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Children's behavioral health, zoo tax exemption bills advance

Children's behavioral health, zoo tax exemption bills advance
The original idea was to protect newborns from abandonment, but senators put no age limit in the law, and people from around the country started dropping off troubled teenagers before the law was changed. One outgrowth of that was the state established …
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Candidate lists reveal major overhaul in parties
By most accounts, candidates themselves are not of any significant importance for an election victory as voters mostly vote based on their attraction to a party and its leader. “Candidate lists would not be a determining factor in voters' choice. It is …
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3 Steps to Align Your Appearance With the Law of Attraction
So what do the appearance choices you are making right now have to do with The Law of Attraction? A lot, because like it or not your appearance choices contribute to the way you feel about yourself and to the vibration you are emitting into the universe.
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New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation Launches Website

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California (PRWEB) March 18, 2015

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation has launched a website to guide viewers through the educational and financial resources available for its Christian-based addiction recovery treatment. Visitors to the website can navigate from desktop or mobile devices to discover how to support the organization and to learn about recovery programs it provides. Designed with bold visual elements, the website focuses on the organization’s commitment to helping people who suffer from the disease of addiction to find a new way of life. A large visual on the home page showing a group gathered in prayer brings New Creation’s Christian values to the forefront. In order to provide an optimal user experience, the design keeps the navigation, logo and phone number easily visible on each page. As the organization continues to grow, the website will keep up to date with events, such as fundraisers and other opportunities for giving.

The website includes blogs that address questions and concerns about addiction, including the thoughts and feelings experienced by substance abusers and their loved ones. The blogs also provide educational information about topics such as depression in recovery and how Obamacare impacts substance abuse treatment. The site also provides a link to the New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Facebook page where readers can browse through inspirational quotations and find links to articles about topics such as meditation, how to improve sleeping patterns, and interviews with people in recovery.

New Creation’s non-profit programs include addiction education and treatment. The founders, who are committed to Christian-based recovery, have more than 20 years of personal and professional experience. They have geared their program to offering judgment-free help and financial assistance to people with a sincere desire to change their lives from dependence on alcohol and drugs to dependence on a God-centered way of life. Funds for financial aid come from fundraisers, grants and private donations. Scholarship applicants are screened and interviewed for appropriate placement.

“We know that at some point, people who are abusing drugs and alcohol reach a point of desperation,” said Glenn Swanson, CEO of New Creation. “We want to meet them at that point. We want to assure them that we want to help them begin their healing process as quickly as possible. When alcoholics and addicts realize that they cannot find relief on their own, they can turn to us. We provide individually designed solutions for recovery based on each person’s needs. As our clients recover their physical health, mental faculties, emotional well being and spiritual fitness, they leave behind the chaos and despair of addiction. We give them compassionate care and faith-based solutions.”

About New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Its founders, who embrace the motto “Our Mission Is Your Health,” take a personal interest in providing Christian-centered care for the men and women who enter their doors. The programs sponsored by New Creation are based in the 12-step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous. The organization’s name comes from a Bible passage referring to living as a new creation in the life of Christ. For more information, please visit http://ncbhf.org.

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation Launches Website лобановский александр