25 thoughts on “The Final Warning (2014): End Times Prophecy Happening NOW”

  1. you are foolish ,and blind because you agree with the sinners,gays are the
    biggest abomination ever,to stop the creation of god.if we were all gay who
    would make babies? you gays and gay supporters are foul ,disgusting demon
    possessed filth

  2. you people are so pathetic .. serious… you people blame gay people????
    but bush and the other Iraq jokers… they all go free…
    the priests they all go free… the psychedelic religious killers they all
    go free because they repent on the last day.. fuck you psychedelic
    religious hypocrites…
    you people have done and are doing more harm then any other person on this

  3. what next ? people wanting to marry thier pets ? or thier moms or thier
    sister or brother ? where does it stop ? people want anything they can
    dream up to be acceptable .

  4. 2 days ago Oregon announced legal marriage for gays and lesbians. Today,
    the water supply is shut off in Portland (one of the most evil cities in
    Oregon) because of the deadly bacteria, ecoli. 

  5. For all those Christians believing that GOD WILL PREVAIL KEEP BELIEVING
    cause they are coming back to judge and its not gonna be pretty we have
    everything we need in JESUS AND WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT HIM this is wrong the
    devil is taking over just for now gay marriages the world ain’t safe
    anymore all this killing read the bible how can something that was wrote so
    long ago tell what’s happening today WAKE UP PEOPLE ITS NOT ABOUT US GOD
    and the devil been at war a long time and its about to end Which side are
    you gonna be on IS THE QUESTION 

  6. Christ never made one statement about homosexuality, Not one. So if people
    have a issue with being gay do they believe that women should be under the
    ownership of men? Its in the same book. I’m just curious because if you
    follow old testament you are not a christian you are a jew. They don’t
    recognize Jesus as the christ. People don’t even know what they are
    following anymore. People persecuted Jesus so christians think they are
    favored by persecuting everyone and they will be saved? I dont know if its
    just profoundly hypocritical or just extreme ignorance. Probably both.
    Christ preached love you promote hate. Isn’t this the exact opposite. Jesus
    is not coming back to murder 2/3 of the people of color on this planet.
    Sorry not going to happen. 80 percent of non christians are also non white.
    Noooo thats not a racist belief system at all. I was raised in the church I
    left the moment I realized its a religion that hated people of color. Give
    the slaves your god and they will follow you. Just more hate spreading.
    Ignorance the destroyer of worlds. Again, so much for love thy neighbor. 

  7. I do not agree with a gay lifestyle,But God looks on the heart of a
    person.[1 Sam 16;7] this gay lifestyle is for sure a sin,But whatsoever is
    not of faith is sin.[Romans 14;23] and we all have sinned and come short of
    the glory of God.[Romans 3;23] The bottom line is,If Jesus is your Lord &
    Savior,You will enter into the kingdom of God.[Hebrews 8;12] For I will be
    merciful to their unrighteousness,and their sins and iniquities will I
    remember no more;Jesus paid it all at the cross,And you must put all your
    faith in Him and His finished work at the cross;God Bless.

  8. God made a very BOLD statement in the old testament about homo sexuality.
    Sodom and Gamora. Read it dumb ass!!! Part of the reason the planet was
    flooded idiot. OLD TESTAMENT!!!

  9. That us so fucked up to blame gay people for the end of the world it will
    be war or planets collision of something like that not gay people

  10. What’s wrong with biblical values? Are you denying us our right to be
    ourselves? Let me explain, I think Christians are being discriminated

  11. I feel sorry for these religious freaks believing this end of times
    bullshit and blaming homosexuals for it. God is not real, the bible is
    fiction created thousands of years ago to control people with the promise
    of heaven which is false, and so many inconsistencies qith the bible and
    how religions came to be themselves contribute to the lack of religion as a
    whole. If you would like to place the blame on anyone, blame yourselves for
    persecuting people based on what a fictional book tells you. Truth hurts,
    but you can’t be expected to treat people different from you badly based on
    what the bible tells you and then expect to be forgiven. It’s just

  12. So a man dressed as a woman can use a women’s lavatory in the US……and
    you are required by law to accept that?

    This is loopy.

  13. The Illuminati ended 300-400 years ago. Why do you people still believe
    that the illuminati still has involvement in everything? This agenda is
    something else and something deviant..

  14. We are in the Days of Noah and Lot. Jesus said so and He is Gods Son and
    Word in Flesh. We are in the last and final generation. No doubt that time
    is very short. Its getting worse, sin is heavy, and God shall not be
    mocked.He has turned this nation over to its sin and lust. Read Romans.
    America is under judgment. We are Babylon. The world is. Shaking, reeling
    to and fro like a drunkard. All will be shaken. Warn, sound the trumpet.
    Shalom. Christ is coming.

  15. America soon up in flames! It has become like the days of Sodom and
    Gomorrah! Get out of her if you can. Rev. 18 God won’t be mocked!

  16. What up with Christians and sex? I thought a relationship was about the
    interactions mentally and spirituality. How I can compromise with my
    partner, how I care for their needs over my own. Isn’t a relationship more
    than sex?
    I don’t know but this anti gay thing is making me think that the people who
    are against it are the perverted ones… they see a male and female
    together and see a couple, but two males or females and all they see is
    sex, not a couple but people simply having sex. I thought for a christian a
    relationship was bigger than that, but all I see is that they care about
    sex sex sex sex and not the relationship it self. 

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