The Complete Guide Book To the “Law Of Attraction”! (Good Stuff!)

The Complete Guide Book To the

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25 thoughts on “The Complete Guide Book To the “Law Of Attraction”! (Good Stuff!)”

  1. Many many thanks! Many years ago when I was a younger manI went to a HUGE
    bookstore ion Denver that had a number of floors and 1000s of books. I went
    to the section on religion, spirituality and metaphysics. I was stunned by
    the sheer number of departments and books staring me in the face on tall
    shelves that seemed endless. A still small voice within, some call it
    intuition, higher self and Divine Light but there is was specking clearly.
    There are 10,000 X 10,000 Books and 10,000 X 10,000 teachers but your heart
    will show you the way. It was so clear in that moment and it was not long
    until I practically stumbled upon a set of Books by Stuart Wilde among the
    many others and I bought two of them: the Force and Affirmations and later
    The Quickening. His philosophy has influenced me since that time and
    continue to reflect on his insights. He passed over and took the Beauty
    road last year. I did not know this but I had in the last few months picked
    up some of his books out of my library and re-read them. I was in a resale
    shop and usually try to listen to my intuition when I am there. The book
    section held nothing for me thought there were many fine books. I just kept
    walking around checking out the offering of the day. UP front in and
    plastic tub of CDs and DVD – As I saw a word that caught my eye:
    Affirmations. I picked up a final case and looked at it and it seas
    Affirmations by Stuart Wilde in cassette form, audio book. I took it right
    home and listened to it entirely then dive back into my books. Since then I
    have found so may resources for Stuart Wilde’s teaching and ideas. When the
    student is ready the teacher will come. Thank for your resources and share
    that help others on the Beauty road.

  2. The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
    mechanics and legitimized as a form of scientific truth, not based on
    inferences but on pseudo anecdotal empiricism. The success of these
    anecdotal appeals are contingent on two factors: the appeal to authority
    and the compartmentalization of personal biases.Deepak Chopra, one of the
    prominent hallmarks of vaguely inexplicable pseudoscientific gibberish;
    conversely enough, a sensationalistic appeal, giving rapport to the masses
    lauded appeal to an external divine intervention, one riveted on emotions
    and not evidence.

  3. Iam so thankful that my interspirit guided me to open this youtube
    video,iam also embarking on a new chapter in my life. Thank You for your
    knowledge and inspiration. Hakti Ger

  4. M’y life has completely changed. More and more positive. Thanks To all the
    authors concerned. Thanks To Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield. Bob Proctor. And
    so many. Thanks To u all. I am so grateful. Thank You, You are amazing

  5. Unbelievably confirming! Powerful! Thank you uploader. I am thankful and
    grateful for receiving information today. Thank you for the meditation and
    visualization exercise at the end. I am perfect today.

  6. This is soooo good, and give so much encouragement to Us. I am enjoying
    this lovely and wonderful world.

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