30 thoughts on “Want Proof We’re in the End Times? WATCH THIS!”

  1. and just think Ebola in Italy just waiting for the 5 million attending the
    satanic ritual of canonizing dead popes!! so they can return to their
    countries fully infected!!! GOD BLESS

  2. Friends and Family, the Jews you see right now in the illegal state of
    Israel are not of the same Jewish decent of our Lord and Savior Jesus
    Christ; In fact, most of the “Jews” that run mainstream media, high
    political positions of power, bankers, lawyers, celebrities, entertainers,
    all of these groups are of the Ashkenazi decent. Everyone do the research,
    follow history and do your own reasoning and understanding.

    The Palestinians have been suffering for far too long, the hypocrisy of
    America and Israel has been going on for far too long, see the truth in
    what I am saying. Do your own research and understand the deceptions within
    the deceptions.. Here is a good reference point to get a gist of what I am
    talking about..

    History of the Ashkenazi/Khazar Jews Pt 1…TRUTH!!!

  3. What the hell is wrong with not just any tom dick or harry having a gun!!
    The USA has the most gun crime in the entire world!! Only people that carry
    a gun licence can own a gun here in the UK and that is how I like it. 

  4. the born again believers in Christ are the church(the called out ones) and
    Christ Jesus our Lord God is our high priest.the building has never been
    the church and never will be

    easter is pagan btw

  5. Anita, what are your thoughts on this Nevada Bundy vs. BLM feud going on?
    I’m on Bundy’s side personally.

  6. Did I get her right? She said, “Just as in the days of Noah….”, “there is
    a flood coming…”. Didn’t God promise He would not judge the world again
    by flood? Please elucidate. Thanks.

  7. The queers had better live it up while they can. A serious and terrible
    judgement is coming their way. 

  8. These Pastors think they are hearing from God but they are being deceived
    by demons. If it doesn’t match up with the Bible, you know it’s Not from

  9. Did you know that the islam allows rape? I wonder what insane laws the
    islamic Barrack Obama can make… All praise God 

  10. i think obama is circling the wagons for his muslim brothers. his trip to
    malaysia was shameful

  11. Ebola has entered the US through various animals, primarily monkeys from
    the Philippines. According to the World Health Organization there have been
    3 big outbreaks in animals in the US(In TX and 2 place on the East coast)
    Website I got the info from:
    There may be more just not recorded. Ebola can live in animals/humans for
    2 weeks showing no signs. So please be very cautious when going to zoos, or
    even where you buy your meat. Most meat from Wal mart is imported and could
    be contaminated, just be cautious about certain things, God bless.

  12. Obama is an actor he shadowed Jimi Hendrix to be just like him also if you
    believe in the illuminate got to the website illumicorp The children of
    satan are now open about there plans

  13. Very informative. Blessing to you in Christ Jesus for getting this
    information out. We are not to be ignorant, for the Truth is not hidden
    from the True Believes in Christ Lord.

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