Hagee: Ebola Is a Sign of the End Times

Pastor Matthew Hagee sees another sign of the endtimes: Ebola http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/matthew-hagee-says-ebola-crisis-sign-end-times –On the B...
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25 thoughts on “Hagee: Ebola Is a Sign of the End Times”

  1. The world is headed down the shitter for sure. Can’t argue that. I’d bet on
    Jesus fellas. Don’t be douches.

  2. these people do know that aids kills more people every 12 hours than has
    died in the entire outbreak, yet we aren’t freaking out about getting aids
    (to our detriment actually)

  3. Jebus also said; ” And people will listen to retards who go on television
    with a mono-brow and a horrible haircut “

  4. Hmm? I’m going to scream, “a massive flood is coming” every year where i
    live at and someday when a big flood comes I can say (with a smile), “see,
    I told ya.”
    Just ignore all of those other years when i said it but it never happened.

  5. David, why would you give any attention to what this twit says or believes?
    Or, more to the point,why would I watch?

  6. Maybe the rapture happened a long time ago, and so few people were raptured
    that no one noticed. Either way, unless these prophecies are REALLY
    specific like, *a 5′ 6″ white man with brown hair and blue eyes, and a scar
    over his right eye named Hubert Manning, who was once a woman by the name
    of Cathy June, will burst into flames and become a unicorn, signaling the
    end times!* then why bother. With how vague they word it, they might as
    well say ‘Stuff will happen. Give me money!’

  7. I have to correct David here. People who preach about the imminence of the
    “End Times” are actually not looking forwarded to an actual apocalyptic
    event because their whole shtick is keeping credulous people on the edge of
    their seat, awaiting a demise that will never come. They profit immensely
    off of teasing people about the apocalypse. If the apocalypse were ever to
    come it would destroy their entire scam. Its like a snake oil salesmen
    selling a bogus elixir, with the promise that regular treatments will cure
    a particular ailment. He doesn’t look forward to the customer getting
    better, because then there would no need for the bogus elixir. 

  8. There is no way that Boss Hogg…a.k.a. John Hagee wasn’t banging his son
    Matthew for most of his adolescence.

  9. “Nations rise against nations, kingdoms against kingdoms, famine and
    pestilence” While a bit more specific than “there will be mockers and
    scoffers”, it is still incredibly vague, and Hagee, you are a fucking moron
    for believing this stuff. We’ve had that kind of stuff happen numerous
    times in history. All wars for one, the black plague, H1N1 outbreak, you
    get the picture. I would a bit more surprised if we get something a bit
    more specific as a prophecy, because I can say “One day, terrorists will
    find a way to hijack planes and fly into buildings again”, and it could be
    one year from now or hundreds and I would still be right, even after I’m
    long dead, and each future event of the same type, I would still be right.
    In order for me to consider something “prophecy” it needs to be a bit more

  10. Oh good. We have an informed and intelligent commentator that is going to
    give his understanding of when the world will end. Oh, wait a minute. Never
    mind, it’s just Matthew Hagee.

  11. I’m sure he said the same shit about bird flu. Just how long are these end
    times supposed to last exactly, or even approximately? I can imagine him on
    his deathbed lamenting the fact that the end times didn’t happen yet.

  12. THE END IS NEAR, by the way I buy homes so you can take that nice vacation.
    You better make it fast though, times a ticking on the fun.

  13. Man, this guy should have been alive during the Dark Ages. Talk about
    kingdom rising up against kingdom and famine and pestilence.

    Actually, that pretty much pertains to every single century during the
    last, well, since the start of civilization.

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