Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality – Dr Wayne (Law of Attraction)

Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality - Dr Wayne (Law of Attraction)

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30 thoughts on “Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality – Dr Wayne (Law of Attraction)”

  1. its about frequency people… it is very spiritual AND very scientific. it
    is the vibration. Christ was a man in a whole, insanely high vibration. He
    is only trying to relay this to us. We have the power to create wonderful
    things… or not.. its up to you <3

  2. Why are all these New Age gurus, like Deepak Chopra et al, such rabid Obama
    devotees? Why don’t they understand that there are no political solutions
    to life’s most profound problems and that a truly spiritually minded person
    would never be allowed by the banksters to become the titular leader of the
    US war machine police state (aka the president of the USA)?
    Wayne Dyer speaking about Obama in 2009:
    “Even the election of Obama is a very significant thing taking place. When
    Colin Powell said that he is a transformational figure, he is right. You
    can already see in a couple of weeks very, very different ways in which our
    country is going to be governed and seen. Here’s a man who has a black
    father and a white mother, and who do you hate when you grow up like that?
    Who was raised in a Moslem country with a Moslem name, but was raised as a
    Christian. Who do you hate? Worked in the inner city of Chicago, but was
    the president of the Harvard Law Review. He really brings together a lot of
    what previously was divisiveness. The fact that he went on Al-Jazeera and
    spoke to the Moslem world—I mean, can you imagine George Bush doing
    something like this? That’s a shift, a real shift, away from ego, away from
    ambition, away from the way that we are going to solve the problems of this
    planet, which is through power, and bombs, and war, which has been the way,
    especially for the last eight years, into a way of cooperation and reaching
    out. I think the line in Obama’s inaugural address, in which he said we
    will extend a hand to you if you’ll unclench your fist, I think that’ll be
    the line he will be remembered for. Not only that, but its being done. We
    are talking about moving to a place where we can leave this planet secure
    for our children and our grandchildren. I think the shift is going to be
    happening all over.”

  3. Love the tao quotes, what a lovely talk.. food for the soul, gratitude for
    life is a wonderful point to live from.. think I may lidten to this a few
    times over and buy the tao te ching.
    This video has made me realise many good wholesome things.

  4. Cool bro. But in the end you are still rich as fuck and could actually just
    move to Hawaii and chill. We live in the real world. Most of your shit does
    not relate. I would take you more seriously if you were on the streets
    before you did this…

  5. I realize Wayne has helped a lot of people but I also think the LOA thing
    can be a set up for a lot of folks as well.

    I also find many LOA’ers have a sense of self righteousness and a kind of
    “I did it!”….approach.

    This can be problematic and seems to lack a compassion and promote


  6. your thoughts are not yours they are created by God and the Angels so what
    ever reality is being created it is first and foremost out of your control
    , ever wondered why to takes so long to shut the thoughts off when
    meditating its because your thoughts are not in your control

  7. *People’s minds are very deceptive, and everyone trusts them.* Wonder *why*
    everyone trusts their minds so much? *Wonder why this world is so
    completely fucked up?* The root is our minds, isn’t it? We are in denial;

    Go to *TruthContest◙Com* and read *The Present* there to know the ultimate
    truth about life and death.

  8. Could it be that there is a hemp plant in the background?
    Nice to hear him mentioning Roger Federer…!

  9. I love Wayne Dyer. I can see that my negative thinking has prevented me
    from manifesting for a long time. Remember to be ever so mindful.

  10. 3:18 It is easier for a rich person to give up and sell everything because
    it’s something which they can afford to do.

  11. Poor shoeless Dr. Wayne Dyer, he only has 20,000,000.00 that’s twenty
    million DOLLARS. He is just Dying to get our money. If he was so great and
    giving he would speak for free and sell his books at below cost of
    production till he had nothing and truly be one with nature.

  12. My female therapist told me he doesn’t practice what he preaches. I’m not
    sure if that’s true, but beware the law of attraction and its entitlement

  13. Look, when you’re waiting at a stoplight listening to your Wayne Dyer
    cassette tapes from 1989 and a DUI driver slams into you it’s your thoughts
    creating your world! When a chick get raped it was her thoughts- don’t you
    see? Start thinking about the Tooth Fairy floating down and leaving a gold
    coin and one day you’ll wake up with a gold coin right on your forehead! If
    only the Jews knew about Wayne in Nazi Germany.. they could’ve stopped the
    holocaust by changing their thoughts! Want a better life? WORK for it!

  14. ”’Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality”……Shit!! Im responsible for

  15. “If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you
    want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is
    dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is
    that of your own self-transformation.”

    ― Lao Tzu

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