End Time Giants

via YouTube Capture... This is a must see right to the end... Take a journey and see the interwoven prophesy coinciding and culminating with the end time sig...


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24 thoughts on “End Time Giants”

  1. my ideals about religion and all of that is different, but what I can agree
    on is this my love, it is sooo sad to me, that our *rulers, do not, car
    not, and will not, do a damn thing. that guy on the bpearth radio show he
    was also trying to tell everyone that they are *waiting* oo i don’t know
    what is gonna happen but, they are WAITING, and he said you WILL NOT live
    on your own after the event, there will be places set up for you live…
    the government wont make the people safe before the event, they will only
    take care of the ones that are left… ha yea and lead to hunger games…..
    crazy but not scared or mad, just calm before the storm :)

  2. Humans wanting to be God’s… It’s not going to happen and it will be the
    end of us if we continue down this path.

  3. Hi Barney, for some reason I get the message unavailable on this platform
    which is my iphone, and I know you use iphone to make your movies. Stupid

  4. 32:14
    what does this have to do with anything .
    this is just bad maintanace . broken sewage just washed away the soil and
    the road collapsed. nothing more

  5. that said MTA 6370 NOT MIA 370 talk about twisting shit to make your
    point of view ,thats what keeps people like me from listening to crap like
    this ,its blantant BullSHIT !!!!!

  6. It seems people cover for the real Antichrist Daniel 7:25 he thinks to
    change times and Laws times is God,s calender laws is his commandments the
    Vatican changed God,s calender in 1582 by Pope Gregory 13th Constantine
    changed God,s Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday in 321 A.D the Vatican got
    rid of the 2nd commandment of Idols and graven images.Revelations chapter
    17 tells you who reigns over the world leaders dressed in purple and
    scarlet has a golden cup full of abominations sits on 7 hills drunk on the
    blood of the saints all roads leads to Rome all world leaders goes to the
    Vatican both America and the Vatican has domes and faces Obelisks only the
    Pope claims to forgive sins claims to be God his title is the Vicar of
    Christ means takes the place of God Latin word Vicarius Filii Dei
    112+53+501 = 666.

  7. Watch out for COGNiTIVE BIAS as a mind control technique being used to make
    it seem our earth is headed for an end times scenario. as in attentional
    bias availability heuristic . clustering illusion, exaggerated expectation,
    expectation bias, frequency illusion, current moment bias, dynamic
    inconsistency effect, illusion of validity, illusory correlation,
    negativity bias, observation selection bias, observer expectancy effect,
    pessimism bias, selective perception, Semmelweis reflex bias, subjective
    validation, naive realism, naive cynicism, bizarreness effect, illusion of
    truth effect, peak end rule, picture superiority effect makes visual media
    seem more substantial and memorable than past print sources of info,
    primacy effect when end of list items are more easily remembered,, rosy
    retrospection, suggestibility, high vividness effect or high impact effect
    making these types of memories more available to recall as they are more
    Researching amy or all of these human behavioral – cognitive biases will
    reveal incite into heuristic motivations influencing decision making
    reasoning and inference relationships.

  8. The part about DARPA working with companies to promote the development of
    identity technology was interesting. If you acknowledge that governments
    operate using generational planing to achieve objectives, then DARPA’s
    involvement suggests that the military, at some level, is interested in the
    implementation of such technology, for use by the public. Given our
    current laws, it’s illegal for law enforcement to obtain ID remotely
    without cause. Therefore, we can surmise that some element of the
    government intends to remove that standard from our laws, such that this
    technology will be legal. 

  9. satan is so full of pride. he has to announce to the world that he has
    come, unlike Jesus, who was born in a manager with some shepherds
    visiting. satan is always counterfeits God, but as hard as he tries he can
    never come to God’s glory and majesty. He may have followers, but in the
    end they will not worship him with their hearts, but they will despise
    him. Come to Jesus, repent and pray.

  10. as much as I love watching good Doom Porn, none of any one of any of the
    events that have been reported, predicted, calculated to happen, has
    happened. Not ONE. no meteor storms, no giant impact on the East Coast of
    America, no comets diving in and causing massive solar ejecta, not one of
    the comets discussed has done anything near what has been predicted. face
    it. NO ONE knows what they are talking about. it is pure speculation. and
    if you read and believe your ”good book” you are doing the work of the
    Devil, spreading rumor, dis-information and speculation. even the ‘book’
    says, no one will know when the last day will be, only the Lord Himself
    knows for sure. despite your warnings and ”signs” in the sun and stars
    and moon. keep it going though, maybe one of these times you’ll all be
    right and you can say ”told you so” until then, Doom Porn posters look
    like absolute blathering babbling fools….Yellowstone,….Bring IT. 

  11. We are being protected from asteroids and the like and other natural
    events.That’s why the comet linear debris trail passing was a dud! Don’t
    fall for this fear mongering. Religion and in particular christian’s have
    been barking this kind of fear mongering for over 2000 years.


  13. How can you blame all evil on “Satan” and demons?( way too convenient )
    Just like with kid’s you blame the parent and unless someone has seen or
    spoken to this imaginary friend “God” then you are just blindly following
    words on a paper like sheep. It’s all too easy to lie on paper.

    So sad this is where we are even after having so many facts to discredit
    any being capable of creating and ruling the universe with the ease of a
    blink. You all just want to feel like you are better then the other beings
    living on this planet, special in some way, just because we are more
    intelligent, and instead of living in harmony with nature we feel entitled
    to it because we are HUMANS RAWR!! Again, so sad.
    Earth Out.

  14. The first guy is a false prophet/teacher and so is Haggai. One says he is a
    fallen angel and the other said Jesus was not the Messiah.

  15. i dont know about the rest of you but, I cant wait for this to happen, I
    been waiting patiently, the strong will survive and everyone will be equal,
    people will know how to love each other and the earth again, bring it
    already, and know god and be thankful for your health and your beautiful

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