Decoding the End Times Panel: Gonz Shimura, Doug Hamp, LA Marzulli

LA Marzulli, Doug Hamp, and Gonz Shimura discuss more about the upcoming conference "Decoding the End Times" to be held at Wastminster California February 21...

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25 thoughts on “Decoding the End Times Panel: Gonz Shimura, Doug Hamp, LA Marzulli”

  1. Interesantno… i veoma izvesno. Mnogo ozbiljnih činjenica se pominje u
    ovom razgovoru, a posebnu pažnju privlače istraživanja L.A Marzullija, koji
    se bavi razotkrivanjem tajne koju nose izdužene lobanje i gigantski skeleti
    širom sveta, kao i UFO fenomeni…
    Što se tiče novog filma Noah koji spominju na kraju – potpuno se slažem sa
    konstatacijom da je radnja filma i poruka koju nosi veliko “kukavičje jaje”
    koje na suptilan način negira Biblijski opis potopa, i aludira na promenu
    sagledavanja i odnosa prema palim anđelima…
    Decoding the End Times Panel: Gonz Shimura, Doug Hamp, LA Marzulli

  2. @facelikethesun I like the way you talk. You have a great voice for
    narraration. When I watch your videos the narration keeps me very
    interested. I hope that doesn’t sound wired or anything. 

  3. Some thoughts in regards to this, if i may. Genetic engineering has been
    around on a physical level as we know it now, as in genetic engineering of
    breeding hybrids (not creating, let God have His own word at least) via
    ‘medical technology’ for some time, since the 70s or even earlier as some
    reports, but in terms of breeding certain ‘kinds’ of animals, that itself
    is well a form of genetic engineering in a rudimentary way. So these
    skulls do seem quite tantalizing if they didn’t have such technology since
    it was occurring on a spiritual level via the darkest of magic incantation
    and ritual, through pure craft of the goat, but yes, conclusive evidence,
    would quite shake the anthropological world that is for sure, among others,
    so that’s an interesting note that would be wise to consider, but
    Neanderthals are just old men and women, (not humans friends, we are not
    evolved from apes). As you age, your eyebrow ridges, and nose continues to
    grow for example.

    Further, most of the UFOs are actual secret gov’t craft, nazi saucers,
    smoke, lights, mirrors and bluebeams, literally, the material is there in
    the public domain straight from the patent sites, which are active, just
    not spoken about of course by such responsible. If we know that at times,
    Holly(Magic)-wood reveals gov’t technology to us in the form of theater,
    and it must be approved by DoD before release, it’s not hard to also
    realize once witnessing the activity of such technology, that many
    abductions are actually a very high form of technology which is no
    different than magic to simple people, and therefore, they are products of
    the flying saucer movies since the late 40s for example. But the ones that
    are actually spiritual, that don’t use the name of Jesus to stop it, are
    what is contained in one movie, not about so called “aliens”, but rather a
    form of directed brain/mind control, which the Russians in the 1960s were
    already playing with, so it’s not hard to produce a false abduction
    scenario with such vast resources at one’s disposal, to ‘trick’ the public
    into believing the hollywood version instead of the reality of the
    technology, and that’s how good it is.

    The apotheosis of man … an alchemical event, this calls to mind “Joseph
    Farrell’s” book on it. Gonz, interesting view on the gold, still, that
    keeping Scripture first and last filter helps one comprehend their way
    (satan’s side) w/o getting mixed up but still very interesting what you
    stated there in light of what you brought up.

    Who is “Israel” in the New Covenant?

    Though it’s referred to as Hegelian, Caesar was fond of it, he got it from
    Egypt, who in turn got it from Sumeria for example, if one is interested to
    know, or cares to know, it’s for him who has hears.

    Alien, we should step out of that black robed word don’t you think? It’s a
    perfect example of “Newspeak”. The Scriptures let us know that alien’s are
    foreigners in another land, not from outer space, thus if you will allow,
    this is a nazi autograph of their work, via their masters, Venice knows
    them well.

    Math, Arithmetic, is the oldest form of mystery religion subjects, par
    excellence. You didn’t need it in the garden, all Adam has to do, was take
    care of it, all free, no need for math. Sure math is quite helpful
    everyday in a world where commerce agents who traffick in the souls of men
    and who have made this way since the fall, not doubt, but that’s an
    externalization of the old mystery schools, thus, is it not, the
    Taldmudists, who reveal in their own ‘manuals’, that turning ‘God’ into a
    mathematical equation, is one of their tenets? I’m not stating that
    God(Jesus) doesn’t do things on His time clock as He pleases, for His
    ultimate glory, but rather, that ‘mathematicalizing’ the events, echoes
    strongly of Babylonian Talmud Commerce practices, as corrupt as that book
    is, written by demons themselves.

