Benny Hinn – The End Times, Part 1

Founder and president of EndTime Ministries, Irvin Baxter is a television and radio host, author, publisher, and international prophecy teacher. Today, he fo...

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24 thoughts on “Benny Hinn – The End Times, Part 1”

  1. its not the End! weve been in the end times since Yahushua died and rose
    again! besides christians would have to flee their unscriptual babylonian
    beliefs and be grafted into the 12 tribes of YisraEl! i can only laugh at
    the stupidity of us people. how we have been so decieved! i used to cry and
    be angry. christianity/judaism are not the “faith of the saints”. the bride
    of Yahushua isnt christianity! stop being fooled! honor Yahushua by obeying
    His Laws and praying for His “spirit” Ruach haKodesh! in His Word He
    promises to save those found DOING His Words(Laws). the new covenant is the
    Laws being written in our hearts and minds so that no one needs to be
    taught by man. so that we dont sin. christianity,judaism,islam etc are all
    sinfull wrong religions with idolatry in their practices! ‘renewed

  2. All these symbolic beasts in rev. represent the satanic
    “Talmudic”-Communist Khazar Edomite Infiltrated Governments !! These
    Talmudic devils as stated in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 are the New World
    Talmudic Communist Order

  3. no one has to proove any thing go get something else to critcize if thats
    your bag dude

  4. How kan I order one please…God bless you Benny Hinn and Irvin Baxter for
    the word of God…..thank you

  5. So many people, So lost, Its sad for people who have no hope! THANK GOD FOR

  6. I am just BLOWN AWAY! Yet another outstanding infomercial. Thank you Benny!
    Thank you for using the Lords name in vain to make another buck. Jim and
    Tammy Fay Baker salute you.

  7. Tishri (September-October) is the 7th month according to the Jewish
    Calendar. Has NOTHING to do with the American Independence day of the 4th
    of July! These men are lying to you!!!

  8. What a stupid fag you are Benny Hinn! I heard you commenting on Joel
    Osteed… give me a break! You are no better! You are just another silver
    tongued salesman getting rich off a fairy tale. Thank god there are so many
    dummies that believe all this BS or you would be selling cars! 

  9. Benny Hinn is the new Jesus.
    Mormons have their own Jesus sometimes called Mormon Jesus.
    Benny Hinn is the Mammon Jesus, as the God of his prosperity religion is
    Mammon (Money). No man comes to the anti christ but by him.

  10. Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no Harm. Stop speaking Bad about
    Benny Hinn. If the Holy spirit does not inspire you, you can’t do it. Watch
    your mouth!!!!!

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