1. Let the Bible Speak:-

    There are Many Antichrists according to the Bible. 1 John 2:18, “Just as
    you have heard that antichrist is coming, even now their have come to be
    many antichrists.”

    Identified in the scriptures. Those denying the Father and the Son are
    antichrists. 1 John 2:22, “This is the antichrist, the one that denies the
    Father and the Son.”

    Denies Jesus is the Son of God. 1 John 2:22, “Who is the liar if it is not
    the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ [Messiah]? This is the
    antichrist, the one that denies the Father and the Son.”

    Denies that Christ came to earth as a perfect man of flesh. 1John 4:2/3,
    “Every inspired expression that confesses Jesus Christ as having come in
    the flesh, originates with God, but every inspired expression that does not
    confess Jesus, does not originate with God. Furthermore this is the
    antichrist’s inspired expression which you have heard is coming, and now it
    is already in the world.”.

    2 John 7, “Many deceivers have gone forth into the world, persons not
    confessing Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and
    the antichrist.”

    Let’s not go beyond what is written, folks

  2. Israel Sucks! “This generation shall not pass away until all of these
    things have come to pass!” Hello! It’s over 2000 years late!

  3. God was invented to explain mystery. God is always invented to explain
    those things that you do not understand. Now, when you finally discover how
    something works, you get some laws which you’re taking away from God; you
    don’t need him anymore. But you need him for the other mysteries. So
    therefore you leave him to create the universe because we haven’t figured
    that out yet; you need him for understanding those things which you don’t
    believe the laws will explain, such as consciousness, or why you only live
    to a certain length of time- life and death- stuff like that. God is always
    associated with those things that you do not understand.

    Question #1: Why won’t God heal amputees?

    It’s a simple question, isn’t it? We all know that amputated legs do not
    spontaneously regenerate in response to prayer. Amputees get no miracles
    from God.

    If you are an intelligent person, you have to admit that it’s an
    interesting question On the one hand, you believe that God answers prayers
    and performs miracles. On the other hand, you know that God completely
    ignores amputees when they pray for miracles.

    How do you deal with this discrepancy? As an intelligent person, you have
    to deal with it, because it makes no sense. In order to handle it, notice
    that you have to create some kind of rationalization. You have to invent an
    excuse on God’s behalf to explain this strange fact of life. You might say,
    “well, God must have some kind of special plan for amputees.” So you invent
    your excuse, whatever it is, and then you stop thinking about it because it
    is uncomfortable.

    Here is another example. As a Christian, you believe that God cares about
    you and answers your prayers.

    So the second question is: Why are there so many starving people in our

    Look out at our world and notice that millions of children are dying of
    starvation. It really is horrific. Why would God be worried about you
    getting a raise, while at the same time ignoring the prayers of these
    desperate, innocent little children? It really doesn’t make any sense, does
    it? Why would a loving god do this?

    To explain it, you have to come up with some sort of very strange excuse
    for God. Like, “God wants these children to suffer and die for some divine,
    mysterious reason.” Then you push it out of your mind because it absolutely
    does not fit with your view of a loving, caring God.

    Third question: Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in
    the Bible? Look up these verses:

    – Exodus 35:2 – God demands that we kill everyone who works on the Sabbath

    – Deuteronomy 21:18-21 – God demands that we kill disobedient teenagers.

    – Leviticus 20:13 – God demands the death of homosexuals.

    – Deuteronomy 22:13-21 – God demands that we kill girls who are not virgins
    when they marry.

    And so on… There are lots of verses like these.

    It doesn’t make any sense, does it? Why would a loving God want us to
    murder our fellow human beings over such trivial matters? Just because you
    work on the wrong day of the week, you must die? That makes no sense, does
    it? In fact, if you think about it, you realize that it is insane. So you
    create some kind of rationalization to explain these verses.

    Question #4: Why does the Bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense?
    You have a college degree, so you know what I’m talking about. You know how
    science works. You happily use the products of science every day: your car,
    your cell phone, your microwave oven, your TV, your computer. These are all
    products of the scientific process. You know that science is incredibly
    important to our economy and to our lives.

    But there is a problem. As an educated person you know that the Bible
    contains all sorts of information that is total nonsense from a scientific

    – God did not create the world in 6 days 6,000 years ago like the Bible

    – There was never a worldwide flood that covered Mt. Everest like the Bible

    – Jonah did not live inside a fish’s stomach for three days like the Bible

    – God did not create Adam from a handful of dust like the Bible says.

    These stories are all nonsense. Why would an all-knowing God write
    nonsense? It makes no sense, does it? So you create some type of very
    strange excuse to try to explain why the Bible contains total nonsense.

    Question #5: Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery in the Bible? Look
    up these Bible verses:

    – Exodus 21:20-21 – God says that it is OK to own slaves, and it is also OK
    to beat them.

