Dajjal (Antichrist) & Symbolism in the End Times

Dajjal (Antichrist) & Symbolism in the End Times - Lectured by Sheikh Imran Hosein Lectured By World Renowned Islamic Scholar Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein. Lect...
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13 thoughts on “Dajjal (Antichrist) & Symbolism in the End Times”

  1. Although it is interesting to hear this man elaborating upon his
    understanding there are some errors in his insights.
    The “Dajjal” is not a person or entity whom is indigenous (born) to Israel,
    he is from somewhere else, from another nation to the North East of Israel
    – after when he invades Israel as a king he will set himself up in the
    Glorious Land (Israel) as a god but he is a deceiver and comes from a
    nation from the North East of Israel initially, he also comes into Israel
    as a king with his army in a time of peace. 

  2. White DEVILS rule alllllllllllllllllllllllll Muslim lands via proxy of
    their puppets who are put in power by threats of death!! As detailed in the
    book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins!!! White people,
    who are not Muslims, are THE SEED OF SATAN – as prophesied!!!

  3. Assalamo Alikum,
    Absolutely wonderful, Jazakallah khair, Javed Khan,
    I am so grateful that you made this brother, This man is 100 Correct in
    what he say’s,
    This is what I needed to know that I am not lost within my walk,
    Jazakallah khair.
    let me add a few things please that might help maybe,
    Firstly I believe that the way the Dajaal entered Madieena was within the
    hearts of others,
    With his foods, it to me is clear that oil is a food to the dajaal as he
    needs it to bring forward the power of money, and oil is the food of his
    choice as it also destroys the earth and it is like remove the juice from a
    So I believe the Toys and the foods that have entered into our peoples
    As this is what is going to destroy the earth, and how is it supported,
    Hmmmm ?
    Though MAN. ! with cell phones and music and certain foods, even thought
    the biggest mistake in the world was finding oil. we who use oil or petrol
    are all guilty.
    I believe the only way in the future to identify a imposter will be to see
    whom is true muslim within their prayer,.
    the Fema camps are not just for Muslims they are for non muslims too,
    and the terrifying thing is not the guillotines, nor the Fema trains but
    the Fema coffins, they claim that they are disposable ,,, yet they keep
    them stored in the elements and in the earth,, ( I think they are not
    disposable and most likely heat proof, just my own thoughts,
    I think with the insurance that they give loan and encourage
    live insurance so if you die your bill is paid,
    with the Gmo foods they have been made with insect or animal genes and they
    spray chemtrails that looks like clouds but are not,
    the two together are playing with peoples Dna.
    they have polluted the pacific ocean with nuclear and now deep sea drill
    within the pacific the only untouched place on earth,
    the frack within the ground to poison underground water,
    and they have Haarp that controls all weather that is based in Alaska,
    ” the heart of the Dajaal , ” I call it.
    The worse weapon of mass destruction,
    most people are still asleep believing what ever they are told on
    but this is world wide,,, ( I believe the ones that live within the
    desserts will be the ones that will find Paradise as it is them that is not
    tempered and are loyal to all the things of Allah,, ( example Coke is a
    Gmo produce which can maintain animal or insect genes, all shop yummy
    Monstanto’s Daarpa and haarp all work for the Dajaal
    Now they claim the utube was removed over the movie and death,
    I do not believe that is the case,, I could be wrong,, but many people die
    all over the world daily,, I think it was a good excuse to stop Pakistan
    from seeing utube as they walk so strong that the Dajaal does not want them
    knowledge for some reason,,
    just my thought, !
    The new problem is Nano technology, Gmo’s and Haarp
    Now ! Nano technology was found within the stained glass
    windows of Christian churches, apparently after king Phillip cased the
    Knights Templers and killed many ,, the main men escaped and travelled
    to Scotland , it was here that they built the first chapel using this
    stain glass windows,
    They say it is built on top of king Solomon’s castle, but I know nothing
    about that sorry,
    anyway,, they had a piece of paper so legion has it,, and that lead them to
    America which them found oil which today the same rich people of these
    banks are owned too, the Freemasons,
    The goal that rumours have it, is that they want to control the food chain
    to the world and only the Monsanto’s seed can shrive in pollution,
    Them still claiming the seed and Dna,
    they also have been seeking throw the west for Dna samples of everybody,
    I do not know why ? nobody does,, but I wonder do they hunt for somebody.
    you have at eased my mind and I shall start to follow,
    excuse anything I might of said wrong to up set anybody, as I am still at
    the beginning stage of my walk as I am new Muslim,
    Assalamo Ailkum.

    ps. tell all muslims they need to have a trade,
    only within the first two wars were those with trades survived,
    yes we all die, and so we still all do, but the more workers for Allah
    and Jesus on the last days the better.
    And to spread the word to others of all knowledge on facebook,, use
    long term English or what ever language you can,, as those with
    translators can not understand text talk,, and our fellow muslims brought
    translators to talk, but modern text cell phone talk cuts them out,
    may Allah bless this wonderful man to be able to share much more knowledge ,
    and may Muslims here his call, in sha Allah.
    thank you too, Javed Khan,


  5. Another amazing documentary about the Dajjal here:
    The Greater Dajjal: A Trial, A Kingdom, A Prophecy (HD)

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