Vulnerability, Exploitation and Migration

Vulnerability, Exploitation and Migration
Event on 2015-11-09 17:00:00
This event, held at the International Slavery Museum, is hosted by the Centre for the Study of International Slavery (CSIS), and celebrates the publication of an important new edited collection on immigration and exploitation in the workplace (published September 2015), featuring contributions from some of the foremost scholars working in the field. Speakers will include the editorial team, plus others (TBC), and will be followed by a drinks reception at the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool. Further details Book title: Vulnerability, Exploitation and Migrants: Insecure Work in a Globalised Economy (Palgrave Macmillan) Described by Bridget Anderson (University of Oxford) as “a fascinating analysis of how global capital impacts on daily lives” and by Ben Rogaly (University of Sussex) as “a work of solidarity” that “is both urgent and unique”. The book explores the lives of the rapidly growing numbers of migrants, examining issues of vulnerability and exploitation in the labour market, and drawing on material from across the world. It does this through a far-reaching analysis of lived experiences of exploitation in different geographical contexts. In cataloguing these experiences, the book investigates global neoliberalized economies and emergent labour and product supply chains; states' management of migrants' mobility and the structural production of immigration statuses; characteristics of enclave economies for migrants and their co-ethnic/co-language networks; and national/international responses and interventions designed to tackle migrant exploitation. Global exploitation processes, the book argues, require global responses.   The book was edited by  Louise Waite, University of Leeds, UK. Gary Craig, Durham University, UK. Hannah Lewis, University of Sheffield, UK. Klara Skrivankova, Anti-Slavery International, UK.   Contributors to the book: Nicola Phillips, University of Sheffield, UK John Smith, Kingston University, UK Rossana Cillo, University of Venice Ca' Foscari, Italy Lucia Pradella, University of Venice Ca' Foscari, Italy Kendra Strauss, Simon Fraser University, Canada Matej Blazek, Loughborough University, UK Alex Balch, University of Liverpool, UK Tom Vickers, Northumbria University, UK Maja Sager, Lund University, Sweden Donghyuk Park, University of Paris Diderot, France Louise Waite, University of Leeds, UK Hannah Lewis, University of Leeds, UK Stuart Hodkinson, University of Leeds, UK Peter Dwyer, University of York, UK Eliana Ferradás Abalo, School for International Training, USA Jerónimo Montero Bressán, Ministry of Labour, Argentina Rebecca Lawthom, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Sue Baines, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Carolyn Kagan, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Mark Greenwood, Wai Yin Chinese Women Society, UK Sandy Lo, Wai Yin Chinese Women Society, UK Lisa Mok, Wai Yin Chinese Women Society, UK Sylvia Sham, Wai Yin Chinese Women Society, UK Scott Gaule, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK Alice Bloch, University of Manchester, UK Sonia McKay, University of the West of England, UK Leena Kumarappan, London Metropolitan University, UK Ismail Idowu Salih, Middlesex University School of Law, UK Domenica Urzi, University of Nottingham, UK Ana Lopes, University of the West of England, UK Tim Hall, University of East London, UK Annie Delaney, Victoria University, Australia Jane Tate, Homeworkers Worldwide, UK Joanna Ewart-James, Walk Free Partner Network, UK Neill Wilkins, Institute for Human Rights and Business, UK

at International Slavery Museum
Anthony Walker Education Centre
Liverpool, United KingdomInternational Slavery Museumдискретная видеокарта

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