'Tax, not growth, to boost equality'

'Tax, not growth, to boost equality'
Income inequality was "extremely high by international standards". The top 10% of the ... of wealth was reduced. "The French elite refused to address the situation, saying inequality was not so high and that economic growth would resolve the situation.".
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Robust economic performance leads to 'Next 11' status
However, International Monetary Fund figures from its World Economic Outlook in October last year lay out plainly the consistency of the Bangladeshi economy, which is set to grow at 6.4% this year. In 2014, the figure ran at 6.2%, the year before that ...
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Weak jobs report leaves Federal Reserve tied to global growth
WASHINGTON The weak U.S. September jobs report published Friday is another sign that Federal Reserve policy may be uncomfortably tethered to the strength of the global economy, as a year long swoon in exports helped wipe out manufacturing jobs and slow ...
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