Visions and Dreams of the End-Times and What’s To Come

Visions and Dreams of the End-Times and What's To Come

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возрождение церковь

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37 thoughts on “Visions and Dreams of the End-Times and What’s To Come”

  1. I do not believe it. God did not tell us this. So I do not believe it.
    Some dreams must be interpreted. The FLOOD . God said He would NEVER do
    that again. 

  2. I’ve heard these visions for the past few years…it could be 10 – 15 more
    years before this happens or longer. I have been waiting waiting..I
    actually have been hearing the America will be destroyed for the 30 years.

  3. my son took a trip to heaven in the middle of the afternoon during a
    shower. it’s on u tube justices trip third time he told it….. it’s right
    on. it’s a year old and many things he has said has happened

  4. How in the world have you gotten so many subscribers? haha Love it! I just
    started a channel but would one day love to have the same as you!

  5. Jesus shed his blood and died on the cross for your sins. He took ALL the
    sins of the world that day! Imagine that! The worse sin a man can commit
    Jesus took it upon himself! Then he rose again on the third day which means
    he conquered death! If you call out to him and repent and surrender your
    WHOLE life to him he WILL forgive you and come live inside you and guide
    you and teach you all truth. Give you his mind and heart. He loves us more
    than we can imagine with our human minds. He is beautiful! Seek him with
    all your heart for time is running out.

  6. Obama has been dismantling America since day one. I’ve been telling people
    for years & majority just didn’t want to hear it. If he’s not the
    anti-Christ, then he’s the one preparing the way for the anti-Christ. He’s
    nothing but EVIL.

  7. Obama only has two years left, but will not leave office …….. we are
    really in it now, Lord Help Us….

  8. I doubt this will wake up the masses because it’s the exact same speech
    that Evangelicals have been shouting for 60 years now. My grandmother used
    to tell me of old radio shows where Evangelicals just like you would be
    saying how Jesus had spoken to them, and the End Times were imminent
    because of the wars and rumors of wars, and the signs and the visions and
    the prophecies fulfilled and a wickedness in the world like never before.
    And the most important part of the Evangelicals message long ago and still
    today is send us your donations today! Jesus needs more wealth. When will
    the sheep wake up to what a scam business this is of selling the hope of an
    afterlife that they never have to pay up on?

  9. Obama loves symbology and deception.
    He took a train from Chicago to Washington D C in the foot steps of Lincoln
    when he became president to win the hearts of the oppressed as an oppresser.
    He flattered America and the world with words of peace insomuch that he won
    the Noble Peace Prize without action.
    Lincoln said,”Flattery and knarvery are blood relatives”Lincoln knew words
    without acton is bull”****”.
    Noble Peace Prize Oct 9-2009 .1260 days later obama goes to Israel March
    20-2013 driving in a car called the” beast ” and plants a Magnolia tree
    that represents “magnificence” and has a messege”If we hold true to our
    ideals and have faith in them, the pest that seem to be pressuring us will
    soon disappear”
    The funny thing is the Jews up-rooted that Magnolia tree obama planted.
    Then Obama visits the Pope and gives the Pope a box of fruit seeds in
    purple silk with the presidental seal on the box”The Pope will plant the
    seeds of deception to the world”
    Then obama signed the NDAA into law”to obtain American citizen without due
    process”All was lost in passing of that law ,”you are guilty untill proven
    Your liberty and freedom was stripped away without our knowledge.
    Then the next day the White House tweets a picture of obama sitting in a
    throne of iron teeth with a crown on his lap and a bow sitting on a table
    in front of him.
    Obama is painting a picture in symbology of who he is and no-one really
    sees it but his muslim brotherhood.
    Obama is the the kiss of Judas to all mankind”The betrayal of the trust ‘of
    we the people’that has been bestowed on him to up-hold the Constitution
    that he swore to protect”

  10. How is Anita getting these messages from the lord and I’m not.Like I been
    praying and praying for the past 2 years and I honestly haven’t felt the
    holy spirit inside of me or nothin and keep asking him 2 show me what’s
    keeping him from hearing me and been doing my best to beleive andtrust that
    he will show me but I still feel like he not hearing me.But Anita makesit
    seem like the lord is speaking to her so specifically about everything like
    if she talks to him face to face.I can’t hear him ):

  11. I loveeeee you ms.anita im 13 and when I see you put out a new video my day
    stops just so I can see it….thanks for everything. I give you alllll my
    blessings and prayers thanks for warning me and my family

  12. I had a dream last night. I was on a pier ,a lot people were on it and I
    saw a big snake like I never saw before . I had this pocket knife, and I
    opened it and threw it at the snake and killed one was bitten by
    it…I woke up Ina cold sweat ,wondering what the heck was all about…now
    I know..for the people yet for me to bring to the Lord….

  13. The Final Abomination = The Final Obama Nation (please pass that to Anita.
    I don’t know how)

  14. Why does Anita need so many donations if the hour really is that close? Be
    careful not to serve two masters. Scripture calls money the root of all
    evil for a reason. I pray that is not the case, for your sake. 

  15. The first term he shot the eagle. Then he goes back to the white house and
    watches him twist the head three time. Not three terms but three years in
    the second term. On his third year of his second term he will kill off the
    eagle. Right before his fourth year of his second term. That is how I
    understood it. So each year is each turn of the eagles head. Tormenting
    america each year and then its final break on the third year. I could be
    wrong but that is how I heard it, 

  16. a few years ago, i have a dream..i think i was 19 or 20..i was sinning, i
    stole money,lied,and other things as well. even though i know god and i
    excepted jesus into my heart. i was still sinning. god sent me a dream,
    there was fire all around, surrounded by a brick wall, there was a door
    way, that was pitch black, there was people lined up in the door way. then
    i woke up. it freaked me out, i asked god if he was sending me this dream
    to warn me if i kept doing these things. in the end i put it off as a
    dream. but now i realize god was sending me that dream to warn me. i
    realize i cant stop sinning without his help. so i need his help to get
    right with him, and have my name in the book of life.

  17. God said he would never destroy the world with water. He didn’t promise he
    wouldn’t use it to destroy an evil, corrupt country or continent. He
    promised he’d never destroy the world. Remember that. 

  18. +Evangelist Anita Fuentes what u said about the night barrack Hussin Obama
    was elected, the atmosphere TOTALLY CHANGED, I fell to the floor crying!
    Ugh! I knew that was the end of America. 

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