24 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction – Beyond The Secret…The Moses Code”

    The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
    mechanics and legitimized as a form of scientific truth, not based on
    inferences but on pseudo anecdotal empiricism. The success of these
    anecdotal appeals are contingent on two factors: the appeal to authority
    and the compartmentalization of personal biases.
    Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

  2. This is total Bible Belt/Dan Brown level New Age bullshit. Mere thoughts
    alone cannot change physical reality, only physical action manifests change
    in reality. That’s not to say that the positive thoughts do not encourage
    positive actions. But thoughts alone do NOT magnetically attract things;
    there is zero scientific proof.

  3. Neither Jack nor anyone in this world can make you to get what you want.
    All they want is your money. If they could do this, why do they need your
    money in the first place? The reason why LOA doesn’t work for everyone is ‘
    our thoughts are conditioned to the negativity and we have no self-
    belief’. Religions,education,patriotism and so on are in our brain, so we
    can’t attract what we want. If LOA works for everyone, why everyone can’t
    be rich? these guys are just using the same ole in a different version and
    it works once in a blue moon and they celebrate it and put it on youtube.
    Listen, unless you don’t understand how vulnerable your thoughts are, you
    are not going to make it or attract what you want, I bet! The core is =
    self-belief and we don’t have it due to the above mentioned reasons. Even
    if you join the course, these charlatans would keep on blaming it all on
    you such as 1, you don’t do it what they said 2, so much negativity still
    …etc… Jeez, you are wasting your time on listening all craps you see on
    youtube. Try to work on what suits your thought pattern. Some people get
    quick result because they are not that vulnerable, however, most of us need
    a real analysis or assessments of their thoughts pattern and root issues.
    Until or unless you work on what works with your brain fast, no LOA lessons
    would work for you more than a limit. Look, these guys only after your
    money and there many mushroom like guys sell theri product and ask you to
    join their webinars online. They get your youtube ID from here and send it
    to you. What a desperate LOA group. I wish if they could do like what Jesus
    did ( money out of the fish or something like that). They don’t even trust
    in their philosophy but they would keep on insisting upon you. If it
    worked, then they would use that anecdotal to fool others/simpletons. Bob
    proctor and Rhonda Byrn needs your money and they never used LOA but used
    your money by selling their courses or books. Work on with your thoughts.
    TIPS: 1, find out how negative you are( you would see that in a real
    situation, but not when you lie down and watch youtube– don’t let your
    emotions to fool you when you watch youtube; it is just a pseudo reality)
    2, make a wish– see what happens; if it is a negative one, then you are a
    negative.If it is a neutral one, then you are a neutral one or so on. 3,
    see how vulnerable you are to your own wishes and record it. 3, work on it
    4, find out why it happens—- normally because of we are so negative with
    that—- education,logic etc 5, Am I gonna be successive? Yes, If you
    observe what your ‘mind’ is ( sorry I don’t believe in the existence of

    See what works faster for you and ask yourself why? you would see that your
    brain or thoughts are aligned to the result. You can not just be positive
    and fool yourself.

    These guys are teaching you how to fool yourself and they key is you can’t
    fool yourself, but change it and adopt it. you can upgrade it.

  4. Perhaps those who happen to live or to be in Ira k-Afghanistan during the
    war weren’t in tune with this so call Law because their are dead by now and
    what about those who perish in natural disasters….? 

  5. Bullshit,So why we become ill, from were we attract illness, injuries, bad
    luck. Mostly we are not responsible for incidents and obstacle that happen
    to our life. It is just like religions, believing in something that you
    have any accurate prove of it.

  6. I AM THAT I AM it only works in english language, but for other languages
    sounds totally different. So this is a big LIE. Even the meaning of the
    sentence is different in other languages and it can be understood and
    interpreted differently.

  7. Ahem….one thing I have to state about this law of attraction is
    this…..I have Alopecia. Alopecia is a disease were you loose your hair. I
    have 3 very large bald patches on my head. I am extremely angry right now
    because!…..I can guarantee you 100% I did NOT wish to loose my hair….I
    had really thick black hair and so does my family. No one else else had it!
    Going bald was (as a woman!) The absolute last thing I would have ever
    expected to happen to me. I called this onto me??? I dont think so. 

  8. So the lil jew gave ALL his money to build a school in uganda…
    You know what they can build when i give all my money? A hole in the
    ground… not even a deep one.

  9. *The Law of attraction is just reassuring BS that the mind wants to hear*
    *People need to wake up* ~~> Its time YOU learn The Truth about Life <~~ Google: *TruthContest* and read “The Present”

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  11. We are what we believe ourselves to be. Find the wonderful information free
    on youtube – check out bashar, conversation with god series – check out the
    videos on my channel . Believe that your thought creates your reality –
    weather you know it or not. Have a wonderful life!

  12. Soo….this is the ultimate secret behind the real secret of the law of
    attraction. omg…

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