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ноутбуки тонкие

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  1. At 3:08 onwards, did he say “to see if the end of the world was *close at
    hen*”? Then the people cried “foul” or “fowl”?

  2. Prophetic ideas are meant to be a warning.. So all could be true BUT ‘the
    proof is in the action.’ So we must wait and see. What can you do against
    nuclear war???. Just wait and see. By the time such things happen…its
    over and the prediction is meaningless.

  3. Do you hold your hands up and shake em the entire time you talk ALL the
    time or is it just when you are being Mr Hollywood

  4. When the sun rises in the west then you will Jesus come to destroy the
    wicked in man and the jinn who is unseen to most men.when there is a great
    fire in the middle east. When the earth has 50 time in numbers more women
    then men. These are the portents that are in the quran.

  5. One thing I know I was looking for the truth the reality the authentic.
    I am not what I used to be, I aint yet what I’m gonna be. But as Forrest
    Gump Mom said “Stupid is as stupid does.” Christ encourages us to Seek
    first the kingdom of God. All other necessities will be supplied.
    The world and its desires pass away the one who does the will of God lives
    forever. Jesus IS coming soon. He didn’t say that He might be back the Holy
    Spirit witnesses to my spirit. Dont stop telling the good news and the
    fulfillment of phrophecy. 9/11 resulted in a shallow repentance. “We will
    rebuild” said the politicoes. We aught to build ourselves up in the Holy
    Faith. Work for the food that lasts.
    Obama is like Caiaphas. They both fulfill prophecy. It aint gonna help them
    You gotta have God’s perspective. Each one will give an account of their
    lives. Jesus will judge correctly. I’m pleased He forgave me. I wouldn’t
    have hope but God gave me a lively hope rooted in Heaven.

  6. Here is one that never fails: “fear God and keep His commandments , for
    this is the whole duty of men!”

  7. OK, lets get the facts straight, last i checked YOUR country has been
    importing bees from Australia for the last 3 years if not more. LAST I
    CHECKED, the starfish off the cali coast were melted. when divers try to
    pick them up the fell apart(and thats on video) and now they are having a
    problem with the clams that the starfish USE to eat, OH btw, look up
    dutchkenis channel, the day you posted this trash video, he did the 10
    minute giger counter test to test if the snow was radioactive, well guess
    what, it is,79 pmb, which is high, because at 100, its a national disaster
    calling.and last, you want to talk trash about the bible, heres 1 for you,
    Isiah 9:10, the 9 harbingers Youd think no other country would be stupid
    enough to repeat that, well it got Israel destroyed in 70 AD. no, we learn
    the lesson, GUESS WHAT your stupid country just did it, WORD FOR WORD,
    started in 2001 until this day, that country is going to hell in a hand
    basket and your so stupid ,you dont see it, thats why im glad i moved to
    europe, so you keep chasing your lil green men because thru that, your
    going to get what youve been asking for, and ill guarantee you this, YOU

  8. What is it about American culture that makes US citizens to buy into these
    apocalyptic theories more than others? Is it the fact that it is the most
    Christian of the western nations? Americans are just as smart as anyone
    else and have excellent access to information, as good or better than most.

    So why do Americans get into Disaster Porn so much more than other western

  9. We are hard wired for tales about doom and destruction and ufos and
    monsters and aliens. It is called our collective unconscious and the
    archetypes like the Anima(God and supernatural entities), the
    Shadow(monsters and aliens), the Mater(mother like things that guide us)
    and the Pater(father- like things that guide us). There are more and some
    are more symbolic like the mandala or the tunnel experience in death.We
    need to stop being scared and embrace these symbols as they can be dynamic
    and almost real and alive but they are powerful projections of a universal
    mind present not only in all things but every where. The real paradigm
    shift we all go through is whewn we actually meet God for the first time
    and realize He is real then we can know how to manipulate all of these
    symbols to creat a better world. Ya?

  10. If they ever created a blackhole (singularity) that for some reason, any
    reason, decided it was gong to become self-sustaining – we’re all fucked.

    The other thing is that this “soup” stuff spoken about, what if that
    actually caused an explosion like what they assume happened at the
    beginning of the universe… again, we’re fucked.

    I’m sure something will fuck up over there at CERN one day. Hopefully, it
    will be a fuck up to the extent that our extinction is instant.

  11. If you want to see an example of the “legions of doom,” look in the mirror.
    We have met the enemy, and he is us, as Pogo would say. Or, as that good
    ol’ boy billionaire and father of five, Ted Turner, would say, correctly:
    “The problem on this planet is too many people eating too much stuff.”

  12. What you dont tell is that the Bible is the only book that told the end in
    the beginning and has 8632 Prophecies and only a few are yet to come so if
    your ok gambling that those few that are left wont happen then the best of
    luck to you. You said most haven’t come true, you better get studying
    because your obviously clueless to what they are and what was said. Don’t
    discount the book because of false Prophets 8632 is nothing to laugh about!

  13. This is the only prophecy being fulfilled right now that I need to know
    about and believe in: [Luke 21:25-28] Ҧ And there shall be signs in the
    sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of
    nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; {26} Men’s
    hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are
    coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. {27} And
    then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great
    glory. {28} And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up,
    and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

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