE the Deals Meetup from 5:30pm to 6:30pm!!!

NEW: INVITING ALL Agents, Investors, and Newbies to Happy Hour with Power Team

Join our team for HAPPY HOUR before the Deals Meetup for FREE drinks and discussion on how to join our team to do MORE DEALS and make MORE MONEY!!!

** Want FREE Drinks at Happy Hour while you meet our Power Team and hear how we are doing deals?

** Do you have a good DEAL that you want to share?

** Are you looking for your 1st or NEXT real estate DEAL?

** Are you looking for private or hard money, contractors, motivated sellers, tenants, or buyers?

** Want to KNOW how local investors are putting together profitable DEALS?

** Would you like to network, eat, and ‘talk shop’ with the area’s most experienced deal makers?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, you MUST attend our DEALS MEETUP.

1st Wednesday of the Month

Meeting Location & Time

Happy Hour with Power Team – 5:30pm

Registration / Networking – 6:30pm

Meeting Starts – 7:30pm

Networking – 9:00pm until closing

Harborside Hotel

6400 Oxonhill Rd.

Oxon Hill, MD 20745


FULL CASH BAR & Restaurant!

Chic Lounge Area for Networking!

6400 Oxon Hill Road
Oxon Hill, United StatesHARBORSIDE HOTEL

PROGRESSION: Closing event

PROGRESSION: Closing event
Event on 2016-07-01 18:00:00
*RSVP HERE: https://goo.gl/OCRCmq * On July 1st, the doors of the prestigious London’s city law firm Clyde & Co. will open for the final view of the winners of the 2015 Art Awards. This is the first time the international firm has hosted such an occasion, which was initiated by the 40 successful students. The event, entitled ‘Progression’, will enable visitors to view the artworks in the workplace setting of the architect challenging St. Botolphs buildings. The Clyde & Co. Art Awards are now in their fifth year and the selected 2015 award winning works range from 5 of the London Art Schools including: University of the Arts campuses Chelsea, Camberwell, Central St Martins and Wimbledon, and for the first time City & Guilds of London Art School. Michael Boitier, the organiser of the Awards, commented: ‘As each year passes, I continue to find myself totally unprepared for the quality of work created by final year Fine Art undergraduates. This year has proved to be no exception. The value of arts and culture within a corporate environment is exemplified by the Clyde & Co LLP Awards. The artists in the 2015/16 collection will have an impact on the future of our economy, health, society and education. I look forward not only to working with them but also watching their careers develop over the coming years.’ The awards were established to support graduates at that important intersection of graduating and showcasing work in a business context. ‘The Clyde & Co Art Award aims to ease the transition from art school to the commercial art world – a stepping stone to a professional career. It provides art graduates with an idea of what is it to be a practicing artist outside of an art school and an opportunity to enter into dialogue with the corporate community and those that work within it. Clyde & Co is delighted to display fresh, contemporary artwork which engages our staff and clients and support the art graduates in as many ways as we can. The art within our working environment enhances and enriches our lives‘, said Uma Akther and Louise Zekaria, Clyde & Co LLP. At the event Amanda Jenkins, Associate Dean at UAL, will chair a session where awardees describe their progress since graduation and potential buyers can view the works prior to their auction on the company’s website. A brochure detailing each of the 70 works can be accessed at: www.artawards.clydeco.com. Guide prices are provided with the opportunity to bid for work from the exciting emerging talent of the London graduate art scene. Please join us for this event which provides a unique setting to view graduate artwork. 

at Clyde & Co
138 Houndsditch
London, United KingdomClyde & Co Мунтян

Networking Entrepreneurial Women of Marin -Monthly Dinner and Speaker Event

Networking Entrepreneurial Women of Marin -Monthly Dinner and Speaker Event
Event on 2015-12-08 18:00:00
The meaning of dreams: How they can alter the course of our lives – if we pay attention

What if creative solutions to your life's issues came to you free of charge every night in the form dreams? What if the truth about who you are and hints about what to do next were whispered to you in your dreams? Would you pay attention? Dreams come every night to share their uniquely personalized insights about your life.

Jean Kathryn has navigated the land of dreams for over three decades and will share three simple keys to unlock the meaning of any night time dream. You will be delighted to see how paying attention to nocturnal dreams and every day synchronicities can lead to great insights for your life.

