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BNI CBD Connect

BNI CBD Connect
Event on 2018-09-12 06:30:00
As a group of business owners, we share two particular interests: learning and giving referrals. Learning helps us to improve our businesses, and referrals help us to grow them (because referrals are five times more likely to turn into a sale).     That's why we set aside two hours every Wednesday morning to meet. We learn from each other and pass referrals. We've become good at it, last year we passed over million among the group, and we're always looking to meet other businesses so we can send more referrals.   It would be great to meet you at one of our meetings to learn about your business and to see how we could help you with referrals.    As part of the meeting this Wednesday, two of our members will be presenting on topics of real interest Business meeting details are as follows:     Address: Shangri-La Hotel, 176 Cumberland St, Sydney Time: 6:30 am and we finish around 8:45 am     The meeting costs and includes a full hot breakfast. Please note that we do not accept cash payment at the door. Credit cards are accepted. What to bring: IMPORTANT    Please bring plenty of business cards (recommend 60+ to cover everyone)   How to prepare: We will invite you to give a brief 20-second introduction of your name and business name and be prepared to meet 50+ business owners before and after the meeting. Your 20 seconds introduction should be along the lines of: “Hi my name is John Smith from ABC Accounting, and I am an accountant.  We specialise in Tax returns for Small to Medium businesses in the Sydney Metro area.  An ideal referral is anyone looking to have a small boutique firm looking after their accounts with a very friendly personalised service for a fraction of the price”   For more information please feel free to email admin@bnicbdconnect.com.au We are all looking forward to meeting you     Steven Lewis (President)  Mark Morrison (Visitor Host Coordinator)

at Roxbury Hotel
180/182 St Johns Rd, Glebe
Sydney, AustraliaRoxbury Hotel