500 Days Until Climate Chaos: End Time Signs & Events

End time signs and events. 500 days until climate chaos... May 2015 - Sept 2015. Nibiru, Haarp, agenda 21. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM via YouTube Capture... Copyrig...
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25 thoughts on “500 Days Until Climate Chaos: End Time Signs & Events”

  1. Nonsense. The only real end of the world is when someone dies. It ends for
    them. But as for the rest of us, the world still goes strong. You’re all
    just paranoid and confused.

  2. It’s very very important to spread as much fear as possible to get the
    people to put more money on the collection plates. As people get more and
    more educated religions have been finding it difficult to get people to
    believe in talking snakes, 600 yr old men building giant boats and dead
    people coming back to life, and the story of the happy Adams’ Family Values
    of having incestual sex to be fruitful on an Earth that they say is
    “immovable” and set on pillars and foundations. Since the Bible writers
    created the Biblical version of God with the same old human attributes like
    needing love and worship just like all the previous pagan gods, it’s
    difficult now for modern people to swallow so much nonsense. Still, with
    Christianity now being a multi-billion dollar world-wide enterprise, they
    have some dollars to spend on new forms of advertising and setting up new
    online Ministries to beg for more money. Time will tell how gullible
    people will continue to be.

  3. Remember when everyone thought the world would end in 1984, 1988, 2000,
    2003, 2006, 2011 and 2012? This is more of the same rhetoric.

  4. Some NASA space probe is headed to Pluto.. ..but where the hell is Nibiru?
    Is it playing hide and seek with us??? LOL!


  6. Sigh…another video full of confused, contradictory and erroneous ‘evidence’
    of something to make you fearful…of something unexplained…and to
    promote your ignorance.
    Sure, there’s lots of stuff to keep an eye on BUT none of this about the
    collapse of civilization, the end of the world or any of the other
    competing mythologies out there.
    What is needed are explanations rooted in the real world and some idea of
    possible remedies – other than heading to hills with your gun where you can
    effect nothing.
    Citizens! get together and find out what is happening on your doorstep,
    your street, your main street. Now that’s where the real news is.

  7. I am no fan of Obama, never have been. However, his statement in the
    beginning of this video is taken severely out of context and is actually
    the complete opposite of the point he was actually making in the speech.
    The portion that is shown in this video is only a partial clip of his full
    statement. As I said, Im not a fan of Obama whatsoever, but that clip is a
    lie in the form depicted here. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire
    speech before you pass judgement based upon a partial statement that has
    been completely taken out of context.

  8. Aren’t you people getting tired of making these end of the world
    predictions, year after year after year after year…..? Don’t you feel
    just a little bit stupid after all these centuries? What kind of
    emptiness do you have the you need to fill it with such superstition,
    hoping for bad things to happen?

  9. you guy need help I am jewish. the jewish year is 5774 come on jesus was
    notting there is no new testament just the old testament. guys call jesus
    god there is one god not 2 and jesus said he WAS NOT GOD THE SON NOT GOD

  10. I have fear more than hope I wanna tell people but they wont believe or
    ignore me am 15 like I said am really young I will try to believe but am
    afraid that when the nwo reveals the secrets my fait will be destroyed
    please anyone help me I need to incorporate to this group of people help

  11. Rejoice when you see these things, this O-Abomination reaping it’s rewards,
    this america of shame is going to feel Gods wrath worse than most. Your
    rotted cities, your rotted minds, your rotted government and their criminal
    acts. Death by your own wicked devises, WARS your great reward, reaping
    what you sow, PIGS, can I say the P word since it fits all you greedy
    selfish pigs. To rot in Hell, ready for your great rewards,, I sing praise
    every day I see your damnation coming, wicked generation of vipers..

  12. The end is coming…A little more that a year to do something… What to
    do? Sell everyting you have… and give it to the poor, specially to the
    sinners since they will be left behind. You won’t need it where you are
    going. Bless you for your generosity…

  13. OBAMA on 0.18 – The is the most disturbing sentence I have ever heard. He
    just said, “… if all individual surrender their rights to an ALL
    POWERFUL….” Oh Lord have mercy. Awake and Pray Oh people!!!

  14. We can not not blame just the elite for all this chaos, it is the
    collective sins of mankind that have led us to this point, fortunately if
    you have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ he will give you hope and
    calm your fears so you are ready for the battle of what’s to come. If you
    don’t know Christ as your Lord and savior cry out to him repent of your
    sins, admit that God sent his son Jesus to die for your sins and have true
    remorse in your heart for all of your sins. Then turn away from your sins
    and cling to the words of the almighty, read the bible (KJV) and walk with
    him, I guarantee you will find peace and comfort all the days of your life
    even in theses turbulent times we are living in.God Bless and please take
    this seriously, for the Almighty will be returning very shortly.

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