BIO: Jean Kathryn Carlson is a Dream Alchemy Coach, speaker and co-author of Catch Your Star and On the Wings of Faith. Her unique alchemical blend of dreamwork and tapping sets the stage for a powerful and transformational experience. Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, certified DreamGroup Facilitator, EFT Practitioner

at Piatti
” ” 625 Redwood Highway
Mill Valley, United StatesPiattiwindows ноутбук

MEW @ The Complex (Official Event)

MEW @ The Complex (Official Event)
Event on 2015-10-02 19:00:00
Postfontaine presents
North America 2015
With Special Guests

Doors: 7:00 PM

Tickets on Sale 06/12/15 10:00 AM
All Smith's Tix Outlets
All Graywhale Stores
The Complex Box Office


Some bands take the easier route, and then there is Mew.

Matching their fascinating, enigmatic album titles and lyrics, the Danes’ music follows its own unique path, transporting a pure-pop sensibility through ever-evolving scenery and around exhilarating hairpin bends, making music as layered and expansive as it is charismatic and melodic.

Following Mew’s fifth album No More Stories Are Told Today, I'm Sorry They Washed Away // No More Stories, The World Is Grey, I'm Tired, Let's Wash Away, they are releasing a career-defining record, this time with the much shorter title of +-. The symbols capture the extremities of the band’s DNA: the pop ingenuity – Mew could be the new A-Ha if so desired – and the ambitious expansion of progressive giants such as Genesis and Yes.

“It’s like a photograph that’s been soaking in chemicals for a long time, to exaggerate the contrast,” reckons singer/spokesman Jonas Bjerre, on behalf of guitarist Bo Madsen, drummer Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen and returning bassist Johan Wohlert. “It represents the far regions of what Mew can be.”

At the spectrum’s end that Pitchfork has labelled Mew’s “dream thunderstorm pop”, there is ‘The Night Believer’ and ‘Satellites’. ‘My Complications’, ‘Interview The Girls’ and a particularly frenetic ‘Witness’ also tap Mew’s more accessible side, but even then, the music is deliciously skewed. “Some people view songwriting as a craft involving an acoustic guitar, candelight, red wine and thinking about a girl you like,” says Bjerre. “That’s been done to death and doesn’t interest us. Yet sometimes, in spite of everything we try out, it can be just like that! But we prefer it happens by accident.”

And where Mew add, “knee-buckling curveballs” (Pitchfork again), there’s ‘Rows’, 11 epic minutes spanning pastoral and symphonic passages, while the seven-minute ‘Cross The River On Your Own’ is an extended serene finale. “Even if ‘weird’ means ‘almost unlistenable’, it’s always better than ‘predictable, cynical and generic’,” Bjerre feels. “Our songs can be more like puzzles.”

On top, the subtle electronic pulses on ‘Water Slides’ and ‘Making Friends’ hint at contemporary R&B influences. “None of us wants to just repeat ourselves,” the singer declares. “We’re also trying to make the music that we’d like to listen to, that’s missing from our lives, and we can’t allow ourselves to compromise,” he adds. “For us, music is about a mixture of expression and invention. We like an immediate impact, but also layers you can stay within. It works best when we achieve both.”

+ – also symbolises Mew’s fortunes in the intervening years since No More Stories… On the plus side is Wohlert, who left in 2006 to start a family, only to return to reunite the quartet that started Mew back in 1995 when they were all still at school. The four were last together to record 2005’s …And The Glass-Handed Kites album with producer Michael Beinhorn, which Bjerre describes as “darker and grittier,” than, “the more ethereal, open, direct,” No More Stories… Wanting more darkness and grit again, they called on Beinhorn, who felt the live rehearsals lacked the necessary chemistry, and suggested Mew call Wohlert.

“Johan leaving was a big deal,” Bjerre admits. “We were about to do our first proper long US tour when he got the news about becoming a dad. There were no bad feelings, and we all remained friends. But It’s really difficult for a rock band to write without a bassist, and Johan was great at the root changes, the harmonic structures. We’d talked about playing together again, for fun, so we had Johan join some writing sessions. He’s a great bassist, he’s very positive and energetic, and he's got great ears, which really help when composing.It's amazing to have him back.”

Another plus is Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack – on guitar and co-writing duties for ‘My Complications’ – who Mew first met when the bands did a US tour together. Bjerre had downscaled his rhythm guitar parts, “partly because Bo has found his own unique style, and it left more space for him. I still play guitar on the older songs, but I think Bo has missed someone to play up against, and since we’d already discussed including others in the writing sessions, it was perfect to ask Russell. He contributed greatly to ‘My Complications’, as the initial riff is like a dialogue between the guitar parts. His energy also really affected the song.”

One further plus is changing labels after three albums and the compilation Eggs Are Funny (named after the very first song that Mew wrote) for Sony. Now with [PIAS], it means Mew are no longer reliant on foreign subsidiaries to match the enthusiasm of Sony’s UK wing that first signed them and the US wing that took the deal over.

