Why The Law Of Attraction Creates Tremendous Suffering

Why The Law Of Attraction Creates Tremendous Suffering

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in The Law Of Attraction. It explains why Law Of Attraction creates suffering. --- Want HELP? I do 1-on-1 Co...
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31 thoughts on “Why The Law Of Attraction Creates Tremendous Suffering”

  1. The way I see it: When you feel the peace and happiness witin first, then
    positive things just seem to come magically to you in synchronistic form.
    And it might not be the things that you actually expected that you really
    wanted. Which then shows you what you really need to feel peace and
    happiness within. – Just a thought :)

  2. i tought i would get peace and live a good life with help from a girl that
    i love i want her to talk to me and love me and i want to merry but it was
    all just toughts cus everytime when she gives me a compliment i feel great
    if she doesn’t talk i feel like im doing something wrong

  3. So basically, our thoughts have nothing to do with our success in life.
    They only create suffering and distraction. Wow, I didn’t realize that. I
    always have to be aware of my thoughts, it’s really ruining my life. 

  4. Noah, what’s your opinion on doing spiritual self-inquiry into the self?

    I’m currently obsessed with the whole awakening thing in non-duality and my
    ultimate goal is to achieve a state of no thought similar to what you
    experienced after all these years of meditation.

    I really want to be free of suffering but I believe that as long as I have
    thoughts I can’t be happy.

    Are these videos a kind of spiritual self-inquiry or are is that different?


  5. peace is a result from releasing your thoughts which is attracted by the
    state youre in. In order to let go of your thoughts, you practice
    mindfullnes. Mindfullness is awareness of the here and now without
    judgement. By doing this, it attracts peace. People w anxiety and
    depression attract this because of their thoughts. Concious, subconscious
    or unconscious. Extremely peaceful and happy people attract this because of
    their thoughts. I believe your theory but in the end, it is relative to the
    law of attraction. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I beleive once
    I am able to surrender my thoughts and let go, be thankful and forgive…my
    energy will attract ultimate peace.

  6. bUT WHAT if you earn and wanna get money to buy things that you want but
    not happiness what if you practice it to help people expand your buisness
    company and achive your lifelong goal 

  7. Great video Noah:)
    If i was positive/certain that achieving a goal would make me happy how
    would i go about being successful in my attempts?

    For example say my goal was to get a house in say… 3 years for my new
    family, not getting it would mean being homeless.

    Cheers buddy

  8. Hi Noah, I would like you to advise me on this, because what I get from
    this video is as if there is no point in having goals in life. Thanks

  9. This breakup I am going through brought me to realize that Peace is the
    only thing that I want for my life… and your video just helped me realize
    that this aspiration is more valid than my ambitions and desires… Thank
    you, Noah, this helps a lot. Wish me luck as I heal my heart for now…

  10. Noah, you are truly a blessing in disguise. Your videos have helped me
    address my inner self, I would like to sincerely express my interest in
    your wisdom and ask that I may be able to contact you somehow. Thank you
    again, friend.

  11. just wanted clarity mr. noah, it really feels good to know we dont need
    anything externally, just awareness that your thoughts are not true gives a
    person peace which is what everybody searches for in the OUTSIDE dimension.
    BUT law of attraction on the other hand does not seem to be absent either,
    the more present i become of a situation, the more i accept what is, I have
    witnessed things that I have intended come to me, not like a coincidence..
    I may be wrong, how do you look at this, or did you mean the systematic way
    “law of attraction” where extensive thinking is initiated is what the
    problem you are referring to?

    thanx in advance.

  12. But if this is true… Why would I try to live a better life? Why would I
    try to achieve goals… What is the purpose of life? Is happiness the
    ultimate goal?

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great one mate. I’m a success addict, workaholic and burned out, and this
    video calmed me down.. thank you :)

  14. If I dont succeed I just have to try it again until I succeed. Thats called
    fail forward.

    I mean if I feel fine with myself and with what I have how can I evolve in
    life and become the strongest version of myself? – and how can I push my
    ego with no goals? 😀

    Or is it ok in your opinion to go for my goals if I know on the other side
    that suffering is just created by my thoughts?

    Anyway, everytime after I see one of your videos I feel like I am totally
    brainwashed by media ect. and probably shouldnt do anything and just sit
    around and meditate or whatever. 

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