    – Colossians 3:22-24 – Slaves need to obey their masters.

    – Ephesians 6:5 – Slaves need to obey their masters just as they would obey

    – 1 Peter 2:18 – Slaves need to obey their masters, even if their masters
    are harsh .

    And so on…

    And why do all intelligent people abhor slavery and make it completely
    illegal? You have to come up with some kind of weird rationalization to
    explain it.

    Question #6: Why do bad things happen to good people? That makes no sense.
    You have created an exotic excuse on God’s behalf to rationalize it.

    Question #7: Why didn’t any of Jesus’ miracles in the Bible leave behind
    any evidence? It’s very strange, isn’t it? You have created an excuse to
    rationalize it.

    Question #8: How do we explain the fact that Jesus has never appeared to
    you? Jesus is all-powerful and timeless, but if you pray for Jesus to
    appear, nothing happens. You have to create a weird rationalization to deal
    with this discrepancy.

    Question #9 – Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?
    It sounds totally grotesque, doesn’t it? Why would al all-powerful God want
    you to do something that, in any other context, sounds like a disgusting,
    cannibalistic, satanic ritual?

    And finally, Question #10 – Why do Christians get divorced at the same rate
    as non-Christians? Christians get married in front of God and their
    Christian friends, all of whom are praying to God for the marriage to
    succeed. And then they say, “What God has put together, let no man put
    asunder.” God is all-powerful, so if God has put two people together that
    should seal the deal, right? Yet Christians get divorced at the same rate
    as everyone else. To explain this, you have to create some convoluted

    So, we have looked at 10 fascinating questions. In order to believe in God,
    you have had to create all sorts of strange rationalizations and excuses.
    If you are an intelligent, college-educated person, all of these excuses
    and rationalizations probably make you uncomfortable. If you think about it
    honestly, using the critical thinking skills that you learned in college,
    you have to admit that your answers to these questions make no sense at

    Now, let me show you something remarkable. What if you instead assume that
    God is imaginary? A funny thing happens: the answers to every one of these
    questions make complete sense. Just look at all ten questions as an
    intelligent person:

    1) Why won’t God heal amputees? Because God is imaginary, and he doesn’t
    answer any prayers. Every “answered prayer” is actually a coincidence. All
    scientific evidence supports this conclusion.

    2) Why are there so many starving people in our world? Because God is
    imaginary, and he is therefore unable to answer their prayers.

    3) Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in the Bible?
    Because God is imaginary, and the Bible was written by ridiculous, ruthless
    men rather than any sort of loving being.

    4) Why does the Bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense? Ditto.
    Primitive men wrote the bible, not an all-knowing being.

    5) Why is God such a huge proponent of slavery? Ditto.

    6) Why do bad things happen to good people? Because God is imaginary and
    bad things happen at the same statistical rates to everyone.

    7) Why didn’t any of Jesus’ miracles in the Bible leave behind any
    evidence? Because God is imaginary, and Jesus’ miracles are myths.

    8) How do we explain the fact that Jesus has never appeared to you? Because
    God is imaginary.

    9) Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood? Because
    God is imaginary, and this bizarre ritual came from a pagan religion.

    10) Why do Christians get divorced at the same rate as non-Christians?
    Because God is imaginary.

    Do you see what has happened here? When we assume that God exists, the
    answers to these ten questions make absolutely no sense. But if we assume
    that God is imaginary, our world makes complete sense.

    It’s interesting, isn’t it? Actually, it’s more than interesting – it is
    incredibly important.

    Our world only makes sense when we understand that God is imaginary.

    This is how intelligent, rational people know that God is imaginary.

    When you use your brain, and when you think logically about your religious
    faith, you can reach only one possible conclusion: the “god” that you have
    heard about since you were an infant is completely imaginary. You have to
    willfully discard rationality, and accept hundreds of bizarre
    rationalizations to believe in your “god.”

    Now, let me ask you one last question: why should you care? What difference
    does it make if people want to believe in a “god”, even if he is imaginary?

    It matters because people who believe in imaginary beings are delusional.

    It matters because people who talk to imaginary beings are delusional.

    It matters because people who believe in imaginary superstitions like
    prayer are delusional.

    It’s that simple, and that obvious. Your religious beliefs hurt you
    personally and hurt us as a species because they are delusional. The belief
    in any “god” is complete nonsense. 

  4. He sounds like Obama.

    The people revered him as the Savior, and people of the world over praised
    him. He speaks boastfully. Ushering in a period of peace. Now, he’s
    lying through his teeth. They’re even talking about re-electing him for a
    THIRD term. 