The one minus was Mew’s usual prolonged recording process, which partly explains the five-year gap between albums. “We always swear we’ll do the next one faster, but do the opposite!” says Bjerre. “Great ideas can appear out of nowhere, but you try a thousand things to complete them. Maybe it’s the fear of letting go, or maybe that Scandinavian Protestant ethic – you can’t enjoy anything, it must be perfect or it’s nothing! But the process creates a lot of what makes Mew unique.”

Given Mew songs can resemble puzzles, Bjerre ‘s lyrics can follow suit. “I find it brave when people are blatantly personal, and I’ve tried to a certain extent, like ‘Cross The River On Your Own’, about how relationships develop, all those big life decisions, but I tend to write abstractly, to veil the reality. I want listeners to discover things for themselves. What would, say, 2001 A Space Odyssey have been like if the end had been explained? I prefer mystery.”

The mystery of how a band has remained so intact over time is largely explained by the fact Bjerre, Madsen and Wohlert have known each other since the age of five. As young teens, computer geek/synth-pop fan Bjerre and sportsman/Prince fan Madsen were thrown together in an art class. Together, they made a short animation and soundtrack. It was the year before Nirvana exploded, “which made everyone want to be in a band,” Bjerre recalls. “So we started one.” But it only got serious when they discovered a friend’s kid brother, “who spent all his time drumming and listening to Black Sabbath. Silas changed everything for us.”

So did a My Bloody Valentine concert, which led to discovering US shoegazers The Swirlies, whose guitarist Damon Tutunjian ended up producing Mew’s 1997 debut album A Triumph for Man. It was released on the their Danish publishing company’s in-house imprint Exilbris, as was 2000’s Half The World Is Watching Me, on which Stina Nordenstam co-sang ‘Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years’. Tracks from both albums were re-recorded for their international/Sony album debut Frengers. Another pivotal moment was discovering the linked-songs concept of Genesis’ The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, which shaped the way …And The Glass-Handed Kites (whose guest singer was Mew hero J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, after Madsen had bumped into him in Copenhagen) turned out. Wohlert’s return is this album’s pivotal moment.

“Part of our strength is that we have grown up together, personally and musically,” says Bjerre. “We have our own inbred musical language. Even on the Copenhagen scene, we were isolated, doing our own thing.”

Isolated, idiosyncratic, stubbornly individual – In the studio or on stage (judge by the live bonus CD with the deluxe version of + -), there really is only one Mew. All pluses, no minuses. – See more at: http://www.thecomplexslc.com/event-969.htm#sthash.xVRTbRRJ.dpuf

at The Complex
536 West 100 South
Salt Lake City, United StatesThe Complexлучшие фирмы

Market Publishers Ltd Announced as Media Partner of the 3rd Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 Event

London, UK (PRWEB) April 15, 2015

Market Publishers Ltd is announced as a media partner of the third Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 conference, held on April 21-24, 2015, in the Philippines’ major city and capital of Manila.

The oncoming Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 event will attract top-level professionals from the military, law enforcement bodies and government authorities to discuss the pressing issues pertaining to cybercrimes and security in the region. This conference will provide attendees with an exclusive opportunity to meet with the key Philippine government authorities who are enhancing their computer network systems to guard them against cyber threats.

Burning topics to be discussed during the event include: fighting cybercrimes against computer networks of national governments in Asia; open source security; regional collaborations on cyber security; threat intelligence and recognising of vulnerabilities; supporting of government infrastructures and Internet security, among others.

Conference Details:

The Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 Event

Date: 21st April 2015 – 24th April 2015

Venue: The Heritage Hotel, Pasay City, Manila, the Philippines


Reasons to Attend:

Review the most recent cybercrimes in the Asian region
Discuss the significance of exchanging information between the private sector and governments
Threat Intelligence to prevent cyber attacks on nations’ critical infrastructures
Analyse the latest malware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) data protection
Detect the key threats government institutions are facing
Network with top government officials from the Philippines and the regional governments

Please note that Market Publishers’ registered clients are eligible for a 10% discount!

To register at MarketPublishers.com please visit our Registration Page.

Market Publishers Ltd is announced as a media partner of the third Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 conference. Market Publishers Ltd Announced as Media Partner of the 3rd Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 Event ноутбуки asus

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Pa. dinner still family event, but 'the family just got bigger'
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Yet, the attraction of his writings as well as his rich life is such that Granth Shilpi, a Hindi publication house managed single-handedly by Shyam Bihari Roy, commissioned well-known Hindi scholar and critic Karan Singh Chauhan to translate his …
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