The most inspiring video you will ever watch!

This is a repost of a video that a friend of mine made. He posted it to a car website to inspire the members there. I wanted others to see the video so that...
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возрождение церковь

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31 thoughts on “The most inspiring video you will ever watch!”

  1. This video made me tear up…
    Very inspirational video and I hope deep down I can change and become a
    better me.
    It’s time to see myself as a beautiful human being with great potential
    than a worthless nothing.

  2. mate you’re a legend. I’m so lazy and always looking for excuses, i’m not
    unhealthy or anything but i was just looking for motivation because day
    after day i do nothing playing games or on the internet somewhere when i
    should be practicing art or trying to better myself at things. you’ve had a
    much harder task and you made it… i can’t even begin to imagine how hard
    that must have been, all the EFFORT and the hard work and the
    dedication…all qualities that i wish i had. but i will try. i know it’s
    possible to become good at what i want to become good at in life. thank you
    for the inspiration my friend

  3. I have just been diagnosed with fatty liver disease from years of partying,
    bad food and alcohol and im only 31! This video has really given me some
    inspiration well done sir and I hope you continue your fitness journey. 

  4. Running is my favourite exercise too. I would love to run a marathon. I
    have rheumatoid arthritis, and some days are hard. But its inspiring to see
    other people just get out there and do it. In 9 months you’ve changed alot
    of lives. Not just your own. Thanks for this great video.

  5. Great effort Roger……..Today we have alternatives to help lose those
    pounds. Although it is good to exercise, pounding pavement incurs back and
    leg injuries. The best way to lose over all weight, and low impact is
    swimming, because you use all of your muscle groups……

    On the alternative side, one of the best ways to help lose weight is a
    natural food called: ” Garcenia Cambogia ” . A pumpkin type fruit that
    stops fat build up in the body. It is promoted by Dr Oz, and you can Google
    search it online. Does it work? yes it does, I was on it for 3 months
    then stopped, because I had reached my ideal weight, and I would highly
    recommend it.

    Read the information, and consult your Doc if you have Heart problems etc.
    The Magic formula of the product is in the skin of the fruit…

  6. In 2008, Roger set out on a quest to lose weight, get healthy and
    eventually run in the Boston Marathon. But not just for himself, for his
    niece who was born with Cystic Fibrosis. His goal was to raise awareness
    for Cystic Fibrosis, along with raising money for research into the
    treatment and cure of this heartbreaking disease. This video highlights his
    incredible journey at age 47, from obesity to accomplished marathon

  7. You people are the most ignorant people . The guy lost 150lbs (guess)
    changed his life, did it for his daughter, total life change. And all
    BakingSweets can say is your running wrong. I suppose everyone one of you
    has perfect olympic form in everything you do. Gastric bypass comments,
    your only saying it because your a fat slob and cant lose weight. LOL, I
    will accept most of you watched a different video than I did

  8. he had to have had gastric bypass. there is no way to lose so much wt in
    such little time. i’m sorry but we need the whole story or, don’t bother.

  9. Traduzi no Google pra facilitar,pois não sei falar inglês.

    Funcionamento para minha existência.
    Minha jornada para a Maratona de Boston.
    Em maio de 2008, pouco antes do meu 47 aniversário, eu decidi tentar e
    mudar minha vida para melhor. Concentrei-me em três gols … Saúde, Mude
    minha vida no que diz respeito à nutrição e exercício físico e perder uma
    quantidade significativa de peso. Este é um sonho que tive durante toda a
    minha vida. Paixão. Execute o Boston Marathon.This é um sonho. que tenho
    realizado desde que eu tinha 7 anos de idade, quando meu pai correu em
    1968.Love Ajude a salvar a vida da minha sobrinha Julia, aumentando o
    máximo de dinheiro que puder para a pesquisa de Fibrose Cística.
    Este é um sonho compartilhado por todos.
    Armado com o amor da minha esposa Mary,
    Armado com o amor da minha esposa Mary, a orientação do meu amigo / traine
    Rick e puro desejo de mudar minha vida, naquele dia eu pesava 276,6 £ e só
    poderia correr 10 metros, porque eu não conseguia recuperar o fôlego … e
    naquele dia, Julia pesava 67 £, e não podia recuperar o fôlego 

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