Where’s My Fifteen Minutes?

Where's My Fifteen Minutes?

An accessible and insightful PR information from a leading adviser to the prosperous and powerful Media attention can enhance occupations, generate millions of pounds, and make dreams appear real. It can also wipe out reputations and derail meticulously laid business plans. All publicity is not good publicity. No one knows this greater than Howard Bragman. For a lot more than thirty several years he has helped distinguished men and women-movie stars, enterprise leaders, philanthropists- get their messages out, in excellent moments and undesirable. His book is not going to make any person well-known right away, but it will aid readers realize the modifying planet of today's PR. If your public's perception isn't going to match reality-if you are a better particular person, provide a better solution, or stand for a much better lead to than any person realizes- you require assist. Bragman exhibits how to: Comprehend your genuine goal viewers Regard what the media wants and would like Give unforgettable interviews, even in the course of a disaster Manage the new issues of the Web age He illustrates his lessons with juicy illustrations, from Frank Sinatra and Madonna to Coca-Cola and Monica Lewinsky. Whether you might be striving to develop a enterprise, progress your career, or adjust the globe, you will find much to be realized from Bragman's insights and knowledge.

Price: $ twenty.ninety nine
Bought by Kobo Canada Public Relations $ 20.99An obtainable and insightful PR manual from a best adviser to the abundant and potent Media interest can boost careers, make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and make goals occur accurate. It can also ruin reputations and derail meticulously laid enterprise ideas. All publicity is not great publicity. No a single is aware of this better than Howard Bragman. For far more than 30 a long time he has helped distinguished folks-movie stars, business leaders, philanthropists- get their messages out, in good instances and poor. His book won'топ лучших

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