The Clearest Explanation On Money And The Law Of Attraction!

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25 thoughts on “The Clearest Explanation On Money And The Law Of Attraction!”

  1. He keeps referring to “they” , the very few people at the top (the one
    percent?) that are purposely keeping everyone else down. Why doesn’t he
    name names? Who are these people? It’s easier to just create a construct
    where you can blame your situation on some shadowy oppressors. Also, he’s
    great at defining the problem, but does he give any concrete steps to
    rectify it? I didn’t hear any. A little too whiney for me. Almost makes you
    feel MORE disempowered! How did you feel after hearing this presentation?
    Optimistic about your future or more depressed. There’s a definite negative
    energy there.

  2. What a nut, the system he is talking about is called Capitalism, it only
    benefits the rich, 2 minutes of this garbzge was enough to put me off,
    another money-seeking spiritualist, what a fucking joke, btw no disrespect
    to the dead!!!

  3. *People have been very misled out of reality. This is very consequential at
    these times.*

    *We have to wake up before it’s too late for even survival.*
    *Go to TruthContestCom and open “The Present” if you want to know the
    fundamental truth of life that will change mankind.*

  4. There is so much verbal noise around the core principles of the law of
    attraction like this video, it takes away from value that the people want
    and know they need to make life better. I just downloaded a app from the
    Apple App Store called Deep Vibrations. It teaches the law of attraction
    and it works so much more effectively then sitting down and listening to
    never ending advise through videos and my audiobooks.

  5. This guy is absolutely spot on we can create a great life instead of lack,
    through changing our thinking from lack to abundance we can then be a

  6. WOW! Someone is saying aloud what I have believed my whole life about money
    just being energy! I’ve always HATED work (for others at a job I hated)
    and I rebelled unconsciously and just figured something was wrong with me.
    It’s nice to meet like minded people. 

  7. This man was way ahead of his time, only a few people are starting to
    realise these truths today in 2014.

  8. his brief explanation on Buddha and the thinking of ancient spiritual
    practice of India is WRONG. Sitting under the bodhi tree is not the only
    thing in the town to do. It was a society with music, theaters, games of
    many kinds,and yes prostitution and so on. What Buddhism each us is about
    End of all suffering ,which can not be gain by material wealth. Having said
    this,buddha DID NOT REJECT comfortable life that one should maintain with
    sufficient amount of money. Buddha never praise for POVERTY. However , He
    did advocate layman to maintain a balance life style with mindfulness which
    leads to Wisdom. 

  9. I understand that they need to keep us in the dark to have control over us,
    but why would they need to do that if they have infinite power? Couldn’t we
    all just do our thing and be super wealthy? What’s stopping infinitely
    powerful people in an infinite universe from all having infinite goods?

  10. The Law of Attraction simply does not work against the Universal Laws
    created by Source to govern our Univers! It is man made to give man the
    impression that can change their lives by thought or will or whatever is
    fashionable at the moment! You can not change objecte laws of reality how
    hard you positive think, visualize, moodboard, belief, pray… whatever!
    Only fysical ACTION changes something in your live! Nobody got weathly by
    LOA! It is a modern Fairy Tale! People get only rich by ACTION!

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