    Mr. Hamp, if i may state, you are either a Berean, or a Theologian, not
    both Scripturally, for the former is Scriptural, the latter is a
    philosophical invention, smells like catholic priests, and title that
    philosophers wore proudly by the pens of their own hands, i’m sorry,
    Coloss-ians 2:8 tells me otherwise.

    *Remote control of cellular behaviour with
    magnetic nanoparticles* _

    *The title, abstract and bio sketch of the speaker (a renowned scientist in
    the physics of clusters and microscopy) — Organising atoms: from atomic
    manipulation to size-selected atomic clusters* _

    *Developing highly-integrated subcutaneous biochips for remote monitoring
    of human metabolism* _


    ** *Scientists control
    biological materials with radio waves*

    Makes you wonder about this chips LA is referring to, and where’s it’s
    coming from.

    People are hungry for signs and wonders, more than they are hungry for
    turning away from the worldly flesh every day, holiness, being unpopular,
    and being born again.

    Noah, that movie, is a raping of the the true story in Scripture, that
    movie will only further destroy the truth that the Scriptures illuminate on
    the subject, and it’s going to cause more damage than good, since it’s a
    training video to bring people into the ‘fallen angel’ script of history by
    distorting the stories of the bible, by massaging ‘fallen angel mindset’,
    utter seething rebellion, into their mind/spirit, like an egg of a
    cockatrice dropped into the viewer’s mind, while they are getting cursed by
    watching the movie which is how much of witchcraft is done through, it’s
    why when leaving the movie, many have picked up demons they don’t even
    realize, think about “Harry Potter”? They should it call Witch-Casting, but
    broad casting sounds better.

    Just some observations, you can dump it like trash, remove the comment if
    it doesn’t suit you, it’s your page, but people should be at least allowed
    to hear another’s view if it’s actually not foolish thinking.

  4. Brothers, you speak of the Aliens (Demons with perhaps the Watchers and
    Satan himself) as coming and being the Enemy and you are correct. However,
    mankind itself has this contingent of Mortal Traitors to the Lord that walk
    and work among us. Wow! We DO have a full plate! The Illuminati alone is so
    dug-in and powerful with Satan at its Spiritual Head that we mortals could
    not defeat it but must wait upon Christ. When you look at what’s ahead then
    ‘hurry Jesus!’ Amen !
    I can see now that the Rapture is called the Blessed Hope because if the
    average person was schooled in what’s coming they’d reach out for Salvation
    and all it represents.

  5. This is such a tease!!!! I can’t afford to go/watch and you guys keep
    putting the teasers out!!! UGH!!!! lol

  6. The bible is very exciting when we have all of this different sign that
    people are very blind to sadly I really hope more people watch this
    They are now talking about the RFID chip on the hand check that out. God

  7. Hi Gonz. I follow your channel and you are doing a great work, I am very
    glad that some people still give a little bit of hope… So what I want to
    ask you is, what can you tell us about Wormwood mentioned in revelation?
    Can you give me your thoughts on it?

  8. there are so many parallelism occurring these days and this is what causes
    mass confusion…i have witnessed talks of biblical end of times with the 3
    days of darkness and the wrath that God will bring on this earth, with this
    idea the statement of killing 2/3 of the population, its parallelism is the
    elite want to depopulate the world. this is one example. the religion of
    islam is the antichrist, there theology is against people that believe in
    Jesus Christ but why do not talk about other religions in the world as
    hateful as christians. you have the fallen angels and you have divine
    angels. history repeats itself with references being made about Babylon.
    the romance of new technology and knowledge is here, i find myself
    questioning everything and wondering the motivations of new knowledge.
    sometimes i feel so small compared to the big agendas in the world. i
    love the information from your videos. the truth is in the bible, the
    motivation from these truths is to save our souls…the cliche the truth
    will set you free is very true..this is my source of truth, my source of
    inspirations….thanks for sharing all your inspirations…

  9. Thus saith the Lord, this is crap hogwash, got blood Repent and be baptized
    everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins
    and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit

  10. I agree with LA, the next event I believe will be Psalms 83 along with
    Isaiah 17:1. I wish I could make it to the conference, but unfortunately I
    cannot. Thanks guys and God bless! P.S. Hey Gonz, can’t wait for the new
    movie, the first one was AWESOME! I must have watched it at least 10

  11. And yes, “Age of Deceit 2″ is long awaited. Thanks for your work and very
    interesting stuff in light of our faith in Jesus the Messiah and His Word

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