  5. The end times started with 9/11. Obama isn’t the anti-Christ but he is
    paying the way for him. I am wondering about something. If Hillary wins in
    2016 and the Sectary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon retires. She might
    nominate her
    husband for the post. By then they might be divorced and he could renounce
    his American Citizenship and try some
    BS that he is a world Citizen. Nothing these two would pull wouldn’t
    surprise me. Their so-called marriage is a sham.
    It was just for power. Me needed a wife to become president she wanted the
    power she would get from being the first
    lady. It is usually just BS she parlayed it with the help of powerful
    people into a position that meant something. She
    started her move in 2008 but got skunked by Obama. She is on the move now.

  6. Tom my…..your an idiot The God of Abraham is not the god of Abraham, he
    is a moon god a fabrication of the ragheads


  8. Christ will come for His bride soon! By the way, The book Hal Lindsey wrote
    “The Late Great Planet Earth’, does not give a 1988 date of the end. Wrong
    book and wrong person. Read it many times and Hal never gives a rapture
    date , end date or anything like it. He has always just told bible
    prophecy, period…History channel, get your facts strait .

  9. Religion is the root of all evil. The anti christ is about as believable as
    the bearded old man in the sky, and paradise and hell. Ever since men
    extinguished the matriarchal spiritualities, things have gone down hill.
    Care for the Earth , People. You depend on the health of the planet for
    human health. Human greed, and the destruction of the planet that ensues
    from it, is what you need to worry about, not ancient prophecies. 

  10. What is the matter with the world! Does it matter when Jesus comes for His
    church? Know this, When you die your end will be upon you. Live like it .
    God so loved the world, that if you believe in Him , though you were dead,
    shall live. Just as you are breathing, thinking , doing what you want, you
    do it by your free will. For there is only one God, one son, and Gods Holy
    Spirit, there is no in between. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you
    will be saved! There is no other way. Pray, read the Bible, and be humble.
    God will answer you. You must make the choice! Maranatha!!!

  11. If I am Muslim I believe what they are talking about the end time the signs
    and all the prophecy and was told in our Quran and Hadiths of our beloved
    prophet Mohammad (PBOH) and will happen the MALHAMA which the Christians
    say Armageddon or what ever you call WWIII and will be the worst war in
    human history. and Isa ASC the son of Merry will come whose the Christians
    call Jesus. 

  12. “Gods” and religion are just ways for people to start wars over nothing.
    People love to fight and believe that what they follow is the right way.
    When really all that you people do is become huge bigots and devote
    yourselves to some imaginary being in the sky. sure the bible has some good
    teachings in it like the commandments of not killing or stealing. Yet even
    then you do it countless upon countless times screaming “God told me to
    kill you!” while people of your faith caused genocide throughout history.
    The only reason Christianity is such a big religion is because anyone who
    didn’t accept their faith was killed off in some violent rampage fueled by
    their so called “God of peace and love”. And when you’re not busy ravaging
    nations over your god, you’re ravaging some boys ass who is begging for
    forgiveness, if he is old enough to speak that is. But what do you care? as
    long as you “Go to heaven” when you die you couldn’t be any less worried
    about sexual abuse. Just goes to show that no matter how good you are for
    following some stupid religion like a flock of sheep you will always have
    evil in you somehow. Hitler was Catholic, Abortion is a choice and you
    wouldn’t be pro-life if you got raped. Also gays are born that way and if
    they were planning on taking over they would have already.Have a nice-go
    fuck yourself

  13. HEY ASSHOLE Bringing innocent children into an overpopulated planet during
    the collapse of industrial civilizization, climate collapse and peak oil is
    WORSE THAN MURDER. The arrogance to think that human beings are so
    important as they destroy the planet is disgusting.

  14. This is BS!!!! The people coming to America did NOT view the Indians as the
    Anti-Christ!!! The American Indians died in huge numbers because of
    diseases that the Europeans brought with them to America!!!! The Indians
    helped the colonists learn how to plant tobacco and corn. Of course, there
    were a few outliers that mistreated the Indians including one of the
    Confederate Army leaders, talking them into giving up their guns and then
    turning on them and murdering them. But, in the grand scheme of things, the
    idea that we slaughtered thousands of Indians is a bunch of garbage
    promoted by the Left such as Bill Ayers, who is nothing more than a
    home-grown terrorist who is now in Academia. The various Indian tribes did
    not live in peace before the colonists arrived. They were constantly at war
    with one another and fought over land and resources. I would encourage
    everyone to go see the new movie, “America – What Would the World Be
    Without Her” promoted by Danish DeSouza. I ‘think’ that is how it is
    spelled. I’m not sure. But his movie sets things straight concerning topics
    such as this.

  15. …resources here are not the most credible ones… in fact, I do not think
    they are on the right side.

  16. All religions are simply belief systems in the hope that there is something
    else, perhaps a utopian place, where there is no evil-doers or malevolence.
    It is totally understandable that adherents to religious doctrines would
    want to believe that such a place exists as the concept of hell is
    experienced already in this world. I personally have no religion but I hope
    there is a way to eternal life in a peaceful world somehow.

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