On Monhegan, resistance to fairy houses

On Monhegan, resistance to fairy houses
MONHEGAN ISLAND — It seems fitting that on one of Maine's wildest islands, where famous artists have traveled to capture the natural beauty and famous philanthropists have helped to protect it – residents are all for keeping things in their wild and ...
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Poisonous plutocrats: Philanthropists can't be trusted
Like so many of the rich and famous, Savile wanted more than money. He wanted people to think he was a fine fellow whose philanthropy and charitable works benefited society in general. More, like so many of the rich and famous, he thought his money and ...
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How Billionaires and Businesses Buy Forgiveness for Bad Behavior
Maybe money can't buy love, as the saying goes, but if recent trends in the world of philanthropy are any indication, it can, in many cases, buy absolution from a host of sins. How so? When oil companies such as BP or Exxon create environmental havoc ...
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