The Law of Attraction – John Assaraf

The Law of Attraction - John Assaraf

The Law of Attraction - John Assaraf In this video John Assaraf reveals why the law of attraction won't work in a positive way for 99.9% of people. Share thi...

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25 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction – John Assaraf”

  1. Why the Law of Attraction does not work for many people?

    Ian Collins

    Special thanks to my contributors:

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  2. We have to convince our subconscious mind that what we believe is true. We
    have to have confidence in what we believe because once we do then we are
    more likely to achieve our goals. Thanks John, great stuff as usual.

  3. So exactly how do you create this internal symphony b/w the conscious mind
    and subconscious mind and your beliefs?

  4. @grvonny Thank u 4ur answer. I’m with u 100% about food. I’m 95% raw n’ I
    did a 33days water fast this year n’ I do meditation. I wanna work more
    about my feelings n’ thinking all day. I know u r right about it, just is a
    full time job n’ that make it a lil’difficult. I’ll try more like u say.

  5. I think you’re making it way too complicated. I’ve brought about many
    things and circumstances in my life without believing they would happen (or
    that they even could happen), without setting any goals, making any plans,
    or taking any action. The real secret is to be the energy of having. If you
    want or desire something, that’s saying you don’t have it. You don’t have
    to believe it, just be it. When you are the energy of having it, it shows
    up as if by magic. Try it. It really works.

  6. Most of us can’t think, and don’t think (THINK) we can. Churches and
    parents ‘conversations block us….. sorry. Think for yourself!

  7. @rey777777 ya so i would visualize and do affirmations. I went at it with
    excitement & enthusiasm. I told myself “lets just see what happens. Every
    day I would get into this mood of “yup, its mine! Nothing is going to stop
    me!” as much as I could and……bam! not even 2 weeks later thing stared
    to happen with out me doing anything! I was floored! No joke….

  8. @grvonny I got it. Interesting what u said about questioning. Maybe I’m
    missing the “fun” part of it coz I’m giving my attention to the not-so-fun
    part of life around me until now. I’ll get the fun part fixed. I know is
    very important.

  9. @rey777777 And also I started to eat foods that gave me energy. This is a
    big thing for me, too! I feel diet is a big part missing from a lot of this
    kind of teaching. We forget that the right foods can really lift our

  10. This is so true but the key to transfer that knowledge or intuitive
    instinct that you are trying to portrait to others? In the audio Master
    Keys to Riches by Napoleon Hill and he mentions that it is a faith, not
    religion, but a truth in our soul that makes that attraction possible. It
    is a hard topic to relay? Thank you for this great incite.

  11. Maybe some will have to take action but i don’t have to. I got the LOA to
    work without taking any action. The only thing i have to do is get into the
    feeling place and things start happening. I know it sounds weird but its
    true and it works for me. I guess you can call that action though …right?

  12. Yes I want to take an action.I want to do something.But why and how I’m
    still at the starting point? How could I possibly decide what to do? How do
    I know the thing I’m going to do will be helpful for my achievement? I
    think I’m in this 99.9%. :(

  13. Wayne Dyer says the same thing but in a different way. He says “You do not
    get what you want, you get what you are.” To to get what you want you have
    to change what you are to be in alignment with what you want.

  14. @rey777777 ya, also i did not question if it would work and i did not look
    to see if it was working. I just felt the feelings and that was it. I also
    meditate to rest the mind and allow thing to just be. You are right that it
    take a lot of focus to change your mind but it get to a point to where it
    is fun. Feeling the feeling you get from the work alone are so worth it!

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