29 thoughts on “The Secret & The Law of Attraction by Wayne Dyer”

  1. Low attraction it’s really works ! I change whole my life because of this
    magic , I don’t know how it’s works but it’s work 

  2. We know this is true. You attract to you that which you are.

  3. Could all the collective thought of the world make Dr. Wayne’s hair to grow
    or make an amputated member to grow?

  4. Once I hung a poster with models designed in an Arabic and Indian “mood” on
    my wall. At the same time we were looking for a holiday destination but we
    had no idea where we wanted to go. I left this for my husband to decide. He
    chose Dubai and indeed we were in Dubai after two weeks. It was just a
    poster on a wall which had the same “air” like Dubai does. I hung it
    because it was beautiful without intending it to create Dubai experience (I
    didn’t even want to go to Dubai). And it was just two weeks. That made me
    wonder about the easiness and fastness of “incidental creation”. That means
    that one feeling is enough to manifest things. (I felt: ‘Wow, they are so
    totally beautiful, they don’t deserve to be hidden inside the drawers, I
    will stick them on my wall”) I understood that the posters where linked to
    Dubai after I saw it and thought it had the same energy like those small
    posters I hung.

  5. Hi Wayne, I am a great fan of yours, and I watch you on Oprah all the time.
    In fact, you and Oprah, have both inspired me to undertake a new endeavor,
    as an Author/ Translator, and Re-Teller, of German/ European Fairy-Tales,
    and Historical Romance Novels, written during the 1500s-1800s. After having
    had a profound, near-death experience in 2011, at the age of 64, and being
    bi-lingual, I developed a passion for re-writing old fairy tales, by adding
    a moral to all the stories from which children can learn empathy and
    kindness, right from wrong, and the difference between good and evil. And I
    am now anxiously awaiting to see what the secret powers will do for me? I
    am a firm believer, in that God can move mountains, and that I was given my
    gift of “story-telling,” for a reason. P.S. I love your famous saying:
    “Change your thoughts and change your life.” Sincerely, Nana Riggs… Nana
    Riggs.com. I am also on Youtube: “Story Time with Nana Riggs.”

  6. with deep appreciation of Wayne Dyers insights regarding law of attraction
    and manifesting imagined desires in a well articulated lovely way,Thank You
    so much

  7. It doesn’t matter whether you believe you believe in the actual “Law of
    Attraction” or not, Wayne Dyer is a phenomenal man! I personally do,
    having witnessed it in practice myself;

  8. Time to face and overcome the dark side of your mind ~~► go to
    TruthContest◙com and read “The Present”.

  9. I would be carefull with this guys!

    “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”

    You are gods is misunderstood.

    1 interpretation of this is :

    “Now, let’s look at how Jesus uses this passage. Jesus had just claimed to
    be the Son of God (John 10:25-30). The unbelieving Jews respond by charging
    Jesus with blasphemy, since He claimed to be God (verse 33). Jesus then
    quotes Psalm 82:6, reminding the Jews that the Law refers to mere
    men—albeit men of authority and prestige—as “gods.” Jesus’ point is this:
    you charge me with blasphemy based on my use of the title “Son of God”; yet
    your own Scriptures apply the same term to magistrates in general.”


    So you should watch out what you believe in. Wayne Dyer is a great speaker
    but you have to experience the truth of what he’s saying before believing
    it. I am sure I am not God, more like child of God and that’s different.

  10. No more books need to be written or read – no more phrases need to be sung
    or said. All that is needed in order to grow is to practice what you
    already know.

  11. The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
    mechanics and legitimized, not based on inferences but pseudo-empiricism.
    the success of these mediocrities are contingent on two factors: the appeal
    to authority and the compartmentalization of personal biases. Trailing the
    evidence and dealing with the consequences regardless of personal biases,
    tends to protrude objective reasoning rather than subjective appeal to
    personal desires. Conversely enough, the former has propagated generations
    of rapacious gullibility. A credulity riveted on emotions and viable
    nothing more that prejudice of ideology.

  12. You gullible idiots will believe any pseudoscientific bullshit wrapped in a
    nice jacket wont you?

  13. This is amazing..like changing video…know who you are actually….Thanks
    Wayne..you have changed my life and I listen your video daily…you are my

  14. I’ve not come across this man before but my word, what a man. Fantastic
    video and need to each a few times to take t all in. Thank you so very much
    for sharing with us Luke.

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