It is known that most traditional communication media including telephonic, music, film, and television are reshaped or redefined by the internet giving birth to new services. Internet has no centralized governance as such, but yes there are web filtering software installed, against any website. Just the other day I was enjoying watching an animated film named pocoyo, and there was section known as “pocoyo and picnic holiday”, but on laying it always states: sorry this section has been filtered for your country. There are no specific rules for either technological implementation or policies for the access and the usage. Each constituent network sets its own standard.
However if we talk about the communication infrastructure of the internet, consist of hardware components and a system if software layers that control various aspects of the internet. The web filtering software is also responsible for the content management system allowing collaborating teams to work on shred seta of documents simultaneously without destroying each others work by any means. Business and project teams can share calendars, word documents, as well as other information, without any interference form unnecessary web sites.  Such collaboration also works in wide variety of areas including scientific research, software development, conference planning, political activism and creative writing too, since the most purpose of the use of a computer is due to the internet. The web filtering software at the same time requires authentication and encryption technologies, depending upon the destiny of the requirement.
Now lets hop into internet filtering software. It is a service that serves the database not only being infected by many virus infected sites, but also detects the authentication of much software, when downloaded. There are hundreds of such softwares used all over the internet. The web services always use the HTTP to allow software systems to communicate in order to share and exchange logic and date. The internet filtering software when applied accumulated and helps tracing the requisite software of use and also keeps the software free of any virus infection, by showing alerts.  
Thus over all it can be just to state that like one cannot think of going without water even for a day, same can’t we do anything without computer, and computer means internet and softwares. Books are there, and reading is a good habit, but we just cannot confine ourselves to all those old knowledge we have to enrich and enlighten ourselves further. There are technologies developing and ideas booming, and if there had been no internet, and then it would have been very difficult to avail resources in nick of time. 
Further to internet filtering software, yesterday I uploaded a video in which I tutored a new way and ideas of making oversized coasters with CDs and raw materials form the house. It was on the you-tube. Now since this software is filtered, we can safely upload information, at ease that even if there are unknown viruses, it will be detected and abolished the very moment.  Information technology and computers go hand in hand. There was a time where there were no computers yet science prevailed and the information with the amalgamation of inner engineering sight gave birth to computers. Now this machine is food for all. 



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