25 thoughts on “Are the end times imminent? (1/2)”

  1. I remember watching footage of the Japanese earthquake a few years ago and
    seeing the destruction which was hard to watch but thought it was a one off
    at the time. If you think what’s happened around the world since then I
    believe it is clear we are moving towards the last days. Britain has seen
    its worst ever flooding recently, the same goes for Pakistan and China.
    America has been getting battered by tornados and hurricanes. Hurricane
    Sandy was the second costliest natural disaster in America history. The
    Philippines saw a superstorm with the fastest wind speeds ever recorded on
    earth. As for the unrest between nations it is intensifying every week.
    Syria alone has seen over 100,000 deaths and 2million people fleeing the
    country. There’s two ways you can view these things 1) this is normal – the
    world is constantly changing or 2) this isn’t normal – the level of natural
    disasters is much higher than usual. Personally I believe option 2. The
    bible says there will be an increase in earthquakes and natural disasters
    and man’s heart will go cold in the lead up to the final days. I believe
    that time is now. I only say these things to point people in the right
    direction as god wants us to repent of our sins. No one man knows the day
    or the hour of jesus return but god wants us to be prepared and sends us
    signs so we know we are in the end times season. 

  2. Can you believe that supposed “Grown Ups” are so ignorant in the things
    that will effect them , yet laugh, mock etc. there was only one gent who
    had any idea. That compere is a total Moron how he was given the job I will
    never know.
    For his benefit I will explain. The Jews are still waiting for the Messiah
    to come (he has, in the person of Jesus Christ) Russia, China and others
    will attack Israel all but wiping them off the map.
    Only then will they call on The Lord Jesus Christ to intervene ( realising
    that He is the Messiah) will he return vanquishing the foe and sets up the
    new Kingdom.
    All recorded in Scripture!

  3. I think we are in end times. Am I crazy? Maybe/maybe not… There are a lot
    of people around the world who think the same and believe that god is
    sending Jesus to return soon. The world is a mess. There’s a lot of good
    happening but sin is prevalent in the UK and people don’t even see it. Just
    look at all the natural disasters on the rise – wars and bombings daily in
    the middle east, Africa and Ukraine/Russia. This is just the start.
    Preparation will be key for what lies ahead. Also we need to pray for
    safety and renewed faith in Jesus. God bless

  4. It’s really sad that people can’t see the truth. What are you gonna say
    when all these things come to pass and your standing in front of Jesus and
    he ask you why should you be aloud in heaven? Do you really think he is
    gonna welcome you in with open arms when you didn’t believe what he was
    trying to tell you. No he is gonna tell you depart from me I never knew
    you. He is trying to get your attention now to warn you of future events so
    you won’t have to suffer these things. I plead with you to ask Jesus into
    your heart and turn from your sins before it’s to late. There are gonna be
    signs in the sun moon and stars. He is warning us that time is very short
    April 15th the first of 4 blood moon occurs. It’s a sighn ti Israel that
    there is war on the horizon. Israel will not let iran get a nuclear weapon.
    They will attack iran which will usher in the psalm 38 war followed by the
    Ezikeal 38 war. By the end of those 2 wars the muslems will have lost 84%
    of their fighting forces. Then the world will know the God of Israel is the
    one and only God. But their will still be people who won’t believe then
    will come a series of 21 judgements against those who don’t believe each
    getting worse. These ares God’s final attempts to get an unbelieving world
    to repent of their sins and turn to him. Please don’t be a fool and follow
    the way of the world for narrow is the path to salvation and wide is the
    path to distruction. 

  5. Why does the host of this show have to interrupt everyone when he asks them
    a question. Its a too short and poor debate. 

  6. Fuckin ell’ scary shit from the guy that watched the Noah movie. I’d be
    more concerned but I just finished watching the latest Star Trek movie and
    I’m really concerned about the kling on advancement to our system…
    They’re obviously superior… I’m not sure who to be more afraid of.

  7. Wow, are these people really debating over the endtimes? This is the 21st
    century and people are still acting like superstitious imbeciles.

  8. It’s so sad that there are still people who are so superstitious and
    Deities don’t exist because modern technology along with research has
    trumped deities and the silly stories about them 

  9. “After Hell, The Lake Of Fire?” So Hell on its own isn’t enough of a
    punishment for unbelievers? Don’t you just love fundamentalist

  10. Jesus will be “king of the world?” In a world where “sin” won’t exist and
    where everyone will be filled with the love of God, there would be no need
    for any kind of ruler. None of it makes the slightest bit of sense.

  11. It is the defining trait of religious people that they get stuck with
    dogma. Christianity is a shameful era of suppression and fear. Anyone
    calling themselves Christian is a self defined ‘mentally retarded idiot’

  12. the BBC are the SCUM OF THE EARTH ! and the “bible” is nothing more than
    toilet paper ,just like all sky psycho worshiping god lunatics :(

  13. that religious man said that he wished we could feed every one on the
    planet, we could if religious people didn’t have such a problem with
    condoms and other sexual contraception 

  14. God is supposedly “patient, not wanting people to perish” according to the
    bible. Well why in the name of sanity is he still creating human beings,
    the majority of whom are going to end up in hell? The whole thing is
    completely absurd.

  15. My favorite thing to do with these people is ask them for a specific date
    of the end times. It always turns out to be “soon”, never this weekend or
    next month, but “soon”.

  16. I can’t stand 5 minutes of that lunatic in the front row how am I going to
    last an eternity in Heaven?

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