25 thoughts on “End Time Bible Prophesy Coming True”

  1. Iran’s leaders are nuts but no need to make fun of his job before he rose to
    power. A street sweeper was good honest employ. Heck Jimmy Carter was a
    peanut farmer and Ronald Reagan an actor
    which didnt require brainpower. But yes all muslim nations are in for a
    at Jesus return (and ALL religions). They will be wiped out. You must be
    again and obeying Jesus commands to get heaven entry.

  2. Church’s are in denial about the coming end,they refuse to warn their flock
    about the coming armageddon that will soon be upon us. They pray instead
    for these worldly governments to improve and to rectify problems we see
    today but in the book of revelation God refers to worldly governments as
    babylon the great,and will be destroyed by fire….

  3. If you say you are without sin, then you deceive yourself and the truth is
    not in you.

  4. lol…the 1st guy is a straight false profit..but yet ppl will still
    believe this nutcase then someone how is seriously of god…

  5. I don’t know about this. How can you teach on Prophecy if you can’t even
    spell the word ?

  6. Just a little religious test: The “real” Jesus could speak any language on
    earth without even an accent. I wonder how many languages that pretender
    (Jose at 1:40) can speak. So far he’s not doing very well with simple

  7. Jesus said I am not going to walk this earth but will raise you up so the
    one that comes before me and Walks the Earth and says that he is God or
    Jesus is of the devil.

  8. There are over 35,000 different bible prophecies posted on YouTube, and I
    believe every single one them. I know they are all true, because I know
    that anyone that reads the bible is trustworthy and never wrong.

  9. Every stone of the ” Temple” must first be overturned by the Messiah.
    Netanyahu is no Messiah…

  10. I knew the trolls would have a hay day with this one. Dis it all you want,
    these are the end times. Get right with God!

  11. I believe the bible is real 100%. I am a believer and follower of Jesus
    Christ. I believe in God. Sadly those who don’t believe are very misled.
    Anyone who does not believe in God is a fool. God put you here. Weither you
    believe it or not. If it weren’t for God none of us would be here. Gods
    wrath is coming. It may not be in anyone who is alive now, life time but it
    is coming. It is no humans place to say who is going to hell. But the bible
    does say all who don’t believe in him or do not repent for their sins will
    not see the gates of heaven. Which means hell is where those peoples souls
    end up. When a person repents only God knows if they mean it. I maybe a
    Christian but I am not perfect. I STILL sin. But I am saved because I have
    been saved and accepted Christ into my heart, soul, and life. I live for
    him. I still make mistakes. I am not proud of that. I pray people get right
    with God before it is to late. God loves everyone, even those who don’t
    love him back/don’t believe in him. No one can stop Gods love. I pray for
    all people, even people I don’t know and have never met. People all over
    the world. I love Gods people because God tells us to love his people. It
    is very hard sometimes but with God it is possible to do so. I get a lot of
    hate and judgement. But God told me in his word that would happen. Even if
    it may sting a little it does not take me away from God or his word. People
    can say what they want to me. But I belong to God. He is always with me.
    And people’s words of hate and judgement mean nothing. May God Bless You
    all. And remember Jesus loves you. 

  12. EVERY generation since the date of christ’s death has believed they were
    the one’s living the end times. Christ’s own disciples thought he was going
    to come back in their lifetime

  13. The guy they showed in the beginning is not the antichrist. The antichrist
    will rise out of the European Union, or the newly revived Roman Empire
    which is the European Union. The antichrist will arise after the rapture of
    the church and the world will go into shock and he will come and make
    solutions to the problems that they have. But just like 911 the world will
    recover from the rapture. 

  14. I do not see Iran attacking other countries as the USA is doing in
    attacking Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq recently, and warring in the past
    with Vietnam, Korea and others. and if Iran is supporting some so called
    terror organizations ( some call them freedom organizations since they
    fighting the Jews for stealing their land), you can take a look at what
    what type of groups the terror state of the USA is supporting and spreading
    war and death all over the world literally.. 

  15. Acts 1:11, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same
    Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like matter
    as you have seen him go into heaven. When did he come down from heaven?
    Fake People need to obey Acts 2;38.

  16. Actually some really interesting and factual info here. Genie, you gave me
    the warm fuzzies and reminded me of my mom, the only other woman I have
    ever heard using atrocious and cringe in the same sentence. God rest her

    exist – the 13 blood line families – DO – exist – were living in sodom and
    gamora – here in the states – wtf…

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