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  1. Jesus Christ is coming soon…….Look up, for your redemption draws nigh
    if you are a born again believer in Jesus Christ…..The world will never
    end as Jesus will change it, upon his return to earth……with
    fire…….People, you have one chance to be saved from going to
    hell………Come to Jesus and accept him……..Now…….Before it is too
    Take Care,
    Miss Paula

  2. My quake meter shows non-stop quakes all around yellowstone. this has been
    going on for a long time. That volcano is huge underneath! It also shows
    quakes in Alaska. There are quakes all along the west coast into S.A.
    Basically they are everywhere, most are 3.0-6.0 MG The quakes are
    everywhere. LAWD ♥ 

  3. End of time idiots have been chanting this stuff right back to the Mayan
    civilisation. They used to destroy all possessions on the end of the world
    25 year cycle, then go sit on a mountainside and wait till the end came.
    Uh! I don’t think that it did, but these events have been written into
    history. I will bet that they read the same stupid messages in the
    earthquakes, crop failures, Mickey Mouse shaped potatoes, whatever. These
    weren’t messages from Jesus, (Though you say that he adopted the same
    stupid message sending methods) but from Quetzalcoatl, or more likely
    Itzamna, lord of earth and sky. . . .they are still waiting?

  4. wow! it amazes me to see a lot of ignorant people posting comments on here!
    No offence but one has to be really blind….or stupid not to realize
    what’s going on…on this planet! Take my word for it….it’s gonna get
    worse…..much worse…God help us all.

  5. when all bees die out,we have 4 more years left until end of human
    kind,said Einstein and he was right :)

  6. Don’t worry the science is in!! It’s all caused by the CO2 being expelled
    by man-made machinery.
    Seriously, anyone with any understanding of science wouldn’t lump all this
    onto CO2, if any of it. Take your dunce caps off and realize that there is
    more to this then “climate change” as the UN has described it.

  7. TO all the faithful christians out there… I will not be going to heaven
    during the rapture. Its too late for me brothers and sisters. If any of
    you have concerns about your pets being left behind please let me know. I
    will be here to take care of them after you get swept into paradise. I
    accept personal checks, postal money orders and cash. I will need a
    nonrefundable 1K USD in the aforementioned payment methods. Please feel
    free to email me and we can work something out. I accept payments as
    well.. There will be an additional fee for each pet. God Bless brothers
    and sisters.

  8. Religious idiot. They take news clips from all over the world about
    earthquakes and weather events that have been happening for a LOT longer
    than their absurd superstitions have been around. 

  9. Could we make a video that says ” Coward makes predictions, and fails to
    respond after the world didn’t end ” ?

    Here we go again….

    Produced By JasonA Channel Subscribe For More On #StrangeAndExtremeWeather
    #Illuminati And #EndTimesEvents 

  11. Eh… All the little ants gets scared of these things then screams god’s
    name on the comment section? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat. What dies is
    only your damn body, your soul is immortal. As long as the past earth dies,
    new earth will be created, then your soul will take a body and reborned
    again. No one knows this secret teaching?

  12. I feel it in me. Ignoring the events around the world, I feel my body and
    mind changing as if it’s prematurely adapting to some horrific crises.

  13. For all those of you, that believe ignorance is a bliss. Don’t be surprised
    by global warming, sea level rises, weather we never had before, wars
    breaking out all over the world and pestilence like ebola or the new ISIS
    movements. If you believe in prophecies or not, the daily worldwide news,
    should convince even the most ignorant morons by facts, of the later day
    Bible predictions. 

  14. God is coming!! The water turned blood red in china overnight, and in many
    other countries, strange noises heard in the sky around the world reported
    as hearing, “Sounds of trumpets blasting.” Huge meteor hits Russia (TWICE)
    once during the day and during the evening on separate occasions, there are
    droughts, floods, earthquakes in rare places, Brazil reported, “raining
    spiders,” hanging from the sky, People dying from Ebola, and viruses are
    spreading fast, making it harder to contain..The end is near..We must
    repent and prepare. God Bless.

  15. I’m gonna laugh at every single person on January 1st that actually think
    the world is going to end in 2014. You have to learn not to be so gullible,
    just because it didn’t happen while you were alive doesn’t mean it’s
    unusual or never happened, because I’m sure it did. Floods aren’t unusual,
    sea levels rising, not really, and hard storms aren’t unusual either. It’s
    most likely natural. Call me stupid since i’m 11 but really? The world is
    not ending.

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