Steve Harvey Talks about The Law Of Attraction…IT WORKS!

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29 thoughts on “Steve Harvey Talks about The Law Of Attraction…IT WORKS!”

  1. If you want to change your life there is only one word you need, you don’t
    need anything else, if you understand that word and apply in your life then
    your life will be changed forever, it is a magic word and that word is
    Now get up and do it…if you don’t take that first step it will never ever
    happen. Remember “Action” so go ahead and do it right now…and believe its
    possible. God Bless You.

  2. for all the people that think is the first time that the law of attraction
    is a key to success watch the movie the secret

  3. I see a million dollars in my mind, but it aint in my hand …where is this
    law of attraction?

  4. How can he say that he is a Bible believing Christian and believe in this
    nonsense. If like attracts like and positive attracts positive then why did
    so many people turn on Christ? It doesn’t make sense.

  5. It’s true. You want it, you get it. A person has to want it to achieve it.
    Don’t and you won’t. Don’t stand for the negative and foolishness. But some
    people don’t care and wonder why they can’t get anywhere. A strong mind is
    a strong heart.

    Weak minds (drugs, over use in drugs, drink, whatever) leads to a weak

  6. I believe it’s really a matter of perspective and your will to have the
    initiative to go after what you want out of life.

  7. Stupid people the law of attraction is biblical. People turned on Jesus
    because Jesus attracted rebels, not religious people

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  9. Maan this secret mess is just some new age mumbo jumbo. People are so dense
    its ridiculously sad. Wake up sheep!

  10. pretty good advise but it seems too materialistic. those items will not
    bring you the true happiness we long for. search inside yourselves. 

  11. Yes, if I sit here on my ass the whole day every day and visualise I
    amassed the fortune of Bill Gates, it will happen. What a load of bullshit.

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